dust speck in the universe

Stars align in test supporting 'spooky action at a distance'

Quantum entanglement may appear to be closer to science fiction than anything in our physical reality. But according to the laws of quantum mechanics – a branch of physics that describes the world at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles – quantum entanglement, which Einstein once skeptically viewed as “spooky action at a distance,” is, in fact, real.

Imagine two specks of dust at opposite ends of the universe, separated by several billion light years. Quantum theory predicts that, regardless of the vast distance separating them, these two particles can be entangled. That is, any measurement made on one will instantaneously convey information about the outcome of a future measurement on its partner. In that case, the outcomes of measurements on each member of the pair can become highly correlated.

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Sometimes Yuri wonders if there is more to life; if there is any actual reason for his existence other than ‘there was a big bang and some stuff happened and millions of years later here we are’ . 

His grandfather used to tell him about God, and take him to church, but Yuri put a stop to that the first time he heard someone there even vaguely hint that boys liking boys was wrong. Most people didn’t think that way any more, but he didn’t really want to take any chances. He’d heard the stories, and besides, he’d never had any proof that there was someone up there looking out for him. 

Still. Looking up at the stars and realising he is but a tiny speck of dust in this thing called a universe is daunting. What’s the point of it all? What real consequences would there be if he just disappeared?

It’s not the most pleasant thing to think about, and he doesn’t do it very often, choosing instead to focus on his training rather than thinking too hard about it. Not that that stops the thoughts from returning every evening as he falls asleep. 

Slowly, though, slowly it starts to change. He makes friends, starting with Otabek and continuing with finally considering Yuuri and Viktor and Mila as the same. Perhaps this life thing doesn’t need a meaning. 

And then Otabek and he take a step into something new and scary and half-terrifying, half-exhilarating. It lasts, and he wakes up in bed with Otabek six months after that first kiss. He spends most of his nights there, these days. 

Maybe, he thinks, watching the sunlight stream in and coat Otabek in warm yellow light, maybe this is what it’s about. Maybe it’s finding someone to spend time with and who makes him happy every day. 

And if that’s what it is, maybe that’s not so bad.

‘Sometimes,’ she whispered, 'Planets collide, stars fall from the sky, and lovers walk away from one another, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We’re just lonesome souls, wandering around on a speck of dust in a universe surrounded by nothing. We are nothing.’
—  R.G. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #75 (via indielove-writings)
this is just a reminder
that we are specks of dust and nothing more in the grand scale of the universe.
this is just a reminder
that you could scream all you wanted to and billions of people would never hear.
this is just a reminder
that no one will notice you and me sitting under the night sky, laughing at a joke only we can hear.
this is just a reminder
that sometimes love finds you in unexpected places, like below the stars as you’re trying to figure out how to say goodbye.
this is just a reminder
that happiness is more fleeting than you think.
this is just a reminder
that most of those stars have already burned out.
—  Reminders by Auriel Haack

I fell in love with you and I forgot the Earth.
You make me think of the silent depths of the ever-expanding universe,
the curvature of spacetime, the stars
– millions of miles apart –
but it doesn’t seem that way to me,
standing on our planet, looking up at our galaxy.

You remind me of the quickness of our fleeting lives,
gone to the universe in a blink of its omniscient eye.
We are atoms to the merciless vacuum of space,
and perhaps we will not live to be old before humanity is effaced
by a supernova, a black hole, an asteroid.
I think that if it happens now, my words to you will also be destroyed.
You make me wonder, if I am to die, why now live a fallacy,
and let unspoken sentiments be lost to the vastness of unknown galaxies.

We are specks of dust on the fabric of the universe,
and all in all, it matters little when I ride the hearse.
We are not special, but you make me realize there is no need to be.
All I want is you
to be insignificant with me.

—  m.c.

a/n: inspired by this wonderful short film featuring Harry Shum Jr that simply left me breathless and empty, but also so full it felt like I could combust

this is for @nathenmiller, @youcamethrough, @kingbellamy@prosciuttoe, @hooksandheroics, @kay-emm-gee, @goldenheadfreckledheart,  @ariadneblake, @bispaceprincess, @clarke-griffin and @nephilimchloe because you all deserve to be loved and to be appreciated, because in all this time you grew up as people, as friends, as creators, because I don’t know all of you as well as I could, because maybe you’re my whos and whats and whens and wheres and whys, because you’re wonderful and I love you, and I always, always, wish you all the best; stay fab 

who, what, when, where, why | ao3

The stars had no right to make him feel so small, so insignificant, just another speck of dust in the vast universe.

They had no right to make him question his soul, to make him tremble at the realization that he was just a little lost boy in a world that could survive without him.

The stars had no right to look so pretty. To yank the breath from him lungs and leave him reeling, knees weak and shaking, and yet delirious with happiness.

They had no right to make him feel powerful and helpless at once, they had no right-

But maybe they did.

Because they had seen his tears, his cries, his weaknesses and his mistakes, his smiles, his calloused hands and bruised heart – they saw everything and still they shone upon him brightly, unwavering in their faith that he deserved their light.

Bellamy leaned further back, letting his elbows support his weight as he stretched his legs out, the wild green grass filling his nostrils with the scent of moon flowers as the gentle breeze descended upon their meadow, playfully messing around with his curly hair.

Next to him, Clarke sat with her legs pressed to her chest, her head tipped back and her eyes closed, lips stretched into a grin, swaying with the gust of the wind.

His heart squeezed and expanded at once, pulse rushing to his ears and leaving him deaf for anything that wasn’t her voice. It was ridiculous – this itch under his ribs – the twitch of his fingers to push the hair away from her face, to take her mouth with his and lose himself between her lips, in the endless heath of her skin.

It was ridiculous because he could do it, because she would let him in with a brilliant smile and the soft bite of her teeth. He could touch and touch, get drunk on her moans and emerge reborn, remade from the lines she would drag down his back, from the way his name would fall like a confession lost between kisses.

It almost hurt, how much he loved her.

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We’re here, there, not here, not there, swirling like specks of dust, claiming for ourselves the rights of the universe. Being important, being nothing, being caught in lives of our own making that we never wanted. Breaking out, trying again, wondering why the past comes with us, wondering how to talk about the past at all.
—  Lighthousekeeping by Jeanette Winterson