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Days and nights truly had no meaning whatsoever in space. Instead, you divided your time into hours and places. With all the different timezones getting thrown around, life was just easier to say things at the time (according to the place you were at in the moment) and the name of the place you were.

For instance, you met a self-proclaimed “legendary outlaw” with the title “Starlord” at Knowhere, at about 1500. Upon first glance, you were taken aback by his confidence and outwardness. He joked openly about… well, anything, and didn’t take much notice to you, the self-proclaimed legendary nothing-in-particular. You owned the title proudly, and sat back in your seat and watched the empty-minded aliens drunkenly punch each other and screech in different languages.

He was just another person. A diamond in the rough, perhaps, but you had seen many of those pass through, and most of them ended up the same way; they were too outward or too “funny” and got their ass handed to them, quite literally, and never made it passed the golden age of 27. Of course, he was something special, though you’d never admit to anybody who asked, but you tried not to linger on it, because in this life, lingering only led to hurt and hurt led to… well, hurt led to a great-big downward spiral of pain and never-agains.

“You look bored,” he said, suddenly right in front of you.

You jumped, eyebrows raised as a lump formed in your throat. You looked up at him for a moment, angry at how you had let yourself get lost in your thoughts. Or rather, lost in your thoughts about another person, who was now right in front of you- and, oh, god, you still weren’t saying anything.

“Lack manners where you come from?” he chided, pulling up a rusty old chair next to you and taking a seat.

You took in a breath and shrugged. “You took me by surprise,” you said softly, your eyes gently grazing his face, his stubble, his eyes, his everything.

He smirked. “Sorry, then. You’re a pretty face-” he said, but quickly took in a sharp breath, “pretty, uh… pretty new face,” he hurried.

You chuckled. “Maybe to you, but I’ve been around here for a while now. I haven’t seen you, either.”

He shifted, leaning back slightly. “Well then I guess it was about time we met,” he said, reaching out a hand for yours, “I’m Peter Quill, legendary outlaw, though you may know me as Starlord.”

You let your hand fold around his, small and soft. “No, actually I haven’t heard of you.”

His expression faltered for a second, but he quickly reclaimed his overbearing confidence. “Well now you have.”

“I suppose,” you said, suddenly bored.

“And what about you? You have a name?”

You thought for a moment. You glanced around, and sat up straight, your hands folded over your stomach. “Y/N,” you said, meeting his eyes with your own, “I am merely a speck of dust surviving in a universe infinitely too big for my tiny mind to comprehend.”

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Stars align in test supporting 'spooky action at a distance'

Quantum entanglement may appear to be closer to science fiction than anything in our physical reality. But according to the laws of quantum mechanics – a branch of physics that describes the world at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles – quantum entanglement, which Einstein once skeptically viewed as “spooky action at a distance,” is, in fact, real.

Imagine two specks of dust at opposite ends of the universe, separated by several billion light years. Quantum theory predicts that, regardless of the vast distance separating them, these two particles can be entangled. That is, any measurement made on one will instantaneously convey information about the outcome of a future measurement on its partner. In that case, the outcomes of measurements on each member of the pair can become highly correlated.

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Sometimes Yuri wonders if there is more to life; if there is any actual reason for his existence other than ‘there was a big bang and some stuff happened and millions of years later here we are’ . 

His grandfather used to tell him about God, and take him to church, but Yuri put a stop to that the first time he heard someone there even vaguely hint that boys liking boys was wrong. Most people didn’t think that way any more, but he didn’t really want to take any chances. He’d heard the stories, and besides, he’d never had any proof that there was someone up there looking out for him. 

Still. Looking up at the stars and realising he is but a tiny speck of dust in this thing called a universe is daunting. What’s the point of it all? What real consequences would there be if he just disappeared?

It’s not the most pleasant thing to think about, and he doesn’t do it very often, choosing instead to focus on his training rather than thinking too hard about it. Not that that stops the thoughts from returning every evening as he falls asleep. 

Slowly, though, slowly it starts to change. He makes friends, starting with Otabek and continuing with finally considering Yuuri and Viktor and Mila as the same. Perhaps this life thing doesn’t need a meaning. 

