His father’s mother’s mother had been a Flint of the mountains. Old Nan once said that it was her blood in him that made Bran such a fool for climbing before his fall. She had died years and years and years before he was born, though, even before his father had been born.

My thoughts after seeing Mockingjay Part 2

So here it comes. I had to take it off my chest. It can be a little off chronology but I have seen the film only once.


- Katniss’s bruised neck gave me chills. And her voice! I appreciate this scene so much, it gave you the idea, how much harm Peeta have done

- Josh’s acting in the scene with Prim blew my mind :O I mean, I knew what was coming but it turned out I wasn’t prepared at all. And when he asks about his family I might have just died

- Johanna’s arc is so different from the book, but so true to the character! I only hoped they mention what was done to her in the Capitol… But I’m glad they saved the morphiling part and a line about “hearing each others screams”… That was so important to me (and heartbreaking all the same)

- I must say the wedding scene was overall beautiful but I don’t know, something was missing for me… (Peeta’s cake? xD no, that’s not it…)

- “You’re not particularly nice” I”M DYING!!! And what he says next, about how he would have saved himself so much pain if he gave the bread to the pigs! I thought my heart would explode

- The Nut scene was so intense! And it was rather terryfying how Gale could not see a reason to save civilians. 

- Too much Galeniss kisses… I mean enough with the love triangle, they had so many kisses in past films too, the books say about like two times they actually do that?

BUT: Gale’s line that kissing Katniss is like kissing a drunk person was hilarious

- I know I’m lost in chronology now, whatever.

- I was a little confused when Katnnis went alone to Capitol in secret. But now I think it was a good solution for a film. 

- I didn’t like the dynamics of the scene with Snow at the round table. It was a bit too long for my taste.

- I mean I know I’m not objective on this but Peeta Mellark murmuring to himself wa soooo dusturbing. He looked so vulnerable and again bravo to Josh Hutcherson <3

- Katniss saying she will kill Petta, because he’s a mutt. MY HEART STOPPED!!!

- Finnick was so good to Peeta, “you can ask”, “can you walk?”. Bromance shiping so hard <3

- “You’re painter. You’re baker…” 

- Peeta hitting his head with a handle of his rifle… I WASN’T PREPARED FOR THIS AND NOTHING WOULD HAVE MADE ME PREPARED

- The sequence with Peeta attacking Katniss was so fast, I couldn’t breathe

- Peeta telling the squad to kill him. My poor baby!!!! :(

- “You’re still trying to protect me…” “We protect each other” with Gale listening was masterpiece

- “Stay with me” kiss was so so so intense!!!! And this acting!!! 

- Death of Finnick was… devastating… Him screaming “Katniss”… Nightlock, nightlock, nightlock…….

- I didn’t like the conversation between Peeta and Gale as much as I thought I would like it. I would prefer if they kept with the book more

- Saying goodbye to Peeta… I can’t wrap my head around it. So much love in this scene

- The bombings, kids, Prim… I hold my breath and even though it’s been a couple hours I still can’t utter a word about that…

- No one can show pain as naturally as Jennifer Lawrence. No one.

- Killing Coin was epic. Snow’s bloody laugh gave me chills. And I was so relieved they kept the scene of Peeta rescuing Katniss from suicide.

- I loved the letter from Plutarch

- HAYFFIE!!!!!!!! <3 

- The scene with Buttercup was so raw, so down to earth, so emotional, so heartbreaking… And people in the cinema laughed……. Seriously? I hate people…

- GROWING BACK TOGETHER. OH MY FUCKING GOD. SOO GOOD. The looks they give each other!!! <3

One disappointment tho: I needed an EVERLARK KISS. Not sex. (Ok, it would be good, but that’s beside the point). I needed one kiss after “you love me, real or not real” scene. For closure, for faithfulness to the books, for my personal and many other’s pleasure. I love you, Francis, but that was a mistake. And a big one to be honest.


Peeta playing and hugging with his son. Look he gives Katniss. Happiness. Content. Peace. MY TEARS.