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Not sure why I’m always seeing beautiful intelligent funny girls broken down by dusty crusty boring cockroach looking men but it needs to stop

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Just rural area things: running over a snake den with a lawnmower and cursing while you flee from copperheads


When I was a wee thing of about 10, we went to visit m Ohio family  at their “campground”  which was really more of a trailer park surrounding a reptile, bug and angry swan-infested sump, but baby Gallus thought this was AWESOME.  Spent the whole trip catching frogs and turtles and a Wolf Spider the size of my palm which damn near gave Aunt Mickey a heart attack.  Sorry.

However, I had grown up in the relatively venomous snake-free cradle of the CA coast, so I had no natural aversion to reptiles, much less knowledge of what the eastern ones looked like.

So you can see how I thought that the dark gray and kind of dusty-looking snake coiled up perfectly still outside Mrs. Bolghet’s trailer was an unusually realistic-looking lawn ornament, and I leaned down to get a better look at the detailing.

Cousin Jay Jay remembers watching me “Do A Fuckin’ Ninja Flip” to Back The Fuck Up as the Cottonmouth, in a perfectly reasonable response to having some freaky-ass mammal in it’s face, lunged at me.  I remember thinking “huh, their mouths really are white’ as it rustled it’s ass back into the lake and I waited for my heart to start beating again.

Jay Jay, realizing that there were some gaps in my outdoor knowledge, spent the rest of the afternoon with me, marching about the woods and identifying various plants and bugs and SNAKES out of his Boy Scout handbook until he was reasonably satisfied that I wasn’t going to die in the woods, and cajoled the turtle-hunting secrets out of me.  

(The secret is to look for the tiny triangle-shapes their noses make when they poke out of the water, and you have to spot them a good 30 feet off or they’ll see you first and run off.  Then, you move extra slow.  Ever see a heron standing on one leg as it takes literally 10 minutes to put the other foot down?  like that.  once you’re close enough, lower hands to the SIDE of the turtle, so you’re going to have  a good grip it can’t kick out of, then grab it with your jedi-like reflexes and lift UP immediately.

Then you can carry the snapper back to the campsite and wake up your uncle by using the turtle to bite his beer can in half and make him scream like Fay Wray while you and your cousin howl like gibbons on nitrous oxide.

You will be grounded but it is totally worth it.)

I know a lot of people want Lana to go back to her Born to Die sound but I hope she sticks with what she’s been releasing since Ultraviolence. It shows her growth as an artist and how much say she has into her own music instead of her record company. That’s why Born to Die and Paradise were so commercial sounding, while Ultraviolence and Honeymoon had more of a DIY indie vibe. Plus, I don’t wanna hear her singing about wanting to fuck some old dusty ass Jeremy Irons looking motherfucker anymore. Less Off to the Races and more High by the Beach please.

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Raise the Red Lantern (大红灯笼高高挂). Dir. Zhang Yimou (张艺谋). 1991.

The Qiao Family Compound (乔家大院), a vast, sprawling 18th century estate in Shanxi province, is perhaps best known as the location for Zhang Yimou’s legendary film, Raise the Red Lantern. In the film, the house becomes that of Master Chen’s, and as tragedy is sowed in the seeds of bitter resentment and egomania, those dusty courtyards look on, unfazed, endowed with vibrant, violent color –– every shade of red, yellow, orange, like blood, like pus, like joy, like flushed cheeks, like warmth, like silk, like death.

Set in the tumultuous Warlord era of 1920s China, post-Revolution, pre-Civil War, the main character is Songlian (Gong Li), an empty-eyed young woman with an ever-so-slight overbite that trembles with fear and solitude over the collars of her lush collection of qipao. Following the death of her father and the bankruptcy of her family, she is pulled out of university and married off to a rich man to become his fourth concubine. Within that enclosed microcosm, insulated from the outside world, she soon realises that the house is a jungle ecosystem with wives and servants alike vying for the Master’s attention, going to great lengths to elevate themselves over the others. Songlian herself becomes angry, calculating. Snow falls, fire burns, ropes hang, and dawn glitters. Solitary figures scramble over the rooftops, as small and insignificant as the brick tiles beneath their feet. Their hearts are frozen over, unfeeling, unseeing. 

Piano Melodies

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Negan X Reader 

A/N: Hey so this is kinda shitty but kinda cute at the same time. Hope you liked, there isnt any smut in this sadly. But Im working on a Daryl Dixon Imagine and lance tucker one as well. Xoxo -Kate 

Summery: Just kinda cute lil thing about negan and you. It gets a little angusty but then happy again to hope you like. 

Warnings: none really just kinda sad but cute later on 

 I was sitting in the sanctuary Rec room bored out of my mind. I was alone right now since everyone was out partying over our leaders newest accomplishment. I look around and see a tarp draped over something in the corner of the room. I stand and walk over and pull the dusty thing back and look at the large sleek black grand piano. I run my fingers across the dusty top and smile a little, my mother taught me once how to play and I was trying to remember any melodies. 

 I pull it out a little away from the wall lifting the top up placing the bar under the top to keep it up. I pull out the bench and sit down cautiously and place my hands on the large cover pushing it up and looking at the white ivory keys. It seemed to be in perfect condition. I tap middle C and hear the perfect pitch ring through the room. It did sound slightly off, but not to far. 

