dust on my camera


Finally got some decent pictures of her!! It was difficult since the background is so dark, my phone wouldn’t pick it up - so I had to dust off my old digital camera to try and show it omg. I’m now realising that my camera is kinda grainy and it might be time to invest in a new one.

But here she is!! Hinoe my beautiful daughter. She took me about 6.5 hours and a very late night.

See all of those spots? Do you think my lens was just really dusty? They aren’t circles like those few I do get because of the dust I have on the inside of my camera where the mirror is. There were a few sprinkles of rain that day along with swarms of weird bugs but I guess that’s not what caused this.  I just noticed this while editing this photo. This is a crop of the sky.

Thanks! :)

The Sale Creek Goat Man

Goat Man. Not exactly the most intimidating of names, but it’s a popular urban legend. Creepy ass half goat half men who roam the forests, out to murder your ass with an ax. Just an urban legend though according to most.

However, there was a Goat Man here. Or Goat Men. They’ll probably be long gone by the time I post this, so take what you will from my experience. Anyone who has a rational explanation for what the fuck I saw, you’re welcome to share.

The sightings started up a month or two ago, and I kept an eye on it all. I run a blog on the weird shit in the US. Haunted houses, aliens, and every sort of cryptid that crawls, swims, or flies. If there’s a story, I’ll be chasing it. So of course when I heard there was a legit Goat Man walking the forest, I knew I had to have a camping trip.

I dug out my cameras, dusted off my old tent, invited my friends Cecil and Roxanne, and we set off for a weekend of fun chasing a Goat Man.

