dusty pink

Okay i got tagged in a tag meme by @bastilleintheden , @uriesinatra and @lemon-oliver thanks guys!!!

Name: Charlotte

Nickname: Char 

Gender: Female

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′3″

Sexual orientation: idk man

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favorite color: Blues and pastel / dusty pinks

Favorite animal: probably dogs

Favorite fictional character: leo valdez 

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2-3 and a fuckton of plushies

Fav singer/band: bastille is my fav but i like vinyl theatre, magic man, jack garratt, panic!, the 1975 and a more that i don’t feel like listing rn

Dream trip:  Japan or just like getting to go visit all my friends on here

Dream job: rn photographer, some sort of architecht or just like smthn creative idk

When was your blog created: about 2 years ago actually!

Current number of followers:  951 

What made you create a tumblr:  um probably a combo of seeing Funny Tumblr Posts around and like needing more bastille stuff

Time right now: 10:52pm

Last tv show I watched: chopped

What im’ wearing right now:  spandex shorts, nike socks and a t-shirt

Do i get asks regularly: kinda?

Why did I choose my URL: bad pun on some fandoms lol

im gonna tag: @trees-so-thin @bastilleglory @genericbastilleblog @theyplaypompeii @3astille @dansmithswildworld @spacebastille and @obllvions