I bite my lip and place my fingers in the correct positions and play a soft melody, warming up to the cool keys and soon my fingers are moving carefully across the keys, playing notes, and chords to a song I used to play by myself whenever I got the chance. I slowly start to sing the lyrics softly. 

 My lover’s got humour She’s the giggle at a funeral Knows everybody’s disapproval

 I was oblivious to everything around me, I didn’t hear the footsteps or the creak of the door opening. I keep singing my eyes focused on playing the notes correctly as I sing. 

 I should’ve worshipped her sooner If the heavens ever did speak She’s the last true mouthpiece

 I keep going getting lost in the music remember the time before the world went to shit. The nights I spent listening to this song on repeat, while looking out at the rainy streets below my apartment. 

 Every Sunday’s getting more bleak A fresh poison each week “We were born sick” You heard them say it,

I look down at my fingers and keep playing my fingers moving around on the cool ivory.

 My church offers no absolutes She tells me “worship in the bedroom” The only heaven I’ll be sent to, 

 I didn’t notice the sound of shoes echoing off the empty walls, All i could hear or think about was the music.

 Is when I’m alone with you I was born sick, but I love it Command me to be well,

 I feel someone’s eyes on me and roll my shoulders a bit waving it off as nothing since everyone was with Negan.

 Amen, Amen, Amen I keep playing. Take me to church I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife Offer me that deathless death Good God, let me give you my life, 

 I hear clapping and I jump hitting a wrong note and turn back my eyes wild as they land on the tall, broad shouldered, leather clad man, Lucille resting against his leg. 

 “Darlin’ that was fucking amazing!” Negan says smiling brilliantly.

 “O-oh thank you” I stutter and look down at my fingers. 

 “Are you nervous?” He asks and I bite my lip as he walks over and sits next to me on the piano bench. 

 “No” I lie and he chuckles deeply.

 “Why Aren’t you with the others doll?” He asks and I shrug. 

 “D-Didn’t feel like being surrounded by a bunch of people” I state simply and lick my lips nervously. 

 “You don’t like large crowds or you don’t like my people?” Negan asks and I look down. “They aren’t so bad sweetheart” he coos in his charming accent.   

 “You can say that because you don’t have to worry about anyone not picking you apart. They say one wrong thing to you and thwack” I smack my hands together 

“they’re dead and Lucille was able to have some fun” I stand up moving away from him. 

 “You know, it’s super hot when you talk to me like that” he winks I sigh and shake my head. 

 “Forget it you don’t understand” I say simply and then feel his arms around my hips and the roughness of his beard scratching my neck as he kisses it. 

 “Then make me understand” He says and I feel his hands travel down my stomach. I close my eyes and lean back against his chest, I was one of his wives but he never pays attention to me so I tend to just avoid him. 

 “Why don’t you just go be with Sherry” I say and hear him growl into my ear. 

“What the fuck is up with you today” He growls and let’s go of me.

 “Nothing” I sigh and turn around looking up at him “I’m sorry” 

 He grunts and looks at me making me bite my lip, he pulls me close again and I feel his face nuzzle into my neck. My heart start to ache, he had always been sweet like this when it was just us, just me and him. After the world went to shit and he lost his first wife, Negan was a mess. Before he became who he is now, it was just us, we fell in love or i did at least.

 “Mm mhm mm, You smell so sweet” He coos and kisses my neck and up to my jaw. I Bite my lip trying to hold back tears, I was still hurt he choose all of those other women, beautiful women. Over me. 

 “What no snappy comeback?” Negan pulls back and I clear my throat.

 “Why are you here?” I ask

 “Because I want to see my beautiful wife who constantly is running away from me and hiding things like the fact you can fucking sing like a goddamn fucking angel.” He says and I push him back a bit. 

 “You have other more attractive wives” I state simple and feel his grip tighten making me yelp. 

 “What are you going on about, you are the most beautiful woman in this horrid place, thats why I fucking married you. You have a nice fucking body and you are super fucking hot” He grips my ass and I look down. 

 “But you spend more time with the others” I whisper and he stiffens pulling away and tilting my chin up. 

 “What do you mean? I try to be with you, shit I even came to your fucking room last night but you always have a reason to be away from me, to AVOID me!” Negan shouts and I pull back. “No you do not get to run away from me again, for fucks sakes (Y/N) dont you see how much you mean to me” He snarls and I pause. 

 “What?” I tilt my head and he closes his eyes, still holding me tightly to your chest.

 “I’m only going to say this once so pay close fucking attention” He says and I look up at Negan as he looks down at me. 

 “I love you, alright. And i’m not going to repeat myself because you know how much I hate feelings and shit.” I bite my lip and lean up kissing him. 

 “I love you too Negan” I coo and he smirks down at me and feel his hands squeeze my ass once more. 

 “Now that we are done with this lovey Dovey bullshit, i’m going to fuck you into oblivion on this piano bench, then you are going to walk into that goddamn party like the fucking badass wife you are and then I’m going to take you back to my room and fuck you again. Got it” He says and I blush brightly and Nod my head as he lifts me up on the piano. 

 Needless to say, he followed through on his promise, and I got to spend a lot more quality time with my Husband, who even though I had to share. 

Only loved me. And I most definitely loved him. 

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