dutch 33

Last season Nouri made his official debut in the first team of Ajax. During his first match he also managed to score just like Ajax legends as: Johan Cruijff, Marco van Basten, Frank Rijkaard and Patrick Kluivert.

When he scored his first goal he turned his back to the Ajax fans and pointed towards his name, but mostly towards the number he chose for last and this season: ‘34′.

Why did he chose this number? Ajax at the moment won the Dutch championship 33 times: “I pointed a little towards my name, but mostly towards the number 34. The amount of times Ajax will be champion by the end of the season”, he said in september 2016. 

Ajax didn’t won the championship, but now more than ever I hope we do win it. 

For the boy who has played at Ajax since the age of 7. 

For the boy who was such a talent and was on the verge of his breakthrough this season at Ajax. The club he loved so much. “I’ve been playing here for 12 years. Almost my whole life my goal is to play in this stadium (the Johan Cruijff ArenA).” he said last year. 

For the boy who every Ajax fan loves so much because of his sweet, calm and boyish personality. Always with a smile on his face and positive in what he says. Love for the game and an insane love for the club he wanted to play for for many years. Leaving Ajax on a loan for another club in the Dutch division? It didn’t even cross his mind. “I can’t play for another club in The Netherlands”, Nouri said. “That doesn’t feel right. I can’t imagine that I have to play against Ajax. I want to succeed at Ajax. I  have for so many people. The trainers within Ajax, my teammates, but also the fans. Goosebumps every time they sing for me.”

Just a day before he collapse on the field he spoke to the Dutch newspaper Het Parool and talked about the new season and his hopes for the future. “I’m only trying to become a better plater. Work hard, look around you, ask the right questions en listen. I came here through ups and down. To be captain one day, that would be amazing. I know how to act, I can handle the responsibility, the pressure and I have the discipline that’s needed. You can dream, right?” he said with a smile. Like he always had that smile on his face. 

For ‘our’ Appie I hope we win that championship this year and I hope - just like with the no 14 jersey of Cruijff - no 34 will also be forever yours. 

Appie <33.