dust on glass


     This just appeared on my twitter but Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! MY TINY BABIES IN A CAFE EVENT!!! It’s going on from February 9th - April 9th at Anime Plaza… Aaahhhh I love it all so much -crying- So many fave babies… Yumikage’s pancakes where he’s screaming Tsurugi’s name on them… and Junichirou’s parfait with the choco dusted glasses aaahhhh

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i dead been trying to figure out how to do transparent/glass objects for like 2 months now and i can’t. like i’ll try for 2 mins and nothing works and then i give up again until another 2 weeks or so. 

the alpha is so confusing to me like idk how to make it look like how it’s suppose to. and everyone i’ve asked doesn’t know either though. who knows how to make glass/transparent objectssssss?? if you do i’d love you forever if you can lend a handddddd or maybe some advice pleaseee and thanksss.

A great Disturbance

Daryl Dixon Imagine

You’re out on a run with Daryl. Every time you get closer to him, something decides to get in between.

word count: 1344

approximated reading time: 7 minutes

“Well, well”, I said hunkering down behind a small shelf. A few bottles had caught my eye and with a grin I grabbed the dust-covered glass. “Look what we’ve got here!”
“What is it!?” Daryl was on the other side of the room looking for supplies and other things that were worth being taken back to Alexandria.
“It’s Jack!” I raised the bottle so that Daryl could see it and a wide grin spread across his face.
“Pass it over”, he said crossing the room reaching out for the bottle.
I took a step back, opened the bottle and took a big gulp. The liquid burned its way down to my stomach, leaving a fine trail of fire in my throat. “Lovely”, I said with a smirk.
“Stop it”, Daryl growled taking another step towards me.
I took a step back.
“Ya wanna play?!” Daryl’s voice got lower, a smirk around his lips as he took another step forward while I took another one back hiding the bottle behind me when suddenly I felt the wall, cold against my skin. I couldn’t back away any further and Daryl crept closer.
“What now?”, he muttered in a low husky voice. I could smell the sweat and musk and I had never realized how tall he was, how broad his shoulders.
“You’re still not getting the bottle”, I replied.
“What do ya want?” Daryl was so close, I could feel his breath on my skin and I couldn’t help but wonder how his lips would feel on mine. Soft? Rough?
“Surprise me”, I whispered and watched as Daryl took another step forward. I could feel his warmth.

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The gear. Collecting dust in a glass cabinet (well, not so much dust then). All of them fully functional. One of them loaded with Fuji Acros 100. Portrayed by the almighty Fujifilm x100.

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While I can still say it the bug was so tiny I thought it was a speck of dust at first also what about Rollie pollies -sleep anon

Specks of dust get stuck in my glasses… Does that count?

The Bar next door || Closed

Closed Starter for Gabe

“Another one bites the dust,” Katerina said, raising her glass. Two other glasses met it and the resulting clink sent Amaretto sour dripping over her fingers and onto the floor. “Good riddance to bad boyfriends.” Her friend downed the last of her Fuzzy Navel and sat the empty glass on the bar. “I’ll drink to that,” the other girl said, sucking out the last drops of her Long Island Iced Tea. “That’s the problem.” Katerina tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.. “He wasn’t a bad boyfriend. He was…nice.” The other girls stared at her over the top of their drinks. “You already dumped him, Katerina.” The girl wadded up her napkin and tossed it at the bartender. “Don’t add insult to injury.”

“Yeah, he was nice.” Katerina picked up her shot. “And kind of hot. Nice isn’t bad. Nice is just…boring.” Yeah her ex was nice. Too nice. So nice she wanted to kill him for it sometimes. Last week had been the last straw. She’d fallen asleep during sex. Missionary position. Five minutes of foreplay. Five minutes of thrusting. Ten minutes after of “I love everything about you.” Just…like…always. “Boring,” Katerina echoed as she looked up and met the eyes of a man walking through the bar. The man, whoever he was, looked to be in his mid-thirties and had dark hair and baby blue eyes, Katerina ran her finger around the rim of her glass. “I think he looks dangerous.” Her friend shot the man her best come-over-here smile. “He looks like he needs a haircut.” Katerina downed her shot in one bitter swallow. She was almost drunk. They were definitely drunk. “You’re a little insane, aren’t you, no, we don’t do this, not tonight.”  Katerina raised her finger at the girl. "We don’t want to get his attention. No.” They had promised her a girls’ night out to help cheer her up over yet another failed relationship. “No men” had been their promise. Only alcohol and dancing. Maybe it was time to get some real friends.

Missing Parts: Reverse Portal AU

((This is based off of buskets AU which I absolutely love! I will probably add more to this and make it a little series as more cute comics come out))

Stanley Pines was back. Being back on Earth was more disorienting than he first thought it would be. He wiped dirt and dust off his glasses, clearing them enough so he could properly see the dingy basement that was in complete disarray. His memories of Ford’s lab were fuzzy after nearly 30 years, but he was positive it hadn’t been this much of a disaster the last time he was there.


Stan turned towards the voice, eyes lighting up behind smudged glasses. “Stanford!” he gasped. His brother was there. He was really there! He was even wearing the same dorky outfit just like he had all those years ago. Sure, he had a weird expression on his face that was a mash up between joy and heartache but that didn’t matter. What mattered was his brother had finally come for him and brought him home.

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Update with lots of pictures.

Finished the pleated tunic and the midcoat. I also dyed my fabric for the outer coat but it turned out too light and I realized I didn’t have enough fabric anyway for the hood/cowl so I’m going to keep looking for more stuff.

Helmet update! It’s been textured and painted! I textured it using a mixture of acrylic paint, Apoxie, and extremely fine glass dust and splattered it in using a toothbrush. It worked pretty well because it got a fairly mild but still grainy texture. It was then primed and painted.

I don’t really like the finish of the black satin paint so when his motherfucker finally dries, I’ll be spraying it with an extreeeemly thin coat of matte finish just to take the abrasive edge off that glossiness. I’ll also go in paint some light damage details.

Ok, this fuckING filigree. Do yourself a favor and don’t do what I did. Just keep the original Black Series helmet shape. Essentially, I didn’t like how the original filigree was curved along the stripes rather than flat like it is in the movie. It also didn’t have that “plated” look because it was essentially one piece of molded plastic lol. I basically filled in all the gaps and spaces with Apoxie and re-carved/sanded out the shape that I wanted. My lines aren’t perfectly even though so I hate myself for that, but I feel like it’ll be okay once I add in damage details. This was stupidly hard to to do but it looks alright, so acceptable…It’s been primed and painted now. When it’s dry, I’ll be detailing it with chrome foil sheets, the stuff people use for model cars.

Anyway, next update will the the finished helmet! I feel like it no longer resembles the original Black Series helmet, like AT ALL LOL. That’s a good thing because it was pretty inaccurate loool.