dustin sohn


A few weeks ago, I quit a PA job on a short film for various reasons, but mostly because the pay wasn’t worth the safety hazards. Before quitting, the asshole production designer told me not to keep my hopes up because I would have to go through at least ten years of bullshit before I could move up in the industry. 

o btw here’s a John Legend music video I production designed.

Something I drew when I was five.

A Death Factory.

(Notice the guy falling into the knife pit on the left. and the other guy falling into an acid bath on the right. and the guy drowning in the acid down below with his eyeballs floating. and the tornado machine.)

Drawing 2: Fantasy Land.

Scarier than the first drawing, but that was unintentional. Pegasus with the rainbow tramp stamp looks. like. Satan.

Drawing 3: Pot of Gold

Like, if someone smokes too much pot and all they have to eat are lucky charms.