Handling your Records

Records are very delicate, and need to be handles in a very specific way.

  1. Ensure Your Hands are Clean: No matter how you hold your records, your hands should be clean. You don’t want them to become dirty.
  2. Don’t Touch the Grooves: I’m sure we all know this, but you’d be surprised by the number of people who hold their records by the grooves. Your hands, no matter how clean they are (which again, they should be) have natural oils on them. If that oil gets into the grooves, dust can easily become attracted to it, and get stuck to the record.
  3. Don’t Pinch the Edge: This is a common way of holding records, but this can be bad too. When you pinch the edge, the oils on your hand get into the lead in groove and that distributes across the record.
  4. Handle by the Edge and the Label: This is how you should handle your records. While being careful not to touch the grooves, while taking the record out of the sleeve you should support the label with your fingers and the edge with your thumb. Consequently, you should hold the record by the edges.

I hope this was helpful in understanding how to handle records! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message!

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How would the GOM, Kagami and Takao react to walking in on their plus-sized s/o jammin out to All About That Bass? Just a silly little thing!

pls make the radio stop playing this song omfg

KUROKO: He hears this loud song blasting from the living room, and he peeks his head in. You were dusting a shelf while grooving to the beat, and Kuroko gives out his location by softly laughing at catching you like this.

KAGAMI: He looks up when he sees you passionately singing along to a song you were clearly connected to. You almost drop your “hair dryer” microphone, feeling just as embarrassed as Kagami looked.

KISE: He stares for a second, watching how into it you got when he wasn’t around. Before you can react, Kise jumps in, dancing and trying to get you closer. Apparently, he also thought of you when he heard this song.

AOMINE: He catches you and snickers quite loudly. You huffed, feeling both flustered and irritated. “I’ll have you know this song is my jam!” You defended and Aomine tries to compose himself. “Haha, clearly.”

MIDORIMA: He goes over to the stereo and turns off the song. You turn around, both surprised and mad. “I was dancing to that!” You cried, as Midorima looked annoyed. “Must you dance so… provocatively?”

TAKAO: You don’t even realize you’re being watched until another voice joins in, singing along to the lyrics. Takao slides in, edging you to continue showing off your moves until the end of the song.

MURASAKIBARA: He lingers in the doorway until you turn around and gasp at his sudden appearance. He’s smiling as he approaches you, wanting to hug you. “I do like having more to hold at night, ____-chin.”

AKASHI: The longer he secretly watched you dance this song, the more he wanted to interrupt. Eventually he does, wrapping his arms around you. “Of course you’re beautiful the way you are. You don’t need a silly song to tell you that.”

Dance Lessons

For some reason, the thought of Caroline and Enzo swing dancing was something I never knew I needed. You can read this platonically or with shipping goggles on, whatever floats your boat. Enjoy, and give this a listen!

Vampire strength was the best perk of immortality, if anyone asked Caroline. She lugged a heavy box down the stairs and into the dorm’s common room, setting it down on the floor next to the others, trying to ignore the cloud of dust.

“Gorgeous, when you invited me to spend the weekend here, I thought we’d be sampling the new waitstaff at the campus diner.” Enzo dropped another box down next to her, sprawling out on the floor next to it, ignoring the little jab to his ribs Caroline aimed with her foot.

“I thought we talked about feeding on poor innocent waitresses?” she asked, one hand propped on her hips, ready to scold.

“No, you  talked about the sanctity of human life, I was trying to remember whether it was Shirley or Sharon that worked weekend shifts.” He grinned up shamelessly, even as she gave him another little kick, and tugged her down by the hand to land ungraciously next to him.

“We still have more boxes to get from the attic!” she said, already moving to get up, but Enzo just rolled his eyes and pulled her back down again.

“We can take a break, I don’t even remember why I agreed to this labour,” he said, sifting through the nearest box.

“Look, Elena’s at the hospital pulling a double, Stefan, Damon and Alaric are still on the road and I’m pretty sure Tyler and Liv aren’t leaving Mystic Falls anytime soon, so it’s just you and me, and I promised my RA I’d find the Christmas decorations soon!” There was just the barest hint of anxiety in Caroline’s voice, and she found herself biting the end of one of her nails nervously, while Enzo just watched her with a raised eyebrow.

It was no secret that with the recent discovery of mysterious long-lost sisters and fratricidal covens that the blonde who took it upon herself to keep things together was losing it, just a little, and if it meant being around to make sure she didn’t have a complete breakdown, then Enzo resigned himself to spending the afternoon digging through their haul. Tugging her hand away from her mouth before she chewed her nail off, he offered her his most charming smile.

“Relax gorgeous, I think I can put up with your company for an afternoon at least.”

