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Hi! I hope you're doing well :) in a previous ask you said that "I only buy language learning books from there" (talking about Amazon) and I was wondering if you could recommend some good ones? Sorry if you've been asked this before! Thanks in advance!

I have recommended some books before, but those were my favorite books. I think I should just list all the books I have liked/used instead to give you a broader view. I categorized the books by the CEFR guidelines/ Test of Russian as a Foreign Language so the advanced books won’t be as useful until you’ve had at least three years of Russian in college (except for the dictionaries and roots vocab). I put a * by my favorites since this is a lot.

For Beginners (A1 Level or complete beginners)

  • The New Penguin Russian Course* : I used to own this before giving it away, but it was very beginner friendly. I think this is the best book to start learning Russian since it is not expensive, it does a good job at explaining grammar, and includes exercises with answers.
  • Golosa: A Basic Course in Russian Book 1: This was the textbook I used to learn Russian in college. While I liked it and found the tables really helpful,it is very expensive and not worth it for self-studying.
  • Oxford Pocket Russian Dictionary: This is a nice beginner dictionary that I still use. It is small and great for quick reference. It is not as exhaustive, however, since it is small.
  • Russian Grammar Quickstudy Sheet: Not a book, but it is great as a reference sheet.

For A2 Level (You know cases and verb tenses)

  • Schaum’s Outlines of Russian Grammar* : It explains the grammar you need to pass the A2 level without going beyond the details you need. It is very well organized and has exercises. 10/10 would use again.
  • A Comprehensive Russian Grammar: A great grammar book that people love. I only prefer Schaum to this because I like the format of the former better, but you can’t go wrong with it.
  • Big Silver Book of Russian Verbs: A great book for learning how to conjugate verbs. This includes exercises and how to use the verbs.
  • Schaum’s Outlines of Russian Vocabulary: A great vocab book. It doesn’t have stress marks, which makes it a bit difficult to learn pronunciation, but you will learn so much from it. It teaches you through themes and exercises.

For Intermediate: B1-B2

  • Ultimate Russian Advanced: The title says advanced but it is really B1-B2 grammar. It does a good job at presenting you with texts to learn from, as well as providing phrases and their meaning and usage in everyday language.
  • Making Progress in Russian* : This is the textbook I used (buy the 1st edition because it is much cheaper). I love the in-depth explanations of grammar, but the vocabulary can be quite outdated.
  • Russian Verbs of Motion (Stilman)* : At 78 pages, it is very handy when learning the verbs of motion. It provides how to form them, their prefix usage, charts to remember them by, as well as colloquial usage of the verbs.
  • Russian Stories: A Dual-Language Book* : You should definitely use it not only to improve your reading comprehension but also because it introduces you to some great Russian writers. It includes notes, stress marks, reading questions, and a glossary. While an intermediate student will not understand everything, I highly suggest it.
  • Short Stories of the 20th Century: A Dual Language Book: Similar to the above, but with different stories. I had to include it since I adore Russian 20th Century literature and this introduces you to great authors that are not as known as in the previous book.

For Advanced & Graduate Students

  • Using Russian: A Guide to Contemporary Usage* : Goes very in depth with the grammar and when you should use certain constructions, as well as how they would be translated.
  • Roots of the Russian Language: I am currently using this book to improve my vocabulary. By learning roots, it is easier to infer what the words mean in Russian, especially when dealing with verbs.
  • Introduction to Russian-English Translation: This book is for translators that want to correctly express terms from Russian to English and English to Russian. It outlines problems that occur in translation and how to correct them, along with exercises.
  • Russian Translation: Theory & Practice* : This goes more in-depth than the above. Definitely for academics/ graduate students.
  • Dictionary of Russian Slang & Colloquial Expressions: One of the better slang books out there. As with such things, it is not as up to date, but still does a good job at presenting you with when the words are used
  • TORFL C1 Level: PDF file with practice tests for the TORFL. This is more for those that want to take the test, than for those learning for fun.
  • Novels in Russian! Honestly, this is the best way to continually improve. I suggest starting with authors like Хармс and Гоголь and working your way up to Булгаков, Пелевин, and other modern writers.

The links to the books are either on Amazon or PDF files. I suggest you buy a copy of the books since it makes it easier to learn from.

The Horrors Of Spring | Chapter Five

Summary: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The four courts that serve as the pillars of the fae realm, united in peace, and yet their words could not be further apart. Natsu Dragneel, Prince of Summer, feels as though the weight of royalty will be his undoing. But when the Courts begin to gather, he soon discovers there are those far more trapped than he.

