The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale (with full orchestra) @ Late Show with David Letterman (2009)

We were trying to make a more playful, pop record with Day & Age, but I think that “Dustland” is a great example of us not being able to let go of that sort of earnest seed that we had planted on Sam’s Town. It was an important song. I went through a lot of things: My mom got diagnosed with a brain tumor and I just started to think a lot about her and my dad’s generation. They were born in the ’40s, which comes with a certain type of difference. They’re just different Americans than we are.” (Brandon Flowers, Spin Magazine 2015)


More of the Dustland amusing performance. 😂 Brandon just couldn’t stop giggling during the song after the “Everything I do”/Bryan Adams reference. ❤️ #thekillers #1045bday #radio1045bdayshow #camden #brandonflowers #ronnievannucci #davekeuning #markstoermer #tedsablay #jakeblanton #thekillersshows @thekillers @radio1045 (at BB&T Pavilion)

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mr. brightside or miss atomic bomb? when you were young or all these things that i’ve done? for reasons unknown or read my mind? bones or here with me? human or spaceman? a dustland fairytale or the world we live in? don’t shoot me santa or i feel it in my bones? happy birthday guadalupe or joseph better you than me?

MBTI  as Songs

I tried to avoid stereotypes as much as possible (like giving the SJ’s country songs…ugh).

ISTJ- 1979 (The Smashing Pumpkins) This song is dreamy and nostalgic, but also ultimately realistic. ISTJ’s are traditional and cautious, but also have strong imaginations that are influenced by their subjective view of the past.

ISFJ- A Dustland Fairytale (The Killers) ISFJ’s are traditional, yet also imaginative and often dreamers. This song is about the traditional culture of America and fairytale love, but also shows how that tradition can be channeled into imagination.

INTJ- Centuries (Fall Out Boy) This song is perfect for the ambitious, idealistic INTJ, who often dwells in their complex dreams of the future. More importantly, it also shows this type’s passion and emotion, not just their ruthlessness.

INFJ- Landslide (Fleetwood Mac) This song is gentle, introspective, and metaphorical, just like the INFJ. It explores the ideas of time, personal strength, divinity, and identity, all within a single extended metaphor of a snow-covered mountain.

INTP- Speed of Sound (Coldplay) This song questions the nature of life and one’s place in the universe. INTP’s have similarly inquisitive minds, and love to understand the logical patterns of the world around them.

INFP- Marching Bands of Manhattan (Death Cab for Cutie) The INFP is passionate, sincere, imaginative and original. This song uses unusual ideas such as marching bands and leaking faucets to describe the vastness of a strong personal love.

ISTP- Harlem (New Politics) ISTP’s are full of energy, but also blunt and analytical. This song is very enthusiastic and youthful, but still manages to capture the more direct aspect of the ISTP’s personality.

ISFP- Go Do (Jónsi) ISFP’s are impulsive, aesthetic individualists, a spirit captured in this upbeat song. Its lyrics speak to stepping outside your comfort zone, being proud of yourself and your identity, and embracing the richness of life.

ESFP- Anna Sun (Walk the Moon) This song is perfect for the energy, enthusiasm, and fun-loving tendencies of the ESFP. It focuses on sensory imagery and tells a carefree summer story, themes often present in the ESFP’s own life.

ESTP- Ready to Go (Panic! at the Disco) The ESTP is upbeat, infectious, and often devil-may-care. The song describes a risk-taking, ready-for-anything attitude, and also does justice to the ESTP’s curiosity and personal charm.

ESFJ- Cecilia and the Satellite (Andrew McMahon) This is a sweet song written for the singer’s daughter, describing his life’s experiences and his love for her. It’s compassionate and imaginative, just like the ESFJ.

ESTJ- Telegraph Road (Dire Straits) This song speaks to memories of better times, as well as the hardworking ethic that prevailed in them, similar to the efficient yet nostalgic ESTJ. This type can also be very creative, shown in the song’s complexity.

ENFJ- Kings and Queens (30 Seconds to Mars) ENFJ’s are passionate and compassionate, particularly about larger social causes. This song is quite emotionally powerful, speaking to a visionary sense of fulfillment that should resonate with the ENFJ.

ENTJ- Hall of Fame (The Script) ENTJ’s are dedicated, hardworking, and ambitious, the exact qualities described in this song. It has a never-give-up attitude that champions ‘everyday’ leaders, such as teachers and preachers.

ENFP- Dirty Paws (Of Monsters and Men) ENFP’s are known for their idiosyncratic imaginations, which fits in perfectly with this song about rebellious dragonflies and talking trees. The song is also a bit like a folk story, showing ENFP’s buried streak of traditionalism.

ENTP- Champagne Supernova (Oasis) This song is a quirky, metaphorical ramble well-suited to the original mind of an ENTP. It delves into questions of life, the universe, and everything, and doesn’t lend itself to easy interpretation.

(Feedback appreciated, especially for the NTP songs! They’re the type I understand least)

Victims: Perfect Setlist

The results are in! Victims have spoken!

Here are the songs that most victims would like The Killers to play.

