New Look Pattern 6476: Misses’ Easy Kimono-Inspired Jacket with Length and Sleeve Variations

These kimonos are easy to sew and easy to wear. Duster length kimonos can either have ¾ or bell sleeves in one fabric, or have contrast bell sleeves and band. Pattern also includes kimono in a shorter length. New Look sewing pattern.

Link: http://www.simplicity.com/new-look-pattern-6476-misses-easy-kimono-with-length-and-sleeve-variations/N6476.html


someone needs to make you a sticker. “I get wet for power armor.”


It just LOOKS REALLY COOL okay? :P

Everyone has their THING. Some people really like people in business suits and tuxedos. Some like giant metal armor. Don’t judge.

You should see me talking about the Ranger Armor in NV though, it’s not giant metal armor but *fans self* dat helmet. dat duster.  I dedicated an entire day to kissing NCR ass to get Gen that armor.