dusty signs


Short Dusty Signs video


Dan is a traditional sign painter born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota. He’s the 3rd generation sign painter in his family carrying on the craft. Dan got his start to painting working with sign painters in minneapolis and California.


Dusty Signs


The art of craft.



“Name,” demanded the Ministry officer, tapping his quill in ink and looking up in disgusted expectation at the man before him. A drop of ink slipped down the quill, splashing off the desk and onto a dusty sign that read:

Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
                      Beast Division: Werewolf Registry

“Your name,” spat the man, “come on now I haven’t all day.”

“Remus Lupin,” Lupin murmured, gaze flicking occasionally to the sign and the word ‘Beast’. “I received an owl giving me instruction to come here. I did send a reply. It was my impression you would be expect-”

“Yes, yes,” said the man, scribbling down his name, writing ‘Lupin’ with an incorrect ‘e’ at the end. “You’re that Mutt Professor. We’ve been having a good laugh about you ‘round here. See, most of your kind we meet can’t read; don’t know how you could have marked the papers.”

“Well, I can,” Remus said tersely. “And on a similar subject, you’ve misspelled my name.”

“I’d mind your cheek if I were you,” said the man, “not that I’d want to be. Date of infection?”

“Not…?” He’d expected the next question to be his birth date. Somehow, this made more sense. After all, he knew these people’s priorities. “December 19th, 1964.”