Rating: M                                      Words: 4352

Prologue / Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four

A/N: I’m a shit person so here’s an update. Enjoy!

The Tyrants Bargain

    “You are a prince for whom a heavy crown and a powerful throne await. You         do not do whatever you want; you do what must be done.”  ― Ray Anyasi

The world was a vast expanse of hidden nooks and corners, and Natsu hadn’t the slightest clue where to start looking.

As he poured over a map of the realm for what seemed like the thousandth time in a mere day, Natsu couldn’t help but wonder if he’d bound himself in an impossible promise. He felt the weight of his words like an itch he couldn’t scratch as he pulled absently at his hair, the fingers of his free hand drumming on the table.

Summer’s scholars- who’d been extremely surprised to see him enter the palace library that morning- glanced at him nervously with every move he made. No doubt worried I’ll sneeze and set all their precious documents alight, he mused to himself. Indeed, the dust of the old books he’d picked out tickled at his nose. He’d pulled any book detailing ancient spells from the shelves in the hopes of finding something that listed a fae’s wings among the gruesome ingredients to a potion or a charm, thinking that perhaps if he found such a spell he could work out who would perform such a thing, or where they would do it.

But instead he’d only clogged his mind with long since redundant rituals and strange superstitions. Nothing that provided him with any sort of clue as to what the King of the Spring Court could do with his daughter’s severed wings.

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So, where is each of the egos favorite places in the world? Maybe include peevils and anti if you have the chance?

Doc–cool, clear lakes where the breeze ruffles his hair a bit, and the sunlight glints off the water

Host–quiet libraries where the smell of dust and old books permeates his mind as he writes

Ed–slow walks through the woods on a bright, summer day with the smell of rich earth and tree sap

Silver–on top of high buildings late at night, looking down at the streets below, where the cars wind in glowing paths beneath him

Wilford–under the stage lights, always a little too warm, with the swell of applause and the excitement of a good performance

Google–wide open spaces where he can see for miles and miles, water on the horizon and music playing in the distance

Dark–a silent, dark place where there is no light or sound to assault his eyes or ears and where he feels comfortable

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Sort of a confession? I was wondering what you think the love potion, Amortentia, would smell like to y'all. I'm thinking, to me, it might smell like saw dust, ceder wood, and old books. And no I'm no condoning the use of a love potion. I think its sad I feel I need to specify that, I'm just curious as to what people think it would smell like to them.

Oh! I really like this one! Also, never given it much thought. Hmmm… something like leather, and musky boy sweat, and lavender, and snow. Oh! Now everyone else go!! ~Taiga 💜

Unlikely zodiac couple aesthetic

Aries and Scorpio are like a random thunderstorm when it was sunny out just seconds ago.

Taurus and Libra are like wearing the smell of an expensive perfume

Gemini and Cancer are like the dust of an old book

Leo and Capricorn are like a rainbow right after it rains

Virgo and Aquarius are like ocean waves running over your feet

Sagittarius and Pisces are like the sound a bike makes when you change gears on it

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In the apartment stuff, do Cyclonus and Tailgate live together? If so, how did it happen? What's their relationship like?

They do live together!

Cyclonus was already living in the apartment before Tailgate, and she needed a roommate. She put an ad out and the candidates were either a drug addict, dude who turned out to be really racist, or Tailgate.

She obviously picked Tailgate, even if she did find this tiny, high-pitched speaking woman annoying.

 Tailgate did lie on some of the questions Cyclonus asked her though, mostly about her career.

But she’s the best, sweetest roommate ever. unfortunately, that’s what Cyclonus hates most.

Sure she dusts her old books for her and brought her meals when she was too busy to eat, but she never  stopped  talking.

After about three months of living together, Cyclonus started to warm up to her, and didn't quite understand these warm fuzzy feelings in her stomach.

They go on a not date and end up kissing in front of a lobster tank

Cyclonus then buys all the lobsters for Tailgate so she can set them free because she feels bad for them

Cyclonus doesn’t consider them girlfriends, until Tailgate asks her when they are going to go out again and she can’t say no because by god she actually likes this tiny being

Their relationship is sweet and sappy

Cyclonus seems stiff to public displays of affection but will kiss Tailagte’s forehead, hold her hand ect in their own apartment.

Until of course she doesn’t care anymore and will let Tailgate sit on her lap anytime anywhere

They do movie nights a lot

Tailgate loves horror movies but will usually end up hiding in Cyclonus’s shirt

Neither of them can cook for shit

Cyclonus helps Tailgate dye her hair

Tailgate is a little insecure about her body but Cyclonus loves her and her figure soo much

Will kiss her belly and her chest all day every day

They just love each other so much


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Can you do no. 7 for maccready?

