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The total number of followers on my two blogs has become quite huge so I decided to make a small follow forever. I haven’t done any follow fridays or forevers ever so I’m not quite sure how this actually works but who cares tbh

These people are amazing, ok. Funny, adorable, great to talk to, been there when I’ve needed someone, I just- I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to talk to some of you guys, seriously. Some of you I’ve known for a long time and some of you I’ve just met but you are all precious.

There’s also some ridiculously beautiful blogs and inspirational people with great opinions and cool personalities who I haven’t talked to that much/at all but I hope that some day I can gain enough courage to start a conversation. maybe?

Anyways, I am so glad to have all of you on my dash.

(Don’t get upset if you are not on the list, I follow almost 300 blogs so it was a difficult task to decide my absolute favorites. If I follow you I do like you and your blog, don’t worry!)

You should follow:

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btw sorry about the pic i drew it like in 20 minutes


happy birthday steph (dustlights)!!

i was frantically looking for baekhyun things earlier but then i’m like w8, i know the number one thing in ur life is anD HERE WE HAVE IT (because it should be everybody’s tbh). but yes, thank you for being such a gr8 gr8 person to know. my twitter/my liFE has been ten times funnier with you in it. i don’t know how you think of the things you say because they’re literally genius with a touch of insanity all the time. thanks for listening to me rant about anything and i love how we’re able to click real easily since we have so many things in common. you are such a creative person, the sciences are holding u back!!1! but no i really do hope school will be good to you (always or i’ll burn it down 4 u istg!!!). don’t suffer too much and just remember, i’m always here for u if u want to drop out and explore europe. we planned our trip and our housing issues already, sO JUST SAY THE WORD AND I’M THERE. i hope you get all the wonderful food on this day and have a vERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA POOP ♥

Everything I Hate
  • Everything I Hate
  • Forced Order
  • Eternal War

Fueled by disgust
Nothing’s settled til you’re turned into dust
Light you alive
You fucking lied to me time after time
Deception sticks with me
Now there’s nothing to hide
I feel your throat embrace my grasp
It’s the only thing I have to call mine
You knew exactly what the fuck was up
I’ve never felt such disgust in my life
Nothing but disgust
We’ll cut you down because we must
You knew exactly what the fuck was up
You lost my trust.

dustlights replied to your post: this is literally terrible like im so upset right…

even their title songs are sounding similar omg android humanoid ill actually listen to the next song if they name it blastoise

ugh god yes this is what i’ve been saying on here and twitter for the past however long

like jesus i know sme only cares about soshi rn but can they at least make a fucking effort for homin after everything they’ve done and accomplished for the company????

end kim youngmin’s reign of terror today text #SME2012 #STOPKYM to #3275 to pledge ur support for the movement 


[Ask Dark - 817]

Finally, after depression and stuff managed ta update ‘ere.  Ahm splittin’ the update in two posts since the 10 images limit 'ere tis quite constrictin’ sumtimes.

Sum may remember The Bearded Muffin, and Knight and Dustlight from ask-knightpony

Also yin-yang-pony on the foreground.

dustlights  asked:

top 3 baekchen fics joye giveme shit to procrastinate with pls


“Maybe you’re hoping for a fairy tale too”
“Feels like I’ve fallen in love” (airplanewishes)
And anything from Baeklights