And then Otabek and he take a step into something new and scary and half-terrifying, half-exhilarating. It lasts, and he wakes up in bed with Otabek six months after that first kiss. He spends most of his nights there, these days. 

Maybe, he thinks, watching the sunlight stream in and coat Otabek in warm yellow light, maybe this is what it’s about. Maybe it’s finding someone to spend time with and who makes him happy every day. 

And if that’s what it is, maybe that’s not so bad.

min yoongi probably.....
  • Namjoon: do you ever contemplate about how we are mere specks of dust in this colossal universe, that while our planetary mass follows its heliocentric path of orbit and our lunar body follows its geosynchronous path around the earth and we humans live and die and bicker over our petty inconveniences there are stars which have existed for millennia erupting into supernova as it reaches it's demise in a scintillation of destructive power
  • Yoongi: namjoon it is three in the goddamn morning

okay but like can you imagine how filled with wonder Adam would be if he heard about the 7 new Earth-like planets?? I’m so convinced that he would wander outside in the middle of the night and just stare up at the sky in awe and Ronan would see him and go stomping outside like “What the fuck are you doing out here, Parrish? It’s cold as balls.” And Adam would just blink and glance over at him before returning his gaze to the stars and mumble something like “Did you hear? About the the planets? We’re just so small” and Ronan would look at him softly and quietly wrap his arms around Adam to make him feel just a little more grounded and a little less insignificant because they may be a speck of dust in the grand universe but they were there and they had each other and that was the whole world to them.

Yellow. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Trigger Warning: This imagine contains a panic attack. I love you all so, so, so deeply and so very much. Please listen to the song above, of course if you’d like to. You can listen to it during the imagine or even before you read.

Anxiety: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

What does anxiety feel like? It’s overwhelming, consuming, and hard to escape. It takes your breath away with zero effort, and leaves you feeling completely exhausted.

Panic Attack: A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers severe physical reactions when there is no real danger or apparent cause. Panic attacks can be very frightening. When panic attacks occur, you might think you’re losing control, having a heart attack or even dying.

Existential Crisis: An existential crisis is a moment at which an individual questions the very foundations of their life: whether this life has any meaning, purpose, or value.

|Joe Sugg |

I watch with close eyes as Y/N lays down in our back garden. She’s wearing nothing but her red and navy checkered pyjama bottoms and one of my long grey hoodies while fluffy white socks heat her feet. I don’t know how she can not feel this crippling cold. I’m indoors, standing idly by the heater as a cold shiver races down my spine.

Y/N’s hands are resting on her tummy and I watch intently as she takes slow breaths. I take hold of the small blanket from the radiator and begin to make my way outside, hissing to myself as the cold air hits my cheeks.

As I approach Y/N, I gently drape the blanket over her, seeing her face remain motionless as she continues to stare up into the sky. By the dazed look on her face, I know she’s thinking to herself. Y/N adores star-gazing. It’s her favorite thing to do. I often catch her sitting on our balcony in the middle of the night, sprawled out on a sun chair, gazing up at the dark night blanket that glimmers.

Silence fills the air. The world is still and I feel like time is paused.

I slowly sit down on my knees, before laying down onto my back, mirroring her position, heaving in a deep breath and watching my breath fan out into a small fog. I’m only out the door three minutes and I can feel my knuckles turn white from the cold. I flicker my eyes momentarily over to Y/N and notice how her lips are almost shading blue.

“You’re going to freeze to death out here.” I whisper worriedly, noticing how rosy her cheeks are from the harsh winter wind hitting against them.

“Did you know, in our Milky Way Galaxy alone, there are two hundred to four hundred billion stars?” Y/N speaks, her eyes fixated on the stars glimmering above her.

I shake my head.

“I never knew that.” I whisper in reply, furrowing my brows together as I watch her nod to herself.

Y/N and I have been together for four years. We met in a record shop. I was buying some new LP’s to play on my new record player that I received for my twenty first birthday. It was a gift from my grandmother. The two of us would listen to all of her old records on her actual record player. My grandmother knew how much I adored listening to music through records, so she decided to buy me an up to date, modern record player so I could listen to my tunes.

