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So was this season perfect? Um, fuck yeah. It was Bitchin’

Home ; a Steve Harrington x reader imagine

Plot: (Y/n) has powers and was one of the experiments in the Hawkins Lab. She’s 16 years old. She has the ability to shape shift into people and unfortunately, she stumbles into Nancy Wheeler’s path when she was desperate and hungry. So she shape shifts into her and steals her life for some time. 

This happens between closing the gate and the snow ball

Pairing: Steve Harrington and reader (not mentioned yet but will be on the next parts)

Characters: Jonathan Byers (kinda), Karen Wheeler, Nancy Wheeler

Warning: swearing,drugged, raped (not in detail), knocking someone unconscious

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Welcome to Hawkins, Indiana 

The sign says as I walk for forever on this unending road. Oh no, I’m back here. I escaped that shit hole the moment I had the chance. And that was when the powers were out. Even though there were these scary monsters roaming, I was able to get out. There were enough people distracting them. I ran and never looked back. 

I was taken into the facility when I was 14. When my step mother found out my ability accidentally. I was practicing in my room in front of the mirror. I’ve only discovered my power when I hit puberty. I’ve never met my real mother. My father says she died giving birth to me. He loved me but he loved his new wife more and her two children. I was just the freak. I wasn’t surprised when he let me get taken away. I thought my life would be over but no. 

I managed to go to Virginia, using a motorcycle that I stole. Where I partied my life away. Celebrating my escape from the place where I was forced to do things I don’t understand how. But now, I know how to change into whoever I want to be. 

But I was too busy having fun, not knowing that my drink was drugged and I woke up, with my clothes torn apart and left in an alley beside the garbage bins. I screamed, not knowing what to do. Not knowing what happened last night. 

I cried, and cried, thinking, Should I have not left the facility? Was I better off inside? Was Papa right when he said that I’m better with him? 

Questions swarmed my mind. Making me feel crazy. I changed into this supermodel on the magazine that sits on top of the bin. I was hungry and mad. I didn’t care anymore. I walked in the grocery, acting all miserable and whining for money and food. Saying that I lost my purse and all of my money. 

Of course, they gave me what I wanted. And once I had everything, I ran off. I changed into a woman that I saw on the streets, and climbed the first bus that was going out of the state. I needed to be out of there. 

And long story short, I ended up in Hawkins, Indiana. The place I’ve never thought I’d be in again. 

Welcome to Hawkins, Indiana

I walk for a few more meters, until I see a car pull up with two people inside. And this beautiful girl about my age gets out, kisses her boyfriend, I’m guessing and starts walking towards a house. Once the car is out of view, I approach her with a smile on my face. 

“Hey there, “ I greet, and she smiles back. She has her shoulder bag and some books on her hands. “Hi, I just came from Virginia and I’m really hungry and desperate for a home. Would you mind if I borrow your life for a bit? I’m really sorry.” And she looks at me, confused but before she says anything, I punch her hard, square on the face and she falls on the floor of the porch. I change into this girl, and quickly carry her small body behind the bushes. I’ll take care of her later. 

Just as I were picking up the books she dropped, the door flies open revealing a woman who would most likely be her mother. “Nancy! I thought I heard something outside. What are you doing?” She exclaims and ushers me inside. “I just dropped my books, that’s all. Anyways, I’ll be in my room.” I say with a smile. My feet racing up the staircase. 

I guess this place will be my home for now. 


The End of Innocence

Dustin Gorton spent the morning of April 19th filming the The Breakfast Run video (entitled by the two “American Dream) with his 3rd period Video production class partner, Dylan Klebold.  The video was to start off with Dylan hastily dashing away from a house (presumably Eric Jackson’s) and into Dustin’s classic car. They rrush off down to Burger King for a quick bite on the way to school as Eric Jackson films Dustin driving and Dylan as the passenger from the backseat vantage point as Americana by The Offspring plays on the radio. (I wouldn’t doubt that they planned to use the song for their final product). 

The very next morning, on 4/20, Dustin’s *video production partner never shows up for class to present their video. Dustin mentions in his recent reflection (see below) that he was complaining about his missing partner during A lunch as the Columbine massacre begins to interrupt like a shock wave rippling over the cafeteria.  Dustin finds himself in survival mode as he yanks his friends down under a cafeteria table and instinctively assumes the role of “leader” trying to find a way to help his friends to safety and some scattered into the kitchen area.  He and his friend Brett manage to hide in a bathroom and the two get separated which also panics Dustin greatly until they reunite in a massive bear hug and tears of relief just outside. 

Dustin wrote about the powerful impact Columbine had on him, how it changed and effected his life greatly. He reflects on the ‘before’, on how 18 years ago just hours before the massacre, he realizes what an innocent, naive “fool” of a kid he was. And in the blink of an eye in one hour of great devastation, his life and way of thinking about himself in relation to others - and what is truly important and matters the most in life above the minutia - had been irreparably altered forever.