dustin butler

Butler shines

I think we’re leaving Calgary just in the nick of time – there’s an odd white substance falling from the sky.

The only snow I like came up with the genius lyrics A licky boom-boom down, good thing we’re now headed to Colorado where there’s no snow tons more snow. Dang it. I didn’t think this opening through at all.

Thinking things through, it would seem, isn’t the way to go about anything these days. Take Dustin Butler, for example. The University of Calgary goalie got the call of a lifetime yesterday that the Vancouver Canucks required his services.

Had the 25-year-old taken even a second to fully digest what was about to come, he’d have gone mad from nervousness. The butterflies in his stomach would have turned on each other; it would have been a rainbow of carnage.

Butler didn’t over analyze anything, he just rolled with it and what a day the kid had. When we talked to him post-game he was still a little shaky and rightfully so, he is the talk of the town, a real feel-good story in an NHL city that won’t have playoff hockey again this year.

His parents and sisters and fiancé and friends all attended the game and before getting on the bus to head back to the team hotel, Butler got a rousing send off from a group of amazing Canucks fans gathered outside.

The support the Canucks get in Calgary is second to only Vancouver; this is a home away from home. Thank you for that.

Now we’re off to Denver. I’ll touch base when we land with any in-flight news you may need to know. Like what movie Keith Ballard watched. Or who cheated at the card game Alex Burrows or Roberto Luongo. Or what snacks I wolfed down while getting the stink eye from Dale Weise.

My favourite part about going to Denver is when I call home and talk to my almost three-year-old son Denver. He asks where I am, I say Denver, he says ‘no, daddy, I’m Denver,’ I laugh and we do it all over again until I crack roughly two minutes later.

Talk soon,


P.S. - I was in room 1111 at the hotel in Calgary and, not reading too much into that whatsoever, I believe that counted for a wish. I’m glad you agree because I made a gooder!