Caroline scoffed,  “Are you still snippy because you weren’t invited to Friendsgiving? Because the last time we had dinner with a clueless human, that didn’t turn out so well.”

“I would’ve been on my best behavior!”

Suuure,” she drawled, crossing her legs and dragging a box over to her, sifting through it.

“I would’ve tried,” Enzo grumbled, copying her actions. The junk that had somehow managed to accumulate the dormitory’s attic was old and varied, mostly left-behind textbooks and knick knacks from Whitmore students long gone. A slim object was tucked into the side, and he found himself pulling out an old record, dust caked into the grooves.

“Just how long has this junk been up there?” he asked, blowing off some of the dust.

“Well, I’m pretty sure my RA thinks the attic’s haunted so let’s just say it’s been a while,” Caroline answered, digging through her own box, and finding a large case at the bottom. Hauling it up, she gingerly lifted the lid to find an old record player with at least an inch of dust coating it.

“Looks like one of your ghosts is a music fan,” Enzo said, looking over the record player. It was slightly more advanced than the models he’d been used to, but it sent a bolt of nostalgia through him all the same. Spinning the record in his hand, an idea came to him, too good to pass up.

“What are you doing?” Caroline asked, half-alarmed at Enzo’s quick movements. Whereas a few mintues ago he’d been whining about being forced into physical labour, he now darted around the room, moving the boxes to sit along the far wall, then shoving the sparse couches out of the way so that the bulk of the common room was a wide open space.

“Pass that over, will you?” he asked, and Caroline complied warily, handing him the old record player. He figured it out quickly enough, setting it up on one of the side tables, and carefully placing the old record in. As the first jazzy tunes wafted through the old room, he closed his eyes, relishing in the familiar sounds.

“Uh, Earth to Enzo, is there a point to this?” Caroline’s impatience snapped him out of his reverie, and he spun to face her with a wicked grin.

“May I have this dance?”

Caroline hesitated, looking between his outstretched hand and the grin he wore, a little wary of the glint in his eyes.

“Come on gorgeous, it’ll be fun,” he implored, the music picking up tempo.

Deciding that this couldn’t go too horribly if there were no innocent people around to be killed, she took his hand. He squeezed it for only a second before he pulled her forward and they were flying, spinning and twirling around the room with ease. Caroline shrieked as he pushed her away only to grab her hand and spin her in dizzying circles before catching her and pulling her close once more, trumpets blaring as the music played.

Ohmygodslowdown!” Caroline managed to yell as he spun her, nearly tipping her over before catching her smoothly.

“Relax Goldilocks!” He laughed like a madman, and it was only years of practice as head cheerleader that kept her balanced on her feet as he pulled her into another series of spins.

“You – are – crazy!” she said, her voice breathless, and she couldn’t help laughing. Once she got the hang of it, it was just slightly easier to keep in step with him as he spun them around the room effortlessly.

“Now what did I tell you gorgeous,” he said smugly, finally slowing down, “Wasn’t that fun?”

“Not bad,” she said, failing at keeping the giddiness out of her voice. “I wouldn’t have guessed you were a dancer.”

The next track on the record was a slower one, so he spun her once and stayed quiet for a moment before replying. “I haven’t danced in ages. Not since before Augustine.”

It was barely noticeable, but Caroline caught the way he stiffened, just a little at the mention of the society. He lapsed into another bout of silence, this one fraught with old memories before he continued.

“Back during the war, when we had leave we’d go to the pubs and the dance halls – those places where you could spin a pretty girl around until the sun came out, forget that the country was under fire and people were dying. It was an escape.”

Caroline hung onto his words, glancing up to see that he wasn’t staring at her, but at some point on the wall, his mind a million miles away. “It sounds like fun,” she said  carefully.

Enzo smiled, just a little. “It was. It was something I held onto for the next seventy years.”

Caroline almost wished she had never brought up the memories at all, but he managed to shake himself out of his memories and grin down at her, twirling her once more. “Anyway, no point in rehashing that,” he said firmly. “I had a pretty girl in front of me, so I thought I’d see if I still had it in me. Nice to know some things are never forgotten.”

Caroline laughed, happy to see him smiling again so when he moved to let go, she grabbed his hand again. The record had kicked up tempo and Caroline figured that Christmas decorations could wait for an hour or two. “Come on,” she said, challenging him with a smirk. “I’ve got the hang of it now; I thought you used to dance for hours?”

Impressed (and a little surprised), Enzo spun her out and brought her back, letting them move effortlessly to the jazz, laughing loudly along with her. How long they’d go for, he didn’t know, but he silently decided to keep dancing for days if it kept her this happy.