They’re gonna be so bummed when I finally get this pile into the garden! #chickensofinstagram #chickensofig #backyardchickens #freerange #dustbath #chickensofnh

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Dustbathing chickens are pretty special.

For this brief moment in time, everyone loves one another. They come together in a sunbeam and some dusty soil, and turn into a clot of churning, feathery zen.

Seen here:
Moa and Chickadee, Barred Plymouth Rocks.
Kua, the “Golden Comet” Red sex-linked hen.
Willow, the Easter Egger.
Part of both Mildred, the black cochin, and Lorp, the Black Australorp.
And, finally, Baron Rufflerump, the blue Cochin rooster.


Chinchilla dust bath, in 4k ultra high definition!