dusty film festival

little teaser for my thesis film ‘Necromancer’

There were a bunch of things that I wish I could have fixed/done, but this was a really great learning experience!! 

Will be screening at the Dusty’s on May 7th!!!

Hey! It’s a Demex return?

So if you remember me, I once wrote a pretty popular (and very cringy) fanfiction about Frozen. And through the fandom, I fell in love with a girl named Alex. We were referred to as Demex. But sadly after 2 years of dating, grew apart and split ways. As a form of closure I’ve recently created a film called Selfish, which has amazingly won an award at the Dusty Film Festival in New York City. It would be incredible if any followers who remember Demex could watch my short film Selfish. I really would love your opinions and maybe it will help you out just as much it has helped me :)

If you’re interested, shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the google doc! Thank so much for hearing me out! 



For Billdip Positivity Week Day 1: Favorite AU (tbh I JUST made up this AU last night and I actually really liked the idea, so I HAD to draw it) 

I saw a student thesis film called Butter Lover at the SVA Dusty Film and Animation Festival yesterday, and the two characters in it screamed “BILLDIP” at me. XD 

Here’s the film from Vimeo: 

Oh and if you need more motivation to watch this film, the fact that Cr1tiKaL voiced the characters should probably do the job. ;) 


The pilot for AFTER OIL webseries premieres at the 28th Annual Dusty Film Festival, Saturday May 6th, at 8PM. Come see it in the Silas at the SVA Theatre, at 333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011.

The BANANAZZZ now have a tumblr!

Complete with nonsensical words of wisdom from the man Craig Evanhalen himself.  Recently, I helped a film crew follow Craig around in his quest to create the biggest punk band the world has ever seen!  

We’re having a big ol’ screening of the official BANANAZZZ documentary on MAY 7th at 8PM at the SVA westside theater in Manhattan.  If you happen to be in the area…


Tickets are free!  Bring yourself!  Bring a friend!  Bring an inordinate amount of friends!  Sneaking in booze is not only recommended, I encourage it!  Exclamation points!  Bold lettering!!!