Why of course. I used like a random female sole survivor btw cause like yeah why not I guess. 

 Prompt: “Could you be happy here with me?”

 “Could you be happy here with me?” Jane turned suddenly, her red hair almost whipping him in the face.

 The question caught him off guard. “What?” He blinked at her. 

 “Could you be happy here? With me?” She gestured around to budding settlement of Sanctuary. Her green eyes stared back at him hopefully, almost desperately. 

 A joke about a lack of booze sat on the very edge of his tongue, but he knew she was serious. She wanted a real answer. He hesitated to give one though. The truth was he didn’t know. He hoped the answer was yes. Oh, how badly he wanted it to be yes. But he didn’t feel like he could ever say anything for sure about his happiness. It seemed to be as easily swept away as dust off an old book. 

 “Mac, mac, mac,” a little boy ran up to him shouting. It was the kid Jane had taken in. The one from Goodneighbor. “Mac,” he panted when he got to him. “I found…” He stopped again, trying to catch his breath. When he did, he grinned up at MacCready. “I found a hat just like yours down at the Red Rocket with Shaun.” He held up the hat to him triumphantly. 

 “Oh, cool,” he told the kid. “What are you gonna do with it?” he chuckled taking it from him to inspect it. 

 “I’m gonna wear it and be just like you one day,” he told him unabashedly. “Shaun says you’re kinda lame,” he giggled, “but I think as long as you’re saving kids like me you’re pretty cool.”

 Pray you’ll never be like me, kid, he wanted to say, but didn’t. It would only hurt him in the long run. “Well, I think you’re cooler.” MacCready winked. “Your hat doesn’t even have holes in it yet like mine.” He smiled, tugging it down on the child’s head himself. 

 His face lit up. “You think so?!”

 “I know so.” MacCready nodded. 

 “I’m gonna go tell Shaun!” The kid told them quickly, before racing back off as quick as he had appeared. 

 And in that moment he realized the answer was yes. Yes, he could live happily here. And it was because of Jane that he could do that. It was because of Jane and Shaun and kids like that  that he even had something to be happy about again. MacCready turned back to Jane. “I don’t think I could live happily anywhere else.”

night’s watch: thank you

REQUESTED BY: @marvelparamore: The reader is very beautiful, she lived with the free folk (but she’s actually from westeros) she’d escaped from a marriage with mance rayder. She arrived at the wall and stayed there. Alliser hates her, most of the guys lusting over her and she became close friends with jon, edd and sam. (Jon and Edd fall deeply in love with her) After a while she’s become “part” of the night’s watch.  (Sorry for my bad english…it is not my native language❤)

The Wall glistened brightly, and it looked like an illusion whenever the skies settled on top and the sun came out to play. It pulsated wonderfully, and sometimes it was decorated with tiny specks of black, when the the brothers walk atop, eyes set for her kind, the freefolk. It was clearly intimidating, but you have to make a choice, to stay and be wedded to somebody she doesn’t know, or to be free as she is. Tied to no bounds, and after a while, you knew you’ve made your choice. 

The cold winds washed your face, making you cry in harsh cold but you have to make it. The sun was setting already, and you have to make it to the Wall. Brothers erupted, and you can see the shadows of their bows, but you made no move to slow down. Screams echoed through the old castle and you was met face to face with a hardened gate, as your horse circled. The gate opened, and every man had a scowl on their faces, except for a coupe of men with curious glances painted on theirs. 

“She’s a wildling!”

“Freefolk,” you corrected as you jumped down from your horse. All men raised their swords and bows slightly and you eased. “Relax, I’m harmless.” 

“How do we know that the rest aren’t following you?” 

“Just kill her already,” somebody screamed. 

“If they are following, can you hear them?” You asked, pointing to the door, “You should know that we like to have a grand entrance when slaughtering crows.” 

The collective sounds of their swords being brought up fully echoed, making you flinch and regret your words. “A joke,” you said to all of them. 

“Get out,” a thunderous voice said. He looked at you, and you knew he was the Commander. “We are no shelter for wildlings.” 

You walked easily towards him, extending your hand, and introducing your name. “You are, ser?” 

He looked down at your hand and he smiled wickedly, “Ser Alliser Thorne,” he responded. “Now, get out wildling.” 

“I am no wildling,” you answered. 

“Yet you speak like one-.” 

“I come from Westeros,” you declared, looking at the Night’s Watch. “From the Riverlands, actually. Wonderful place, but I have to get away, just as I needed now. So here I am, asking for shelter.” 

