dustin summers

The summer before their eighth grade year, the Sinclair parents finally cave in and buy a trampoline.  For a few years now Lucas had been begging for one but both parents were convinced he’d grow out of it quickly and the tramp would be abandoned.  They are immediately proven wrong.  The favorite spot to hang out switches from Mike’s basement to the trampoline.

Lucas secures himself as the back-flipping expert from the very beginning.  Dustin is the one that the others avoid because one bounce from him will send them up four feet in the air.  Whenever they play Deadman Mike takes forever to find anyone so the boys all end up tripping him for fun instead.  No one ever beats Max at Crack the Egg.  Ever.  Every time they’re on the trampoline there will be at least one moment where they’re afraid they’ve actually launched Will into orbit.

And El LOVES the trampoline.  At first she’s a little hesitant because she doesn’t initially like how unsteady she feels on her feet, but after getting the hang of it she can’t be pulled away.  She initiates multiple competitions for jumping the highest and she prides herself on winning many of them.  Lucas often accuses her of levitating herself up higher in order to win (which is only sometimes true) and Mike is determined to beat her one day (even after growing several inches, he never can out-jump El).

When it’s announced that a meteor shower will be visible in a few days, the group assembles their sleeping bags on the trampoline to watch.  It’s crowded with all six of them packed in like sardines but El is immediately in awe of the shooting stars and doesn’t even think about how Max’s elbow is digging into her side and how Will accidentally kicks her every few minutes.  Most of the group falls asleep not too far into the night, but being the astrology lover he is, Lucas makes sure to stay awake so he can talk to El about all the stars.

Idiot: Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver Imagine

Based off of prompt #81

Summary: Peter accidentally runs into the reader when they get home.

A/N: I AM SO SORRY I HAVEN’T POSTED IN SO LONG!!!!! School has been extremely busy lately so if you have requested a prompt it will get done but it might take me a while. Because I feel bad here is a random prompt I wrote a few weeks ago <3

I walk in the door and suddenly fall to the ground with a thud. “PETER! WHAT THE HELL?!” I shout, knowing exactly why I’m on the floor. The silver haired boy appears in front of me in an instant. He shoots me a sheepish smile as he grabs my hands and pulls me onto my feet. “Sorry babe, I wasn’t paying attention.” he says. He pulls me in for a hug and kisses the top of my head. I bury my face into his shoulder and leave soft kisses on his collar bone. I lift my head as I say “you know this is the third time this week you’ve done that”. He sighs and rests his head on mine. “I’m sorry baby.” he says and I can hear the smile in his voice. He knows that that’s my weakness. “Oh don’t baby me mister. You owe me” I say smiling into his shoulder. He removes one of his arms from my shoulders and shuts the door before placing on the back of my head, tangling his fingers in my hair. He looks at me with his beautiful dark eyes and softly says “ I love youuu” dragging out the ‘u’ with a small smile. I lean up and place a gently kiss on the side of his mouth. “I love you too but you still owe me” I say smirking slightly. He raises an eyebrow at me before throwing his arms around my waist and picking me up. I start laughing and he throws me over his shoulder and walks into our shared bedroom before tossing me onto our bed. He softly tickles my sides before literally jumping on top of me. He just lays there with all of his weight fully on top of me for a moment before pushing himself up onto his forearms. I’ve finally stopped laughing and he dips his head down to kiss my lips briefly. As soon as his lips leave mine he attacks me, leaving small kisses all over my face and neck and I start laughing again. He continues for a minute or so before flopping over beside me and pulling me close to his body. “So, am I forgiven?” he asks with a small smirk. I look up at him, playfully rolling my eyes and saying “Of course”. He smiles and places a long kiss to my lips. “I love you” he mumbles against my lips. He pulls away and I say “I love you too. Idiot”. He kisses my forehead and says “I may be an idiot. But I’m your idiot”. I laugh and shift so I’m laying with my head on his chest and his arms wrap themselves around my waist. He rubs my back with his warm hands and I snuggle further into his side. He softly starts humming a slow song and I feel my eyelids getting heavy. Not long after, I fall asleep, wrapped in Peter’s arms, smiling like an idiot.

Summer Rain

For @forfutureglory, @elevenknope, and @stevemossington - my idiot friends who need motivation. Mostly it’s for @stevemossington because she’s the Queen of Angst and I needed to counteract that. Also she gave me this idea. Leggo! 

The day is stifling and humid, making them all feel awkward in their clothing and drown in sweat. It’s unusual for Hawkins, which normally rises to about seventy degrees in the summer, at the highest.

They’re all sprawled in various positions around Mike’s basement; Max, in a white blouse she would never wear if it weren’t for the weather, is slumped against the cool table, groaning. Lucas and Dustin are half on the couch, half on the floor, and periodically squirting one another with water bottles. Mike lays on the ground, muttering under his breath, with the refreshing air of the fan blowing over him every now and again.

“Jesus, it’s hot,” he whispers. “I mean, Jesus. It’s so damn hot.”

“We’ve heard,” Dustin snaps, glaring at him. It’s so hot he’s not even wearing a hat. “Christ, Mike, you’ve said it a thousand times!”

“But I mean…” he opens his eyes, looking a little dazed, and shakes his head in sublime wonder, “it’s so hot.

Lucas smacks the wall. “Mike!”

They’re all short-tempered with flushed cheeks, raging both internally and externally. None of them can think straight.

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