dustyowl's art

“Bean Sidhe”

(ink and promarkers)

Illustration of Lydia from “Teen Wolf”.The colours are brighter in real life. I must say i love how they have handled the “banshee” myth on Teen Wolf. They have taken the Irish legend and depicted her as she is suppose to be. She is not evil and is not the bringer of death merely the mourner of the soon to be dead. She is an omen and keens for the soon to be lost souls. Here in Ireland she traditionally has white hair so I decided to fade Lydia’s hair out. I can’t wait to see where her character goes.

This is my version of a modern “beast” Blaine. I imagine him with a “Glasgow Grin”. Here he is sleeping and pining for… I mean dreaming of Kurt. This sketch is actually bigger but I disliked the sketch of him and Kurt so it got the chop. I’m a sucker for stories akin to Beauty and the Beast but without the whole locking you in my castle until you love me arc.