Dustin's secret past becomes not so secret in tonights all new Real World Las Vegas

On tonight’s all new Real World, the roommates learn about Dustin’s (or should I say Spencer’s?) scandelous past which involves web cams, nudity, sex, and other guys. Yes, Dustin did tell us in the beginning of the season that he was involved in a life web cam show called ‘Frat Pad’ but he didnt tell ay of the roomates or go into much detail about what exactly happned on the show. Well, google Dustin Zito and Frat Pad and you too will see what I saw, which was penis, penis, and more penis.  No seriously, and on top of just seeing his package, I found pictures of him showering with other guys and engaging in a little risque behavior with them as well. 

So this web cam show he breifly talked about is a bit ore serious than he let on.  Now this wouldnt be as big of a deal if he wasnt “dating” and sleeping with his roommate Heather.  Poor Heather is going to be crushed tonight when she finds out exactly what Dustin was up to before he arrived in Vegas and made his way into her life.  Heather tweeted on Monday “@heathermarter Wednesday’s #realworld episode breaks my heart, can’t watch without crying"  My heart breaks for her just watching the previews and reading that tweet! But to find out exactly what goes down and how Heater and Dustin’s relationship is going to change tune in tonight at 10PM on MTV for an all new episode of The Real World!

"I feel very harshy judged" -Dustin Zito

Last nights episode of the Real World was one of the most intense episodes I have ever seen.  Usually the episodes are full of drunks, drama, and perhaps some broken glass.  But last night got so deep that even I felt a little uncomfortable and uneasy at different times throughout it.  Dustin’s past is first revealed to Nany through ex-cast mate Adam who tells her that Dustin is all over the internet and is involved in porn under the name “Spencer”.  Nany immediately tells Naomi and the two contemplate telling Heather.  But coincidentally Heather receives an e-mail from her mom explaining what Nany just found out, that her “boyfriend” used to do porn. My heart immediately broke for Heather.  I could not imagine finding out the guy you have been basically dating and sleeping with had kept something that big from you. Dustin sees Heather is upset to which Heather asks if there is anything he hasn’t told her about himself.  By the look on Dustin’s face you could just tell immediately that he knew what she was getting at.

Initially, I wanted to  side with Heather and dislike Dustin for keeping it from her.  But the more we learned about his old ‘job’ the less I disliked him for keeping his mouth closed, and the more I started to feel bad for him.  Soon after the girls found out about “Spencer”, Leeroy and Mike found out too.  Now, personally I don’t think it is anyone’s business but Dustin and Heather but this is the Real World and everything about you is going to be scrutinized by every roommate and all of the viewers.  Leeroy at first seems to take it better than Mike, who I felt blew the whole thing completely out of control.  Mike was acting as if no one else has a past they may not be proud of, or some secret they want to keep to themselves.  Mike even went as far as to say “he lied to us about everything”. Okay Mike, now let me get this straight, Dustin keeps one thing about himself private and that means that he lied to you about EVERYTHING? No, I don’t think so.  A house meeting takes place after a clearly distraught Dustin came back from some alone time outside of the Real World house. 

The roommates question him and I felt Dustin did a pretty good job explaining himself and the reasons he got into that industry at the time.  Dustin revealed that at the time he had no direction in life and when he was approached for this web cam show, which he describes as a house full of straight guys living together being taped 24/7 who did occasionally engage in sexual acts, he couldn’t turn it down.  He even described the man who ran the show as a “father figure” which to me shows that obviously Dustin had issues at the time and was searching for something or someone to guide him in the right direction.  Honestly, I’m sure we have all done things at one point or another that we aren’t particularly proud of and that’s okay because its life and how would you ever learn from things if you did it all the right way?  The episode ends with Mike giving Dustin a letter that Dustin told us said “basically said he hates me” and with most of the roommates in agreement that Dustin should go home.

Wait, what? Dustin should go home because you learned he has a past in the porn industry? Are we not in the year 2011 where sex seriously isn’t that big of a deal and hell, even hooking up with someone of the same sex isn’t a huge thing? I’m still confused by why they think him leaving is a good idea and I can’t wait to see what happens on the next episode and how, if ever, this situation will cool off. But to end this post I’m going to leave you with some tweets from the cast members made during and after the episode. 

Tweets from Dustin (@dustinzito)
That was the Toughest moment in my Life! #whatdoesntkillmemakesmestronger

Tweets from Naomi (@naomiMTV)
B4 anyone hates think abt all the courage it takes to put ur life on blast!!

Tweets from Nany
@dustinzito only god can judge you, boo <3

Tweets between Dustin (@dustinzito) and Mike (@mikerossMTV)
Mike Ross- I wish you guys could actually read what the letter said…freeze frame your tv…He clearly did not read it
(Dustin, in reply to Mikes tweet) @MikeRossMTV i even let my friends read it mike mike!! same response

More tweets from Mike (@mikerossMTV)
I am not judging dustin…I just think he is setting a bad example by not learning from his mistakes…He has a chance to send a message…to the world

Hey guys…Don’t think you have no options…This is America, there is so much you can do…Community College, trade school, military…@RoyLee25 didn’t know what he wanted to do, and hes a trash man making 50k a year #realworld – (what was tweeted after Dustin admitted to getting into the industry when he felt stuck and with no immediate life path)

For the record, I want nothing at all to do with @dustinzito I’m going to the bar y'all..I’ll read all your tweets and make a statement tmrw – (No farther “statments”/comments have been make by Mike)

Tweeted by Heather (@heathermarter) following the show

@heathermarter said: I was always up front in that house that I found girls attractive. Just like Dustin has done “gay acts” but feels marriage should be between a man and woman, I can have my sexuality but can have a preference of the sexuality of the person I date/sleep with. My views also evolve as I grow and learn, & i appreciate the fact that I’ve gotten to mature my views on a male’s sexuality from being a part of the show. If I had been any other roommate in the house I would have been completely supportive of Dustin. I still tried to be, but it was hard because I was confused and hurting myself. My biggest issue was feeling like someone I felt so close to and talked to about everything, kept something from me. Dustin had time to contemplate his involvement with the show and prepare for the revelation, I was bombarded while under a microscope. I’m not perfect, but I do my best.