On the weekend of my birthday, I sauntered into a dusty old record shop, browsing through the many artists that I could choose from and that was when I met my sweet love Y/N. She stood behind the cash register, twirling the dial on the radio in hopes to get a music channel playing. While paying for my records, I used some of my best chat up lines and managed to score a coffee date and now, four years later, I’m the man that gets to kiss her goodnight.

“Did you also know that every star in the night sky is actually bigger and brighter than the sun?” She breathed as I looked from her still body to the mess of stars up in the sky, chuckling slightly in astonishment at this new fact.

“Really?” I ask.


Silence overlaps us again, and I focus my attention on the stars glowing above us.

“I think they’re quite beautiful to look at, don’t you think?” I question, allowing my words to pass through my lips. “They’re all millions of miles away and they still like to come out and glow for us.” I smile, resting my hands on my stomach and hearing Y/N’s gentle breaths, along with a soft murmured ‘yes’.

“It’s impossible to count them all.” She whispers, her eyes staying fixated on the twinkling blanket that shines above us. “But I love them.”

Astrophile: (n) a person who loves stars, astronomy.

“I’d rather look at you than the stars. You’re beauty outshines all of these stars.” I grin cutely, turning my body on it’s side and supporting myself on my elbow, giving Y/N my undivided attention as I gaze at her beauty.

I frown ever so slightly seeing her continue to look up at the stars and wondering if she heard me or if it’s possible that I’m just speaking too quite.

“The fastest spinning objects in the Universe are neutron stars, they can rotate five hundred times in just one second.” Y/N breathes, her eyes twitching ever so slightly, enough for me to notice and I can’t help but wonder how she manages to remember all of these facts.

“They deserve a gold star for all that effort.” I crack a small cheesy joke, raising my eyebrows over to her only to see her lips sit in a line. I sigh slightly and shake my head, knowing that she is far too engrossed with the stars to even take note of my joke.

Y/N has never told me why she loves to stargaze so much. I find it odd, how she loves the stars so much, yet she has never wanted to become an astronomer. Deep down, I feel like I know the answer as in to why she loves to star gaze so much. When you step outside on a chilly winter night and glance up at the night sky and see small, glimmering and breath taking twinkling lights. it is almost as if something special clicks in your mind. It’s hard to put your finger on it but you know something is different. You’re stepping out of the everyday hustle and bustle of the modern world. As a new and younger generation, we are all consumed with technology. We have beeping phones, tablets, laptops and a constant need to be somewhere. When you cross your backdoor to the inky blackness of night, your worries and problems almost fade into the thin air and you stand still in a moment of time. In a way, I feel like it calms her.

“The Milky Way belongs to a cluster of thirty galaxies called the Local Group, which is seven million light years across.” Y/N speaks once more, giving me another fact. Since I’ve sat down beside her, I haven’t once heard her speak a hello or her hear curse about the nippy weather, only facts.

“Our Milky Way is almost as old as our universe. Thirteen billion years.” Y/N mumbles, her eyes squeezing tight. “We’re all just moving through space. We revolve around the sun. The sun revolves around the Milky Way.” I frown at her words and slowly sit up.

“What are we Joe? We are literally tiny specks of dust that can walk and talk, floating through the unknown Universe? What am I doing with my life? What if something happens to our world? Do you know it would take us billions of years to create more people like us on other planets? Joe, I-I can’t breathe.” Y/N gasps, her body shooting up from the ground and her hands pressing to her chest.

“I-I’m d-dying. N-no, don’t let m-me die, Joe. W-we’re all just floating pieces of meat, settled on a big rock, hurdling through the u-unknown.” Y/N gasps, her eyes squeezing tight as tears stream down her icy cheeks. Words flying through her lips that don’t make sense.

I can feel my heart rate pick up instantly. I can feel my bones rattle from my fast beating heart as panic surges through me. I wrap my arms around her body and tug her onto my lap, watching her mouth open and close desperately for air.

“Y/N, listen to me, okay? Focus on my voice. Look at me.” I speak loudly, keeping my voice calm and collected, not wanting to startle or frighten her or make her panic attack worse. I watch as she clutches to her chest, her eyes peeking open as she looks at me desperately.

“This is going to be okay. You’re safe with me. You’re with me and you’re completely fine. This will be okay.” I whisper, running my fingers through her hair while gently running my hand up and down her back in soothing circles, feeling myself panic at the situation.

