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Excerpts from an interview with friends and acquaintances of Eric and Dylan:

Meg Hains: I am black/white mixed. And when the media is coming up with this thing that Dylan and Eric were racist, they weren’t. They were my friends. They were very nice to me, both of them. I don’t get this whole racial thing that people are coming up with.

Devon Adams: Dylan and Eric did use racial slurs. Because, unfortunately, it’s becoming common. And what I have heard is they did call Isaiah an N before they shot him. I don’t think it meant that they were racist. I think that they were just using the word that they - unfortunately it’s true that it has bearing from the movies and TV - that they had learned is O.K.

Interviewer: What about the Nazi stuff?

Meg Hains: That is the biggest load of [expletive] I’ve ever heard. They never wore swastikas around their arm. Never. Not in this entire year that I’ve known them. No.

Dustin Thurman: Everyone said that they saluted to Hitler after a strike in bowling and stuff. That wasn’t true. If they got a strike, they would just sit down.

Devon Adams: If Dylan and Eric were like neo-Nazis or whatever, then they kept it secret. They didn’t proclaim it. And I don’t think Dylan was.


Just imagine, you’re sitting in class doing your work or whatever and there’s a knock at the door. Your teacher says “ come in “ and your favorite character is outside the door; you try not to lose your shit and your fave character is posing as an Government agent and asks you to step outside for a moment ‘to ask questions‘ and asks you to come with them to their world. What would you do?


Instrumental Playlists for MBTI: INTJ

Adagio - Gabriel Yared
Summer Waltz / The Drive - Dustin O’Halloran
It Is Not Forever - Javier Navarrete
To Be Beautiful Is To Be Almost Dead - Abel Korzeniowski
Between Dreaming and Waking - Adrian Johnston
Falling Rain - Alexandre Desplat
The Angel - Alexandre Desplat
Death is a Disease - Clint Mansell
Life in the Mountains - Philip Glass
The Ice Dance - Danny Elfman

Stranger things characters sorted, chapter one: The Kids

Eleven: Gryffindor! Bravery, strength, can be hot headed, truly a lion hearted memeber of the party

Mike Wheeler: our most loyal Hufflepuff, is literally on the radio everyday looking for El and jumped off a cliff to protect his friend

Lucas Sinclair: a true friend who will break the rules and fight for you, doing whatever it takes for what he thinks is right, my boy is an amazing Slytherin

Dustin Henderson: Ravenclaw! Are you kidding me? This kid literally stole books from the library to research his discovery and is just the embodiment of a nerdy, yet still kick ass Ravenclaw

Will Byers: my sweet son, caring and kind and the strongest™, Hufflepuff through and through

Max mayfield: Gryffindor! Literally so cool and doesn’t take anyone’s bs, strong willed, a zoomer and an icon

  • you: second world war
  • me, an intellectual: x company, an amazing canadian tv show about spies in nazi occupied france that definitely deserves more recognition and appreciation, starring beautiful and talented evelyne brochu, with many amazingly portrayed and complex characters and an excellent character development, that at some point will probably ruin your life
Flashlight / Stranger Things AU ft The Holland’s.

Requested: no, but honestly I am so excited about the idea of writing this that I wanted to share it before Halloween lmao

Rating: PG-13 for cursing and mentions of blood (it’s not gruesome, just a OC bleeding the way that El or Jane, does in stranger things)

Summary: Paddy convinces his brothers to take him trick-or-treating, and they end up finding far more than candy on their way home. 

(This is super long and idk why I am so sorry tbh I’m really excited about this series!! No spoilers included!!!)

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Stranger Things x Only Angel

Hogwarts AU:

Dustin, Lucas, Will and Mike all meet on the train, sharing a compartment together because they’re just smol scared 1st years and hey these guys don’t look so scary.

Mike and Will are sorted into Hufflepuff together, Lucas into Slytherin (I’m Slytherin and I think he fits really well, it’s an honour that he’s one of us ) and Dustin into Ravenclaw (that boy is smart and always the one who came up with the science plans so yeah I’m sorting him into Ravenclaw)

They mean well with their magic but it usually goes wrong and ends up with them in detention.

One time they are sent into the forbidden forest with Hagrid where they bump into a lost 1st year Gryffindor - El.

They start hanging out with her as she doesn’t appear to have any friends of her own, she’s quiet but actually pretty cool.

Mike asks her to the Yule Ball in 4th year but only because everyone’s supposed to have a date and it’s easier to just go with a friend and it’s not like it’s a real date or anything, unless she wanted to but it’s not like he likes her or anything, it’s just as friends.

Spoiler alert: he has a massive crush on her.

They meet another Gryffindor in their 5th year that had slowly become friends with El. She’s loud and a really good Quidditch player and threatens Dustin with a hex if he tries anything - another one of the boys lost to the charms of a Gryffindor girl.

Max fits into the group as if she was there from the start. Others wonder how a group made up of all the houses works so well - they do butt heads sometimes but at the end of the day, they’re all still close friends.

In 5th year, Mike officially asks Eleven out and they go on cute dates into Hogsmede, late nights on the astronomy tower. When they have prefect duties in 6th year, they patrol the corridors at night hand in hand, ignoring the jokes and taunting from Peeves.

When McGonagall, who had been watching the two flit around their feelings for years, sees them together in the Great Hall, she laughs and exclaims “finally!”