Langblr Emoji Asks!

😊 - What made you pick your target language?
💗 - What do you love about your target language?
🙃 - Is your target language hard for you?
⭐️ - What’s your favourite word in your target language?
🌙 - What’s your favourite sentence(s) in your target language?
😎 - Do you know anyone else who’s also learning your target language?
😝 - Do you watch any media in your target language? If so then what?
😡 - What’s your least favourite thing about your target language?
👽 - What’s a word or sentence in your target language with a hilarious direct translation?
😱 - What other languages do you know?
😍 - What other languages are you planning on learning?

EDIT: SORRY I realized I used the same emoji two times, it’s changed now
Germanic Languages
  • German: rides a motorbike, has slick back hair and sunglasses in the winter, wears a lot of leather jackets
  • Norwegian: plays in a band, never has a shirt on, very loud when drunk
  • Dutch: the boy next door, everyone has a little crush on him but they're too shy to admit it, has rosy cheeks and smells like flowers, pretty
  • English: the cousin who's always at your house, nobody knows how they feel about him but they accept him nonetheless, thinks everything is about him, compares everyone
  • Swedish: goes on about family a lot, everyone knows he's been doing shit behind your back, gets beat up a lot
  • Icelandic: writes poetry, more drunk than anyone, pedantic
  • Afrikaans: the distant cousin, comes over for Christmas and everyone likes him but he's forgotten until next Christmas, very warm
  • Danish: tiny little devil, gets into fights but is really a cinnamon bun who bakes cinnamon bun, makes Christmas dinner, enjoys walks on the beach