“Look at the stars. They’re all shining for you.” I breathe, along my voice to stay low. I gently reach up and brush away the tears staining her cheeks.

“Take a deep breath, sweetheart. Just take one for me.” I encourage her, seeing pain flash across her features as she gasps a large breath. “That’s magnificent, baby. You keep doing that whenever you feel like you can, okay?” I whisper, pressing my lips delicately to her cheek bone.

“You’re not going to die. I’m right here and I’ve got you.” I speak, tucking a strand of her long luscious locks of her hair behind her ear.

“I understand why you’re so scared of space and this situation. I understand your fear. I really do. It’s quite scary and strange to think that we are all just floating particles, eternal souls or as you gracefully describe us, slabs of meat, just flying through space on a large rock. But if it wasn’t for Space and this big burly rock, I would never have got to see or even meet the beauty that is you.” I smile softly, swaying us side to side very slowly.

This wasn’t too new to me. I’ve helped Y/N through many panic attacks before and I know how calming it can be for her when I know and understand her fear. I don’t like seeing her suffer with these panic attacks. I know certain things tend to trigger her panic attacks such as extremely claustrophobic places but I never thought that the one thing I thought she enjoyed, -stargazing-, would give her a panic attack. I can hear my brain feed me information on my ways to calm her down.

There have been certain times when I was unable to calm her. There have been times where I’ve been told by her, to leave her alone, and somehow, she finds certain ways that calm her down significantly. There are times where I need to call my mum and Y/N’s mum since I’m entirely useless in the situation. Then there are panic attacks like this. I can squeeze myself in before the panic attack escalates to something more frightening.

“Remember that time, we were feeding the swans? Remember when that greedy one was cheeky and bit my hand? You laughed so hard that you fell into the lake.” I grinned, trying to keep up conversation with her and thinking back to the many years when I would help Zoe through her panic attacks. “I really wish I had vlogged that, you would have went viral.” I whisper, noticing a shaky smile appear on her lips as I speak about our day out in the park.

“How about that time, I so desperately wanted an ice cream, hm? Remember when you were walking back to me with the ice creams? You somehow managed to drop one of them and for some bizarre reason, it was my ice cream that you dropped.” I smirk, bringing up the time we spent the day in Brighton and Y/N dropped my ice cream, causing a passer by to break down into hysterics.

“How about the first time I kissed you?” I whisper softly, lulling her body into mine closer and seeing Y/N take a deep breath. “Eventually, may I add. It only took me three dates to earn that first kiss.” I tease, seeing a smile play on Y/N’s lips while her hands remain over her heart, her lips capturing a deep breath.

“It was Christmas. We were down at this old coffee shop, run by our two favorite people, Liz and Earl, the most famous elderly people in town. They had decorations filling the entire coffee shop, including mistletoe, it was hung right over the door. When we tried to leave, Liz refused for us to go, unless we kissed. You were blushing like crazy and I was almost sure that you could hear my fast beating heart. Then I slowly leaned in, and our lips met. Your lips were so soft, and they tasted like strawberries and sweet champagne. I remember because you wouldn’t stop talking about how much you loved your new lip balm that felt so wonderful on your lips.” I grin, gently running my thumb across Y/N’s lower lip and running my hand up and down her back as I watch her shoulders and body slowly un-tense.

“And from that moment, I knew that I was truly, deeply, and utterly in love with you.” I smile, watching Y/N nestle her neck into the crook of neck.

“I love you.” Y/N croaks, her voice raspy and I breathe in a deep sigh of relief.

“I love you so much more.” I breathe deeply, pressing my lips to the crown of her head, hugging her body tightly against mine. “So much more.” I murmur, inhaling her sweet perfume.

“Everything is okay, my love. How about, we go inside, and you let me wrap you up and get you warmed up, yeah?” I speak slowly, remaining calm, knowing that her panic attack has ended, but not wanting to startle her or trigger another.

I feel her weakly nod against my chest and that gives me the chance to scoop her up into my arms and lead us back into our house, allowing me to lay her down on our sofa and wrap her up in a cocoon of warm blankets. After clicking the kettle on, I saunter back over to Y/N seeing her watching the latest episode of your/favorite/tv show. I take a seat beside her and tug her into my side, rubbing her arms to heat her up and feeling my panicked thoughts subside.

