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Gelukkige verjaardag, Nederland!

Today is Netherlands’ birthday [27th April; Kingsday!]

(The country that taught me efficiency!) 

Before I say anything, please appreciate a Chibi!Netherlands:

And now, let us admire a grown-up Netherlands:

(I have never been more proud of puberty in my life).

Ahem. We shall continue.

I feel like APH Netherlands, despite being all like “money is everything gimme money or leave me alone”, is someone who cares deeply for the people around him, like his sister, and Canada. To me, he’s just putting on this “tough face” so that no one messes with him (I don’t blame him tbh).

And damn, this guy is one country you can’t fool when it comes to the business world. You tryna cheat? You tryna sneak? You tryna lie?


I wanted to do something different for Netherlands for his birthday, so here’s a bunch of (random) headcannons about him! 

  • Netherlands is one of the most caring older brothers you could have. If Belgium is ever sick or feeling down, regardless of politics and even money, he will be there to support her. Blood is thicker than water, after all.
  • Netherlands is frequently invited over to Japan’s place, where the two will just chill at a manga store and read some good action/horror mangas together. It’s one of the things that keeps poor Nether sane.
  • Netherlands has no regrets when it comes to this ↓
  • Netherlands doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell England that Gin came from him. (It was invented in the 16th century, and gained popularity in Britain after King William III occupied the English, Scottish and Irish thrones with his wife, Mary).
  • Netherlands barely gives anyone gifts on their birthday. Except for Canada. Canada is always an exception, and it’s always tulips.
  • Netherlands actually prefers using a bicycle to move around, if it’s convenient. (I read somewhere that Dutch people use bicycles a lot). 

That’s all I can think of! Wow I hope these make sense

Happy birthday, Netherlands! Keep bein’ awesome! 

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Find Your Hacks & Workarounds

No matter what type of business we are running or what goals we chase - we all face apparently insurmountable difficulties - as for example 

  • building a user base for your app although there is no interaction yet,
  • having to postpone some to dos although they are all crucial and diligent, 
  • finding investors without having finished that prototype yet 
  • or hiring the great but still affordable talents that help you to get done all that work
  • … 

The Dutch bicycle manufacturer VanMoof had such a problem as well:

They sell almost 90 percent of its bikes online. 

But as they shipped the custom made bikes to customers, it found that they were often arriving severely damaged.

The damage reports were a major problem for the company because the street bikes that it manufactures are at the high-end of the market… But even with the best brand and great marketing you CANNOT WIN, if the products is delivered to the customer in bad shape or even in pieces…

But then the company came up with a genius solution - dropping shipping damage by over 70 percent!

What was the trick?

Printing a graphic of a flatscreen television on the side of the packaging box - making shippers think that they were transporting flatscreen televisions.

(Source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/9/25/13048668/vanmoof-shipping-damages-dutch-bicycle-design)

A highly effective but yet cheap way of fixing the problem and giving the business the push it needed…

Innovate like VanMoof!

Always look out for solutions like this - practical, easy to apply, affordable but effective. Dare to try new paths, unconventional solutions, be creative.
Find your hacks and workarounds.

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The Dutch bicycle company VanMoof was seeing many of its expensive bikes get damaged in shipping, particularly to the US. Then they came up with the idea of disguising the bike as a flat-screen TV. The result? Damage to US shipments dropped by 70-80%. Sometimes, the best design costs nothing but an idea.