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Dream holiday right here 🖤

You decided on a staycation this year, and went to Cornwall for a nice long break in the summer. You’d booked 4 weeks at a nice looking hotel, planning on going out and exploring nearby sights and relaxing at the beaches watching people surf. When you’d booked there was only one room left so you were pretty lucky to get in. You checked in after having a nice relaxing drive down, stopping off at well known tourist attractions on the way. After finding your room you unpack, change and head down to the pool to start your holiday right.
You’re on a lounger drinking a cocktail when you see a few men in suits and ear pieces walking past and into the hotel. It’s a bit of a strange sight on a surprisingly hot day in England, but you go back to sunning yourself and forget about it. Later on you go back up to your room to change for dinner, but as you get to the lift there’s one of the those guys from earlier standing there.
“Can I see your room key please?” He asks as you approach.
“Yeah, sure,” you say as you get your card out of your pocket and hand it to him.
“Great, thanks, that’s fine,” he says as he sees the number on the card, then calls the lift for you. “Enjoy your day ma'am.”
“Thanks, you too,” you reply as you get in and push the button for your floor. This was all a bit strange, having security by the lift and checking your key card. Must be some wedding or something going on you thought, but then would hey have so much security? Your stomach rumbles and snaps you out of your thoughts and to dinner instead. You got to you room and changed then headed down to the restaurant to eat. After dinner you go for a walk around the grounds and see even more men in black suits scattered around outside. You head back inside after a while and see two people being escorted into the now closed restaurant. You try and sneak a peek at who they are, but couldn’t make them out, so head on up to your room to do some googling on your phone. Nothing came up that you find, but you were determined to see who it was, must be super famous! You fell asleep and thought about how amazing it would be if you met them.
The next morning you go down to breakfast then go out straight away to explore. The beach nearest to the hotel is beautiful and you take some photographs of the surfers on the waves. You grab some lunch then head back in the early evening to get some pool time in when it’s quiet. You leave your camera and bag by your lounger and go for a dip with no one else around. Then you hear two voices come out and you poke your head up out of the water to see who it was. Standing there is none other than Norman Reedus and his girlfriend. You gasp and swim to the other side of the pool to get out and cover up.
“Hey, nice piece of kit you got there,” a deep male American voice says behind you, looking down at your camera. You turn around and Norman stands there, his girlfriend getting in the pool for a swim.
“Uh, thanks, it’s just a basic model,” you say picking it up and handing it to him.
“Pretty decent though, is it for business or pleasure?” He asks, looking around the camera and then switching it on and pointing it at the hotel.
“Purely for pleasure,” you reply as he snaps away.
“Awesome, I dabble a bit myself too,” he says as he spins round snaps you smiling. “Sorry I get a bit carried away. I’m Norman by the way.” He hands you back the camera and puts out his hand for you to shake.
“Haha, no worries, thanks. I’m (Y/N). I definitely know who you are.” You say, shaking his hand and blushing slightly. “And I definitely know who your girlfriend is too. How come you’re staying in little old Cornwall?”
“She’s filming so I’m gonna be knocking around on my own. Might dust off my camera actually if you can show me some nice places to shoot?”
“Umm, yeah I can, you sure you want a strange woman showing you around though?”
“Ha, you sure you want to show a strange man around? I mean I have kind of invited myself on your holiday now.”
“Ha, that’s fine, I’m on my own anyway, and if you want company there’s no harm in that. I know some awesome places to go for views.”
“Great, I’ll meet you after breakfast tomorrow then?”
“Yeah, see you then,” you smile. He walks back over to where his girlfriend’s things are resting on a lounger and lays down with a book while she swims. You walk past with you bits and smile at her, she waves to you and smiles back and you go up to your room.
The next couple of days go quick, you showing Norman around the local beauty spots and taking photos together. His girlfriend was away for a couple of nights doing scenes for the film, so you had dinner together at the hotel after hours and got to know each other better.
“So your boyfriend doesn’t mind you going away on your own then?” Norman asks as you finish your starters.
“Ha, if I had one he wouldn’t have a choice,” you laugh.
“Oh, sorry I assumed- well, you’re pretty, intelligent and such a fun person, wouldn’t think you’d be single.” You blush as his words.
“Thanks. Guess I’m not to everyone’s taste, but it’s their loss! Your girlfriend doesn’t mind you hanging with me?”
“Nah, she’s cool with it. You’ll find someone soon for sure, any guy would be lucky to call you his girlfriend,” he continues, brushing off the question about his girlfriend quickly.
“How do you meet people being so famous? Sorry if I’m being nosey.” You probe.
“You mostly end up dating people in the industry. It’s difficult otherwise, can never know when someone genuinely likes you or is just with you because you’re famous. But then people in the industry can use you as well for their careers,” he explains, looking slightly sad about it all. “End of the day, I just want someone who loves me as much as I love them and who can make me laugh.”
“Have you found her yet?” He looks at you as you ask this, and thinks about it carefully. He smiles a little at you then blushes and looks down at his food.
“I think I might have actually,” he says, talking down to his plate. “Sometimes it happens when you least expect it, like on holiday.” You widen your eyes in shock as he says this, then think maybe he met his girlfriend on holiday, but when he looks up at you his face is serious and he looks into your eyes hoping you understood him. “You know what I mean?” He finishes.
“Yeah, I- I think I do actually,” you stutter.
“Good! What do you want for dessert?” He casually asks, picking up the menu and taking a look. You look at him confused and then shake your head and concentrate on your food.
“I don’t know, I’m pretty full up actually.”
“We can share one. What do you fancy?” As soon as he says this all you can think of to say is ‘you’, but you resist the urge and go for apple pie with cream instead. The dessert arrives at the table and he hands you one of the two spoons.
“Ladies first,” he says, gesturing to the bowl. You dip your spoon in and take a chunk, then let out a small happy groan as you start chewing.
“Wow, that good huh?” He laughs.
“Oh my god yes, so good! Dig in before I eat it all please!” He takes his spoon and starts to eat.
“Mmmmm,” he sighs, closing his eyes, “that is amazing.” You giggle at his reaction and sit back in your chair, taking in the man sitting in front of you. Norman opens his eyes and looks straight into yours. He opens his mouth to say something but you interrupt him.
“I’d better be getting to bed actually, going to get out early tomorrow. I’ll pay for this, it’s been really lovely,” you ramble, rooting around in your bag for your purse.
“No, no, put that away, this is on me.”
“Are you sure? Don’t want half towards it?”
“No! Don’t be silly, I’ve got it. Can I see you tomorrow?”
“Umm, maybe, I’ll probably see you anyway. Thank you Norman, it’s been amazing,” you smile, getting up from the table. He stands as well and nods to the security guy at the door, then takes your hand and pulls you toward him to kiss your cheek. He lingers there for a few seconds and you look sideways at his face next to yours. He notices and as he leans back a little he almost brushes your lips with his, but you step backwards, smile and rush past the security man to your room.
You fall face down on your bed and curse yourself for feeling this way about him, knowing he has a girlfriend. Everything would be out in the open in no time with someone like that, you were lucky you two hadn’t been spotted already. You eventually fall asleep and wake up late, but stay in your room and order room service for breakfast. You’re still in your pyjamas when the concierge knocks at the door with your food.
“Coming!” You call out as you throw a rover over you. You swing the door open and look straight at the tray, then when you go to take it you realise Norman’s standing there holding it. “What are you doing here?” You ask.
“I didn’t see you this morning, just wanted to check you’re okay,” he says innocently.
“I’m fine, thanks. Just overslept a little.”
“Can I come in?”
“I’m still in my pyjamas-”
“I won’t be long, I promise.”
“Okay, come in.” You relent, moving to the side and allowing him inside. He puts the tray down on the bed and you sit down next to it and start eating. He paces around looking at the things you have in your room and picking items up to take a closer look. His phone rings and you see him look at the screen then silence it and slide it back in his pocket.
“You can answer it if you need to,” you say, lifting the fork to your mouth.
“Nah, it’s not important.”
“How’s your girl-”
“Look, I know you may think I’m crazy, but I gotta tell you something.” He mutters, cutting you off. “Last night when you said you knew what I meant about love and when you least expect it, did you really know what I was getting at?”
“Well, I thought maybe you’d met her on holiday at first. But there was something in the way you looked at me that made me think differently.”
“Okay, so you know I was talking about you. I know it must sound mad, but I’m really falling for you (Y/N).” You sit there in silence as you take in what Norman’s saying to you.
“I don’t know what to say Norman.”
“Say that there’s even the smallest chance that you feel the same and I’m yours.”
“I- I don’t want to come between-”
“You’re not. It’s been over for a long time, just neither of us want to admit it.”
“Well, of course I feel the same, but it’s only been a few days.”
“I know! It’s crazy, but there’s this connection like I feel like I’ve known you forever. I don’t know how to explain it.”
“Yeah, I feel that. It’s so natural and I feel like I can tell you anything.”
“Exactly!” He exclaims, moving his hands around and stroking his beard a little.
“What now though?” You ask between bites of toast.
“I’ll sort things my end, but I’d really like to spend the rest of my time here with you if that’s okay?”
“Of course Norman,” you say, getting up from the bed. He closes the gap between you both and takes your head in his hands, looking you directly in the eyes.
“You’re something else (Y/N), you really are,” he laughs, then kisses you on the forehead. “I’ll be back soon.” You walk to the door with him and he wraps his arms tightly around you before he leaves. You watch him walk down the hallway and he turns to blow a kiss to you. You laugh and catch it then blow one back to him and he does the same. Once you shut the door, you slide down it and land in a heap on the floor, unable to believe what has happened to you.