“I love you, Y/N. Everything will be alright.”


Hello my beautiful lovelies!

How are you all?

I really hope you are having the most amazing day or evening and I really hope you know how much I love you and treasure you. I also hope you know how important you are in this world and how valued you are, you beautiful soul.

I’m back! After almost a month? I think? I could be wrong but I am super sorry for not posting sooner but I am back and I am super exited to write more imagines and series, only if you loves would be interested in reading them of course!

I wrote this imagine last night and I’ve been debating whether or not to post it since I have never had a panic attack. I know that I may not have described a panic attack or the situation of a panic attack correctly and for that I am so deeply sorry. I also really hope that it hasn’t triggered a panic attack for any of you sweet loves. I’ve just seen so many situations of people having panic attacks and I know and have read little messages and comments from you beautiful souls about how you suffer with panic attacks and I just wanted to write a little imagine that I hope might bring comfort since Joe is looking after you in this imagine!

Please don’t be afraid to message me your thoughts and let me know what you think! I love reading your sweet messages! They really mean so much to me! I will most definitely be replying to all of you darling souls!

I promise I will be updating extremely soon again if you’d like me to!

I love you all so, so, so, so incredibly much and I really hope you know that!

All of my love xxx

honestly how do people have space in their brains to have unnecessary beef with other people and their choices when we’re all just tiny bundles of atoms, flying through space on a floating space rock, in a galaxy that is too big for us to comprehend but is still just a speck of space dust in the ever expanding universe, which we will never know the full extent of,,,,like why does it matter to u Jan if Steven from the PTA marries his partner David

A Fortunate Event

Summary: If you’re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.

Word count: 446

It took him a total of seven months to get used to everyone around him. To get used to everything that has changed but that didn’t mean that he was finally happy. Although, Bucky did crack a smile here and there for only one reason:
Y/N saw herself as nothing but a speck of dust. To Bucky? Oh god she was the whole fucking universe, she was the epitome of everything beautiful in this world. What’s funny is that he didn’t even want to admit it to himself– that after months of desperately trying to fix everything, after months of grief, after months of trying to gain everyone’s trust– he was falling for you.

It’s times like this when he’d wish everything would go back to normal, but that’s the thing. He forgot what normal meant to him. Bucky forgot what having a normal life felt like.
Then she’d enter the room with that goddamn smile on her face, and for a moment it seemed like every single pang of sadness, pain and guilt Bucky had held in his chest for so fucking long has finally disappeared. 

“She doesn’t deserve someone so broken.” He thought. “I don’t deserve to know what it’s like to be loved.”

He had no idea that he was everything to her. 

For the rest of Bucky’s life since his escape from HYDRA he believed that he’d never have a chance in being happy anymore. Bits and pieces of his memories slowly came back but none of it made sense to him. It wasn’t enough to fill up the empty hole in his heart. 

Everything happened so fast because he didn’t notice the tears cascading down his cheek until Y/N sat down on the stool next to his, gently placing her palms on his cheek as if he was never the assassin that nearly killed her and the team. For once in his life, he felt human again. 

“Okay?” She whispered.
The silence that filled the room was deafening. 
“I don’t deserve you” he wanted to say.
“I don’t deserve anyone.“ 
“but you deserve to know that you are loved.”

Nothing left his mouth.
But he kissed her,
and she kissed back.
Bucky and Y/N both knew that they didn’t need words to understand what they felt for each other.

After months of hopelessness, Bucky finally felt like his life wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be because out of everyone in the world, out of everyone she could love, she chose him. That was all that mattered.

Universal Light

The light fused through the windowsill, a white beam erupting flakes of dust into sparkling facets. My irises are both blinded & embraced by dust sparkles. A speck of dust, for one moment, a speck of light-light, light which we are all made out of.

I am light,
galaxies are light,
is light.

& I observed a speck of dust become light. I observed a speck of dust become the universe. I observed a speck of dust become an extension of God.

Stay humble-
You are a speck of dust.

Be proud-
You are the entire universe.

