dutch champion


Great Britain’s women have won a first Olympic hockey gold medal by beating defending champions the Netherlands in a dramatic penalty shootout. The final finished 3-3 in normal time, with Britain coming from behind twice to equalise with the Dutch team while keeper Maddie Hinch made a string of remarkable saves. And the Dutch, the current world champions, who were looking to win their third Olympic gold in a row, could not beat Hinch in the shootout, which Britain won 2-0. Helen Richardson-Walsh and Hollie Webb scored the decisive penalties to win Britain’s 24th gold at Rio 2016.

the signs as kids u knew in elementary school
  • aries: the one you were pretty sure was going to burn down the school or smth
  • taurus: double dutch champion
  • gemini: the kid who got a cell phone in like third grade and bragged about it every second of every day
  • cancer: severe peanut allergy kid
  • leo: the kid who could burp the alphabet
  • virgo: the one who was super into warrior cats
  • libra: the kid who cried every day for an entire school year
  • scorpio: that asshole who would finish those 1 minute multiplication test like 15 seconds and then smugly watch the rest of the class struggle
  • sagittarius: the boy who had long hair and was constantly confused for a girl because of it
  • capricorn: reads at recess kid
  • aquarius: girl obsessed with horses
  • pisces: the one who started rumors about the school being haunted

Unless the protagonist is in modern day, having a gay/lesbian protagonist is impossible since it is required that the ancestor reproduces in order to view their memories. And that requires being with the opposite gender, obviously. We can’t even use thier bodies either since it would be too decomposed for it. A bisexual Assassin however is defenitly possible. A modern day gay/lesbian Assassin is defiantly solid too, I mean check out Arend Schet, a Dutch MMA Champion, Assassin, and lover of fellow Assassin, Harlan T. Cunningham. He single handly, with brass nuckles and hidden blade, demolished Half of Sigma Team, the Templars’ Top elite Assassin hunting unit. If that doesn’t warrent love for this guy, then I don’t know what else what. I would love to play as him or have him as part of my possie of Master Assassins, like with Shaun, Rebecca, Lucy, and Desmond. Give it to me!!!

if we win we’ve had to beat the dutch champions, the spanish champions, the german champions, and (most likely) the 10 time ucl winners meanwhile if rm wins they’ve had to…come back against wolfsburg?