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The Horrors Of Spring | Chapter Five

Summary: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The four courts that serve as the pillars of the fae realm, united in peace, and yet their words could not be further apart. Natsu Dragneel, Prince of Summer, feels as though the weight of royalty will be his undoing. But when the Courts begin to gather, he soon discovers there are those far more trapped than he.

Rating: M                                      Words: 4352

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A/N: I’m a shit person so here’s an update. Enjoy!

The Tyrants Bargain

    “You are a prince for whom a heavy crown and a powerful throne await. You         do not do whatever you want; you do what must be done.”  ― Ray Anyasi

The world was a vast expanse of hidden nooks and corners, and Natsu hadn’t the slightest clue where to start looking.

As he poured over a map of the realm for what seemed like the thousandth time in a mere day, Natsu couldn’t help but wonder if he’d bound himself in an impossible promise. He felt the weight of his words like an itch he couldn’t scratch as he pulled absently at his hair, the fingers of his free hand drumming on the table.

Summer’s scholars- who’d been extremely surprised to see him enter the palace library that morning- glanced at him nervously with every move he made. No doubt worried I’ll sneeze and set all their precious documents alight, he mused to himself. Indeed, the dust of the old books he’d picked out tickled at his nose. He’d pulled any book detailing ancient spells from the shelves in the hopes of finding something that listed a fae’s wings among the gruesome ingredients to a potion or a charm, thinking that perhaps if he found such a spell he could work out who would perform such a thing, or where they would do it.

But instead he’d only clogged his mind with long since redundant rituals and strange superstitions. Nothing that provided him with any sort of clue as to what the King of the Spring Court could do with his daughter’s severed wings.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I hope you're doing well :) in a previous ask you said that "I only buy language learning books from there" (talking about Amazon) and I was wondering if you could recommend some good ones? Sorry if you've been asked this before! Thanks in advance!

I have recommended some books before, but those were my favorite books. I think I should just list all the books I have liked/used instead to give you a broader view. I categorized the books by the CEFR guidelines/ Test of Russian as a Foreign Language so the advanced books won’t be as useful until you’ve had at least three years of Russian in college (except for the dictionaries and roots vocab). I put a * by my favorites since this is a lot.

For Beginners (A1 Level or complete beginners)

  • The New Penguin Russian Course* : I used to own this before giving it away, but it was very beginner friendly. I think this is the best book to start learning Russian since it is not expensive, it does a good job at explaining grammar, and includes exercises with answers.
  • Golosa: A Basic Course in Russian Book 1: This was the textbook I used to learn Russian in college. While I liked it and found the tables really helpful,it is very expensive and not worth it for self-studying.
  • Oxford Pocket Russian Dictionary: This is a nice beginner dictionary that I still use. It is small and great for quick reference. It is not as exhaustive, however, since it is small.
  • Russian Grammar Quickstudy Sheet: Not a book, but it is great as a reference sheet.

For A2 Level (You know cases and verb tenses)

  • Schaum’s Outlines of Russian Grammar* : It explains the grammar you need to pass the A2 level without going beyond the details you need. It is very well organized and has exercises. 10/10 would use again.
  • A Comprehensive Russian Grammar: A great grammar book that people love. I only prefer Schaum to this because I like the format of the former better, but you can’t go wrong with it.
  • Big Silver Book of Russian Verbs: A great book for learning how to conjugate verbs. This includes exercises and how to use the verbs.
  • Schaum’s Outlines of Russian Vocabulary: A great vocab book. It doesn’t have stress marks, which makes it a bit difficult to learn pronunciation, but you will learn so much from it. It teaches you through themes and exercises.

For Intermediate: B1-B2

  • Ultimate Russian Advanced: The title says advanced but it is really B1-B2 grammar. It does a good job at presenting you with texts to learn from, as well as providing phrases and their meaning and usage in everyday language.
  • Making Progress in Russian* : This is the textbook I used (buy the 1st edition because it is much cheaper). I love the in-depth explanations of grammar, but the vocabulary can be quite outdated.
  • Russian Verbs of Motion (Stilman)* : At 78 pages, it is very handy when learning the verbs of motion. It provides how to form them, their prefix usage, charts to remember them by, as well as colloquial usage of the verbs.
  • Russian Stories: A Dual-Language Book* : You should definitely use it not only to improve your reading comprehension but also because it introduces you to some great Russian writers. It includes notes, stress marks, reading questions, and a glossary. While an intermediate student will not understand everything, I highly suggest it.
  • Short Stories of the 20th Century: A Dual Language Book: Similar to the above, but with different stories. I had to include it since I adore Russian 20th Century literature and this introduces you to great authors that are not as known as in the previous book.

For Advanced & Graduate Students

  • Using Russian: A Guide to Contemporary Usage* : Goes very in depth with the grammar and when you should use certain constructions, as well as how they would be translated.
  • Roots of the Russian Language: I am currently using this book to improve my vocabulary. By learning roots, it is easier to infer what the words mean in Russian, especially when dealing with verbs.
  • Introduction to Russian-English Translation: This book is for translators that want to correctly express terms from Russian to English and English to Russian. It outlines problems that occur in translation and how to correct them, along with exercises.
  • Russian Translation: Theory & Practice* : This goes more in-depth than the above. Definitely for academics/ graduate students.
  • Dictionary of Russian Slang & Colloquial Expressions: One of the better slang books out there. As with such things, it is not as up to date, but still does a good job at presenting you with when the words are used
  • TORFL C1 Level: PDF file with practice tests for the TORFL. This is more for those that want to take the test, than for those learning for fun.
  • Novels in Russian! Honestly, this is the best way to continually improve. I suggest starting with authors like Хармс and Гоголь and working your way up to Булгаков, Пелевин, and other modern writers.

