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  2. The ever gorgeous Cocoa Dust
  3. Cocoa Dust & Glory Jr.
    She’s in love with him but he doesn’t understand
Hanging high

wind softly singing

o'er desert plains

sowing seeds of sorrow

only the end remains

silver light falls like rain

howls welcome tomorrow

taste the dust and heat again

no glory to be found here

just life, laughter and love

everything that makes life dear

hanging high, like the moon above

we take the long way around

here we go again

living fully in your heart

you never break

you were made to bend

don’t try to please me

this end was in the start

loose your howls and sing free

find we were

never apart

anonymous asked:

Can you do an AU where Agamemnon takes Patroclus instead of Briseis after his fight with Achilles? I'm in love with your blog btw :)

(warning: very slight mentions of possible dubcon)

“Do not go to him.” His mother said.  Achilles didn’t answer.

There was nothing for him to do, no way for him to fix what he had caused.  If he went to Agamemnon, agreed to fight in exchange for his Patroclus, then it would blemish him.  The great Achilles on his knees begging.  His honor would be broken.  If he stayed, he would not be able to sleep.  The bed beside him was empty, too cold and with too much space for him to even imagine a peaceful sleep.

“The boy is nothing.  You will forget him in time.”  Thetis said.  She walked through his tent and laid her hand upon his brow, pushing back his long curls.  “It’s for the best.  Once they realize how much they need you, Agamemnon will plead.  He will turn your name to dust, all the glory you could achieve would be nothing.”

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Goggles and Dust

‘Images from Cycling’s Glory Days’

Goggles & Dust collects over 100 stunning photographs from competitive cycling’s heyday. Spanning the 1920s and ’30s, the book celebrates the grit and determination of the bicycle racing pioneers who established the records, traditions, and distinct flavors of Europe’s most hallowed races.

Nominated by: Shawn

This Wednesday, we celebrate A.S. King! King is the author of many and multiple YA novels: Reality Boy, Ask the Passengers, The Dust of 100 Dogs, Everybody Sees the Ants, Please Ignore Vera Dietz and the upcoming feminist Glory O'Brien’s History of the Future.

Which one of her books is your favorite? Which one did you read first? Which one do you want to read, if you haven’t read any? What do you recommend for first-time A.S. King readers?

Have something you want to share about King? Send us an ask! Tweet us at @yainterrobang with your opinions. As always, #womenauthorwednesday is about talking about lady authors and the things they do - so talk, about whatever you’d like!


Another classic  - Dust to Glory.


I’m sure you’ve seen it, but if not….watch it.

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