Guess who got a new phone with a functional front facing camera and plans on taking all the selfies again?!?!!!

Okay so it’s B’s old phone, she got an actual new one. Mine was shutting itself down and not restarting unless I connected it to my computer. B’s power button doesn’t work, but she just got switched over to a different phone company and they’re pretty keen on pleasing their whole whack of new pissed off customers….so, good timing! I can deal with the power button and I’ve got twice the storage and no dust in my cameras! Let’s see if I can keep it that way.

Galaxy Nails! This was partially inspired by The 100, which I recently started watching! 😎 

Polishes used were: 
• Starry Starry Night and Mint Candy Apple by Essie
• Mr. Positivity by Sephora Formula X
• Peacock by Joe Fresh
• Lacey Lilac and White On by Sally Hansen
• Wuthering Heights by A England
• Fairy Dust by China Glaze

Unfortunately the holographic glitter in Fairy Dust wouldn’t show up in the photo when my camera focused, but it’s there in real life!


// aug 27, 2016

dusted off my poor camera and brought her to the beach

wow, I forgot how clear images can be 🙄 just look at these unedited photos of Liv

after snapping like five photos, I put her away and forgot about her again

Best friend is not a phrase I take lightly. Three years ago when I started messaging Katrina it was an instant connection. It was soon after that I considered her my best friend. We got along like peas and carrots. 

I remember when we first started chatting that she was afraid to tell me she was a lesbian. Apparently, when she had told guys that in the past they would suddenly disappear and lose interest. They only wanted to woo her I guess. But I think they are fools because I couldn’t have wished for a greater friend. She is always there for me. She cheers me up when I’m blue. She worries about my health and well being. And her smile lights up a room like you wouldn’t believe. 

The sad part was, even after three years, we only had skype to communicate. Like many online friendships, she was in a far off land not easily traveled to… especially with my health issues. But we finally said, “that’s enough!” and she bought herself a plane ticket to come see me. 

The weeks proceeding were a mixture of nervousness and excitement. I was worried that while she was here I would have a narcoleptic fit and sleep the whole time, but man, I wanted to hug her so bad I couldn’t wait. 

Last Thursday she finally arrived and I greeted her at the rental car to commence our first official embrace. 

And it was awesome. 

I squeezed her like an avocado and she did the same. It was one of many hugs we gave each other over the next few days. 

We didn’t have any big plans. Mainly when I slept, her and her girlfriend, Allison, would check out the city of St. Louis. And when I was awake, Katrina and I would lay in bed and watch cartoons. We watched Over the Garden Wall and Steven Universe. She knew I had to stay in bed most of the time, so having her their beside me was perfect. I would often look back at her and just smile. Grinning with excitement that I was with my best friend. 

Katrina and Allison are vegan and so they cooked me and my family a wonderful meal. Tacos! They promised we would love it and we did. Meat is not integral to a fine meal. 

One of the nicest surprises was Otis and Katrina. They also got along like peas and carrots. He was so excited to meet her. He jumped and squeaked and twisted around and she just petted him all over and they were fast friends. They played with his fox. They went for walks. She threw his ball in the backyard. She loved my goofy dog. 

On Saturday night I did something I hadn’t done in months. I dusted off my camera and did a photoshoot with Katrina. I was tired and it was hard, but I needed to shoot my best friend if it killed me. Plus I wanted a picture of us together. As you can see we got some great shots of us. And in another post I will show you the “official” shoot of her. 

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. And on Monday morning Katrina had to leave. Departing back to that far off land of Florida. I missed her the second she pulled away. But the visit was fantastic and I can’t thank her enough for coming. For a few days I was no longer a lonely lump laying in my basement. I felt alive and together. She’s the best and I love her so. 


Goldfinch Egg and Nest Setting

So I finally have a fancy camera (usually use my phone)… with some dust stuck in it… so next step is clean the camera and get better at focusing on the mini objects, without getting impatient and throwing it out the window!

Away with the Fairies by Laura Brownhill



So for the first time in a long time i wiped the dust off my camera and hit the strests with Mikey & Paul from the Sydney based  brand WDV.