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GH2 fanbook Q&A - Okaken, Matsuoka, and Dora-chan!

I’m so glad these nerds were included too! :Db

Q: What is written on the sleeve of your hoodie (including the part that’s hidden)?
A: It says “MARS”, where famous aliens are said to live! Actually, the special material this hoodie is made of liberally uses NASA technology and is waterproof, fireproof, and dust-proof!

Q: Have you ever gone to the occult shop off-campus? If you did, what did you buy there?
A: I’m glad you asked. There are several occult shops I shop at regularly, but among them, the one near the school island has a very wide variety of items. It’s an occult shop with a venerable history as generations of students who like the occult have utilized it. A popular item there is the mystery bag that might contain fragments of OOPARTS! Right, just the other day I obtained an interesting plant growing kit from an overseas occult colleague by trading cursed goods I bought at that shop. It could be hiding that legendary evil plant… (the rest is omitted)
(aka he talked too much and was cut off by the “interviewer” haha)


Q: When Ito-kun decided to do his best to become a teacher, did you give him any advice? If you have any advice for Ito-kun, who’s just become a teacher, please tell us!
A: It seems his friends helped and supported him with studying for the staff examination. I only learned about his dream for the future when he came to the school for his student teaching. I guess I told him that he should stay like himself from his school days.

Q: Dr. Matsuoka, who is your special person? Please tell us at least a little about them.
A: My special person is a researcher my age. We live together in a place I can commute to the school by motorcycle from. Things happened and there was a time when he was ill, but now that he’s recovered he’s returned to his research position.
(Hiroyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :DDDDD)


Q: Do you like Japanese curry? How many days after making it do you think curry is most delicous?
A: Indian curry is delicious, but I love Japanese curry too. Letting it rest overnight makes it even more awesome.


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