A collective “No’s” rang through the castle, but only one man spoke for you. He nodded, asking Alliser to let you stay. “We need more people, Commander. And maybe she can be of help.” 

You nodded, agreeing, you defenses going down. “I promise, I will do anything. I can cook, clean, or fight!” 

Alliser made no move to say his response, but only the sounds of his thunderous steps towards you spoke words. He will let you stay, but you have to prove your worth. 

Couple of months has passed, and Jon, Sam and Edd were kind enough to help you in your duties. Alliser has continued to hate on you, and most of them has learnt to see your beauty, and lack of feminine vibes in the North has caused everybody to beg, or watch or listen for you. 

“You’ve got to be more careful,” Edd whispered as you cut the meat in the hall. In an instant, you chucked your knife at him when he dodged. “That’s how to be careful.” 

“Stop scaring me, or I’ll get you killed!” 

He only grinned, his eyes scanning you over. It was no secret that he has feelings for you, but you still insist on acting that you don’t know. It may be cruel, but you have no interest in breaking your friendship so you stayed quiet. Sometimes, it’s better and sometimes it’s not but you weren’t willing to break him. 

Ghost pattered inside, curling beside where you stood, and you bent down petting his head. Jon then came in, with his head full of snow, and he shook his head free of snow. You felt Edd stiffen beside you, and you smiled. You felt his annoyance, and you immediately placed a hand on his arm to calm him. When it comes to Jon, it felt like they were always in a duel, for you. Jon kept his liking in secret, a secret so well hidden, Edd was the one to say it. 

“Is the snow falling hard outside?” you asked, preparing their food. Edd helped you, cutting all the onions they could grow. 

“Very,” Jon answered as he bent down, and he felt his body graze against yours and a small flicker of livid eyes appeared. “Is Edd disturbing you?” 

“You are disturbing us,” Edd answered with a scowl on his face, yet his eyes stayed playful. 

Jon grinned playfully, and he continued playing with Ghost. The two of them stayed there silently, whilst you hummed to yourself trying to shut out the deafening silence. It was awkward, and heavy and you want none of it. Edd and Jon liked you, and you remembered Sam saying something about it. 

“They both like you, love you,” Sam said as he settled on that old chair in the library. He blew dust off of the old book, and you stayed there, hiding from them. He smiled, and nodded, “I’ve never seen them like this.” 

“Suppose they like men?” 

His head bobbled as he shook it, “No, no, I mean,” he smiled. “We’ve share stories of course, of women, and when it comes to you, oddly different. They fancy you is all.” 

“That can’t be right,” you said. You sat on the table, and you looked at Sam. “What if I told them no?” 

“Have they asked?” 

“No,” you said sheepishly. “But what if they do?” 

“Say what you mean, what you truly feel.” He answered, as his eyes gazed the tiny markings on the books. You stayed quiet, yet your mind were as loud as the cackle outside of the tiny room. You sighed deeply, as you grabbed a book. Ironically, it was about Westeros and the Freefolk combined, it was mostly about their cultures and relationships between men and women. Who knew this book would be so helpful?

You looked at Edd and Jon, and you dropped your knife. Looking at them with determined eyes, you crossed your arms. “Edd, Jon,” you began. “You are very wonderful people, and you’ve accepted me so well…” 

“Sam told you?” 

“Sam told her,” Edd glowered. “Where is he?!”

“No! Listen,” you laughed. “I love you, I adore you all, but,” you waved your hands around them, “We’re friends, and I’ve become a member of this family and I don’t want to break it.” 

The feeling of them becoming family, and being part of them was overwhelming. They’ve become such good family, brothers even, that it pains you to even think of picking one of them. Looking at Edd and Jon, you smiled. You wiped your hands on your apron, as you grabbed on Edd’s tunic to kiss him on his cheeks, and on Jon’s cheeks too. “Thank you.” 

I can’t sleep . I’m thinking of you again , although you make me smile and fill my stomach with butter flies I can’t help but be scared. 
What if this ends in tragedy. What if you expect something of me that I can’t give . I don’t want this to end so quickly. I want to live in the moment . Enjoy you before anything bad happens . Oh god you make me so nervous I think I might puke . But I guess we can’t predict what tomorrow will bring so might as well let things be . Right?
—  yazmin Alize // 3:10 am (before we ended )
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oh it makes me mad, so mad, when I see you guys together. I know that eventually, she will drop you like she did with all the last guys, like a glass vase, and not even clean up your broken pieces from the floor. she is coated with sugar and spice, but under that coating, she is just a piece of rotten, sour candy. although you may see me as a dust coated, old library book, underneath all that dust, is my true story. and once you read it, you will realise how true my love is for you.
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