1) Your mother is insane and a truly scary woman. She does not love you. She is incapable of loving anyone. She is manipulative and she will make you believe that it was your fault that she left. It isn’t. She chose this life. Not you.
2) Your father is going to make you feel like shit a lot. He has a very linear point of view and he’s gonna be tough on you. But he loves you and he won’t ever stop loving you. He wants what he thinks is best for you. You just gotta stay true to yourself and not change for him.
3) You are very lucky to have your mommy. She might not be your real mommy, but she is the best thing that ever happened to you and even when you are so angry at her that you taste blood on your breath, I want you to never forget that.
4) You are allowed to wear whatever you want.
5) No one is forcing you to laugh at their jokes. If something isn’t funny, don’t laugh.
6) Racism isn’t cool. Sexism isn’t cool. Homophobia isn’t cool. Don’t let anyone make you think these things are cool.
7) You are entitled to your own opinion, as long as it doesn’t disrespect others.
8) You are beautiful inside and out and many people will try to convince you you aren’t but you are and one day you might realize it.
9) Don’t stress over school. Numbers don’t determine your intelligence. Don’t lose your creative mind because you can’t solve math problems quickly and don’t put yourself down if you rather make chemical reactions than make art.
10) You might not know what you want to be when you grow up and you’re gonna get really stressed out because everyone will be asking you and telling you what you want to be and it’s okay to not know. You can do anything and when you find your calling you’ll know it, but you might cry a lot before you find it.
11) Only say you’re sorry when you did something wrong.
12) Only accept apologies when they’re sincere.
13) It’s okay to cut toxic people out of your life.
14) It’s okay to scream into your pillow or cry in your sheets or not want to get out of bed. It’s okay to be sad.
15) Keep your body healthy, but also keep your mind healthy. If you think something is wrong, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
16) Punch a pillow, punch the wall, scribble on paper, rip up pictures, but never hurt yourself. You are too beautiful for that.
17) Eat. Eat. Eat.
18) Drink lots of water. It will keep you energized, healthy, and happy.
19) You will meet many bad boys before you meet the right one. They will break you up, crush your bones, and bury you alive. But the boy in sixth period who smells like Axe and whispers nice things in your ear probably isn’t worth a second of your time. One day you will remember him and how he threatened to leave and how you begged him to stay and how you thought he was galaxies and how now he isn’t even worth a speck of dust in your universe. You will move on. There is something better.
20) I love you, very very much, always and forever.
—  Twenty Things For My Little Sister
I met BTS personally again, but this time I felt hurt.

Okay. I honestly had to take a few days off after KCON Abu Dhabi and think about what happened behind this over again and again just so I can write it out without being fully clouded with emotions. I wanted to somehow bury it, but each time I see BTS on my feeds and each activity I see from them it stays in the back of my mind and I simply need to get this off my chest. Comparing what happened here from my last personal interaction I had with them, this is the exact opposite. Also, to those who are willing to read, please do not let this define BTS entirely as it is under my views, and also is under a specific circumstance/instance.

(Warning: LONG PERSONAL POST AHEAD, please do not ask me follow-up questions about this matter as I have written all that I sincerely felt before, during, and after. It is really long, and I have a way of writing things, so I also do not encourage reacting/reblogging mid-way while you still haven’t finished reading the text entirely. I would also like to sincerely request for this to be only kept within Tumblr, and not reposted anywhere else outside this site.)

On another note: BTS is very special and important to me in ways I can’t even make people understand. If you’re here to just stomp or trash or take these sincere feelings as a joke, please do NOT even bother reading.

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anonymous asked:

odd question, what's the point of living? Not in a suicidal way, but more of a "if we're just a speck of dust in the universe and we're eventually going to die and the earth one day will be gone, what's the point of living" kinda way.

To bear witness, I suppose. To act as a set of eyes for the universe to regard itself, to resist chaos, and to do what you can to make it a little more worth your while. Consciousness is a strange and often bitter gift, but it’s a rare and precious one. The cosmos are filled with untold billions of strange and wonderful things, but so few are capable of love, or joy, or a sense of justice. We are the only known part of the universe capable of looking at itself for a sliver of time and saying, “Yes, this is a fine thing. This is amazing.”