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Fetch with Twilight

WOW HEY HAVEN’T VOICED STUFF IN A CRAZY LONG TIME AMIRITE? Thought I’d get back into it and voice a comic from the amazing @lightsintheskye ‘s Link and the Links AU. I’ve always wanted to try voicing a Toon Link. (*´▽`*)

Voices: @taidatenshi as Wind Waker!Link, @goat-boi-dubs as Ocarina of Time!Link, @vowgan as Twilight Princess!Link, and Breath of the Wild!Link as himself

Comic by: Lightsintheskye

Music Used: Hateno Village (Day) from the Breath of the Wild Soundtrack

uh my hand slipped while I was yelling about this

Before His Dark Materials: Philip Pullman's new novel – exclusive extract
In an extract from his forthcoming novel, The Book of Dust, Philip Pullman returns to the magical world of Northern Lights
By Philip Pullman

Swan Queen AU: Emma is Regina’s soulmate.

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3

“Emma and Hook travel through the portal and find themselves in Leopold’s monarchy. There, they try to not change the timeline, but the mere Emma’s presence will change everything.

What will they find when they return to the present?”