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Excerpts from an interview with friends and acquaintances of Eric and Dylan:

Meg Hains: I am black/white mixed. And when the media is coming up with this thing that Dylan and Eric were racist, they weren’t. They were my friends. They were very nice to me, both of them. I don’t get this whole racial thing that people are coming up with.

Devon Adams: Dylan and Eric did use racial slurs. Because, unfortunately, it’s becoming common. And what I have heard is they did call Isaiah an N before they shot him. I don’t think it meant that they were racist. I think that they were just using the word that they - unfortunately it’s true that it has bearing from the movies and TV - that they had learned is O.K.

Interviewer: What about the Nazi stuff?

Meg Hains: That is the biggest load of [expletive] I’ve ever heard. They never wore swastikas around their arm. Never. Not in this entire year that I’ve known them. No.

Dustin Thurman: Everyone said that they saluted to Hitler after a strike in bowling and stuff. That wasn’t true. If they got a strike, they would just sit down.

Devon Adams: If Dylan and Eric were like neo-Nazis or whatever, then they kept it secret. They didn’t proclaim it. And I don’t think Dylan was.


  • you: second world war
  • me, an intellectual: x company, an amazing canadian tv show about spies in nazi occupied france that definitely deserves more recognition and appreciation, starring beautiful and talented evelyne brochu, with many amazingly portrayed and complex characters and an excellent character development, that at some point will probably ruin your life

Stranger Things x Only Angel

This was written by Dustin Gorton (driver in Breakfast Run vid & friend of Eric & Dylan) this past 4/20:

Everyone wants to talk about anniversaries.
Births… Deaths… Relationships… Businesses… Friendships…
One year. Five years. Ten years. Fifteen years. Twenty years. Twenty Five years. Fifty years.

Okay. So here is me caving. I’ll talk about an anniversary.

18 years ago.

18 years ago I was 18 years old… I was an adult by the legal standard of society. I was a child by the standards of what I know today. I had no idea of how fragile and precious life is. I had no idea of how much love I would come to offer the world. I had no idea what true friendship was. I had no idea what was truly important in life. I had no idea that my life was just beginning.

I just as equally had no idea that my life could just as easily end…

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Huh, interesting… You cant ever determine what is going to be liked the most on social media.  I just keep posting hoping the right people see my work lol