modern (youtuber) au elmax

these r some modern day elmax headcanons bc fckin emelie broke my whole ass heart

- max is totally a youtuber in 2017

- (she was originally a viner but we all know how that ended #neverforget)

- she’s basically the best gamer and a lot of guys hate on her bc she’s a girl but she’s iconic so whatever

- she’s like probably 17ish when she gets super popular and everyone likes her bc she’s kind of girly (like she wear dresses n stuff) but she’s tomboyish too (gamer and super butch)

- her username is obviously MadMax

- eleven is always in her videos but never says anything so the internet doesn’t really understand her or who she is she’s just kind of there

- she’s always wearing overalls& sweaters and reading or watching old rom coms so everyone adores her

- the first time she ever speaks on camera is most definitely something really really mean

- like, the boys came over and dustin and lucas are arguing and mike is trying to calm them down and max is just laughing at them while will and eleven are curled up on the couch

- and max pulls out her camera to mess with them and perfectly catches eleven saying “oh my fucking god dustin you absolute mouth breather”

- of course max posts this video and the internet e x p l o d e s

- turns out eleven is just camera shy and not actually that quiet of a person

- the boys are also internet personalities

- will’s username is WillTheWise and he has an art account where he posts speed arts and his instagram is hella popular bc he posts such cute stuff and he’s working on a comic book about a little boy who travels between universes and it’s called “The Upside Down”

- lucas’s is TotallyTubular and he posts literally everything. movie reviews, game play-throughs, rants about racism (lots of rants about racism. he talks a lot about representation, police brutality, the prison system, the justice system, the segregated economy/school system, etc. he’s really well versed on the topics too he doesn’t just pull it out of his ass) and he’s super funny

- mike’s is literally so dumb just like PaladinMike or something and it’s bc at first he didn’t have a youtube he was mostly just like a popular twitter account bc he posted conspiracy theories and really weird shower thoughts type stuff (like one time at 4:17 am he tweeted “what if we didn’t have fingernails?” and disappeared for 2 days) but he was featured in so many of his friends videos that eventually he made his own conspiracy theory acc (bonus: at the end of every video he includes a picture of will’s newest artwork and promos will even tho will has more followers, mike is proud of his boyf ok)

- dustin’s is Dustonious and he posts virtually the exact same content as Max and they’re usually playing mario kart together either on a team together or head to head with something crazy on the line (dustin is always like “i bet all of the contents in my fridge that i can beat you” and when he loses max throws everything out and films it)


- everyone captures hilariously adorable videos of max and eleven being domestic

- like once dustin comes over and peeps through their front door window as a joke bc it’s open and they’re slow dancing but there isn’t any music playing so he literally starts crying on camera

- and lucas is Known for his commentary and he narrates every interaction of elmax caught on camera

- he’s like “here we see the biggest losers of 2017 in their natural habitat” when they’re cuddling on the couch watching RENT or something

- byeler and elmax do collabs together a LOT for mikes channel bc will always points out inconsistencies in mikes theories and max gets super tripped out whenever he talks about the illuminati or the CIA and eleven is The Cutest bc she just laughs and rolls her eyes the whole damn video and the only things she says are either “that’s kind of dumb” or “i like that one”

- one time lucas caught them kissing on accident while live-streaming and then the internet confirmed elmax was Gay As Fuck

- to which the girls exploit the FUCK out of their relationship like SO MANY COUPLES TAGS

-bc now that they’re out they just wanna POST VIDEOS!!!

- eleven is still vvv quiet but she does participate a lot when it’s just max and el and they reveal very cute things abt their relationship

- they’ve been dating since middle school and eleven is a year younger but a grade above bc she’s super smart

- eleven doesn’t know how to skateboard even tho max has taught her 900 times

- when eleven is mad at max, max makes her eggos and writes sorry on it in whipped cream and chocolate (eleven always forgives her)

- eleven loves video games and plays them as often as max she just doesn’t do it on camera

this leads of course to a mario kart competition between the two bc the internet needed it!!

- so eleven almost kicks max’s ass and max is about 3 seconds ahead of her

- and the internet has never been more shook

- NO ONE even comes close to beating max

- and el’s like “i’ve had practice”