  1. This River Is Wild (20) 
  2. Miss Atomic Bomb (18)
  3. Read My Mind (16)
  4. When You Were Young (15)
  5. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine (15)
  6. Sam’s Town (14)
  7. A Dustland Fairytale (14)
  8. Mr. Brightside (14)
  9. Sweet Talk (14)
  10. This Is Your Life (13)
  11. The Way It Was (13)
  12. Somebody Told Me (13)
  13. All These Things That I’ve Done (13)
  14. Midnight Show (13)
  15. Battle Born (12)
  16. Spaceman (12)
  17. Under The Gun (11)
  18. Bling (11)
  19. Believe Me Natalie (10)
  20. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll (10)
  21. Be Still - bonus because it also had 10 votes

Special mention for Get Trashed that received 40 votes (two victims, 20 votes from each. You know who you are 😉)

Thanks everyone, who participated! ♥️♥️♥️

The Killers at BB&T Pavilion (Radio 104.5 10th Birthday Celebration)

Gonna try to keep this short:
Sunday night was so INCREDIBLE!! It was like 10000 degrees and I was sitting out on the lawn for hours just waiting for The Killers to go on. After Foster the People were done, I felt this pit in my stomach because I knew The Killers were on next!! I was so excited I can’t even describe it. And when they came on, I couldn’t stop crying through the first 3 songs (spaceman really got to me that night) I was just so happy to be finally seeing them live. Then they announced they were gonna play a new song and I almost collapsed with excitement!! Wow, it was just so incredible. They have so much energy and passion it just takes my breath away. That was BY FAR the greatest show I’ve ever seen. I really hope I get to see them again.

Kissing in the Rain

It starts at a party with shitty cocktails, a DJ that’s definitely not as good as Nick and some ‘that only happens in the movies’ kissing in the rain.

I have had some writing time over the past couple of days and I have added two new chapters to my Kissing in the Rain WIP. Chapter Five: Dustland Fairytale and Chapter Six: Where I’m Coming From.

The other chapters can be found by following the links, Chapter One: Prologue, Chapter Two: First Kiss, Chapter Three: Changes and Chapter Four: Velvet Morning

I hope you’re enjoying the story as there’s plenty more to come and the next chapters are well underway. There’s going to be some kinky stuff coming up which I’ll include warnings for on a chapter by chapter basis. Thank you to everyone following along <33

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 About the Simple Things by Kaori-chan2 
❣ city lights sparkle by moon strut 
❤ Highlife and Mayhem by Kaori-chan2 
♡ Stupid Love Letter by ClumsyMustache
♡ these everyday occurrences by Ice of the Kitsune’s Fire 
 Pretty Beautiful by Rondeau 
♡ midterm blues by CalaveraCandiedSkull 
♡ Motion Sickness by HawkofNavarre 
friends with benefits by smartalker 
♡ he says, she says by Ice of the Kitsune’s Fire 
♡ Sleeping Dragon by Starcrossedlover12 
♡ study hard kids by moon strut
❤ Eridanus by moon strut 
♡ Ubiquitous by Ice of the Kitsune’s Fire 
♡ dustland fairytale by underlings
♡ improv by BittersweetSonat
This Time Tomorrow by StoryQuipster      
❤  Love Thy Neighbour  by snogfairy       
❣  Dog Days by Rivendell101 + wordsofawitheringwriter                               

A Bit of Everything *a pinch of drama, angst, and happiness; short*

Seasons by Rondeau
The Game by Mae Snapdragon
The Summer Table by ClumsyMustache
forever&everland by moon strut
Two Shots Decaf, Two Shots Regular by Ice of the Kitsune’s Fire
Natsu Dragneel and the 5 Smiles of Lucy Heartfilia by wisdom-of-me
A Day in Detention by outcarnate
our disaster by underlings
my black eye casts no shadow by Poisoned Scarlet                              
Turn Around - You’ll Find Me There by whereisthefreakingnalu    
♡  Roll to Me by LoneStorm                                          

feELS HELP *multichap roller coaster of emotions*

My Army Boy by InLoveWithFairyTail
A Fairy Tail Ending by Ice of the Kitsune’s Fire
The Princess and the Pirate by LeeSUP
I Don’t Want to be Caught Up in Your Love Story! by InLoveWithFairyTail 
Enchanted by CalaveraCandiedSkull
Servant of Evil by InLoveWithFairyTail
That Unrequited Childhood Love by InLoveWithFairyTail
College Escapades  by Coka Cookie Cola
Online-Offline by Tassie Taker
The Dragon’s Ward by au revoir pets
Princess of Dragons by IfWeDieAtTheSameTime
Gangster is the New Black by BittersweetSonata
lipsmoke by BittersweetSonata
Love at First Site by amehanaa
Mysteriously Obvious by LeanMeanGreen
The Keys of Fire by LoneStorm 
❣  Virtual Flames by MissyPlatina
❤  Texting Fire by MissyPlatina
❣  Trial By Fire by eviltrinity (snogfairy +  ToxiNeena + Mslead)

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