The links to the books are either on Amazon or PDF files. I suggest you buy a copy of the books since it makes it easier to learn from.

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Can you do no. 7 for maccready?

Why of course. I used like a random female sole survivor btw cause like yeah why not I guess. 

 Prompt: “Could you be happy here with me?”

 “Could you be happy here with me?” Jane turned suddenly, her red hair almost whipping him in the face.

 The question caught him off guard. “What?” He blinked at her. 

 “Could you be happy here? With me?” She gestured around to budding settlement of Sanctuary. Her green eyes stared back at him hopefully, almost desperately. 

 A joke about a lack of booze sat on the very edge of his tongue, but he knew she was serious. She wanted a real answer. He hesitated to give one though. The truth was he didn’t know. He hoped the answer was yes. Oh, how badly he wanted it to be yes. But he didn’t feel like he could ever say anything for sure about his happiness. It seemed to be as easily swept away as dust off an old book. 

 “Mac, mac, mac,” a little boy ran up to him shouting. It was the kid Jane had taken in. The one from Goodneighbor. “Mac,” he panted when he got to him. “I found…” He stopped again, trying to catch his breath. When he did, he grinned up at MacCready. “I found a hat just like yours down at the Red Rocket with Shaun.” He held up the hat to him triumphantly. 

 “Oh, cool,” he told the kid. “What are you gonna do with it?” he chuckled taking it from him to inspect it. 

 “I’m gonna wear it and be just like you one day,” he told him unabashedly. “Shaun says you’re kinda lame,” he giggled, “but I think as long as you’re saving kids like me you’re pretty cool.”

 Pray you’ll never be like me, kid, he wanted to say, but didn’t. It would only hurt him in the long run. “Well, I think you’re cooler.” MacCready winked. “Your hat doesn’t even have holes in it yet like mine.” He smiled, tugging it down on the child’s head himself. 

 His face lit up. “You think so?!”

 “I know so.” MacCready nodded. 

 “I’m gonna go tell Shaun!” The kid told them quickly, before racing back off as quick as he had appeared. 

 And in that moment he realized the answer was yes. Yes, he could live happily here. And it was because of Jane that he could do that. It was because of Jane and Shaun and kids like that  that he even had something to be happy about again. MacCready turned back to Jane. “I don’t think I could live happily anywhere else.”

oh it makes me mad, so mad, when I see you guys together. I know that eventually, she will drop you like she did with all the last guys, like a glass vase, and not even clean up your broken pieces from the floor. she is coated with sugar and spice, but under that coating, she is just a piece of rotten, sour candy. although you may see me as a dust coated, old library book, underneath all that dust, is my true story. and once you read it, you will realise how true my love is for you.
Harry Potter Aesthetics (horoscopes)

Aries: red quidditch uniforms, nimbus 2000’s, floating candles, curling up by the fireplace at night

Taurus: ink & parchment, moving pictures, magical tattoos, quills, tawny owls

Gemini: extendable ears, collecting chocolate frog cards, browsing the aisles of Honeydukes

Cancer: pygmy puffs, receiving a package from home, cauldrons, butterbeer, house scarves

Leo: golden snitch, cheering loudly in the quidditch stands, magical fireworks, pranks, celebrating in the house dorms after a successful semester

Virgo: school uniforms, prefect badges, emerald green robes, potion vials

Libra: cats, magical mirrors, wizard cameras, drifting off during History of Magic class, yule balls

Scorpio: love potions, dung bombs, dress robes, running down empty corridors for fear of being late

Sagittarius: Remembralls, enchanted staircases, Bertie Botts every flavor beans, exploring the outskirts of The Forbidden Forest

Capricorn: head boy badges, Christmas at Hogwarts, snowy owls, Wizards Chess, walking in the snow down to Hogsmeade

Aquarius: telescopes, sending a letter, blowing dust off an old book, Ravenclaw Tower

Pisces: Patronuses, crystal balls, Astrology tower, spellbooks, The Black Lake

“find it youngee!” part.1

Teddy wasn’t seen in the library very often, mostly because the dust of the old books made him sneeze his nostrils off. Yet, he would sometimes sneak at night, after the curphew to do some research on a secret project. Finding the good book wasn’t always easy, but tonight, there was an interesting one in his hands. Illuminated by a lonely lamp and hidden behind shelves and shelves, Teddy searched.

Page after page, instructions came upon his eyes, and nothing could disturb him in the middle of the night. A creaking noice reasonated in the silence of the place, but nothing came after it.

Yet, he knew that creak meant feet, and feet meant teacher which itself meant trouble. Not a good combo. Teddy sighed and placed the book on the desk, prefering to get the hell out of here before getting caught but…

Shit, he thought as the looming Slytherin prefect hovered in front of him.

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the dark artifices character aesthetics
  • julian blackthorn: mixed paints, the eerie calm before the storm, silky white bedsheets, an overflow of vanilla extract, damp sand, smell of clean laundry
  • emma carstairs: misty mornings, musky hairspray, the creak of floorboards at night, a heavy pounding heart, bruised knees, finger pricked by a needle
  • mark blackthorn: bitten strawberries, muddy dirt, bright moonlight, the fresh dew of flowers before sunrise, silky soft hair, rooftops under shoes
  • kieran of the hunt: crushed red berries, the sting of a thorn, the smell of fresh pine, stone carved statues, galloping hooves, the feel of adrenaline
  • cristina rosales: early sunlight filtering through the curtains, jagged stones, night time hymns, warm hands, late night rendezvous, a swinging pendulum
  • ty blackthorn: the incessant click clack of keyboards, dust from an opened old book, round wired glasses, neon lights, a soft throw, a quietly ticking clock
  • annabel blackthorn: black ink, slick wet hair, a candle in the dark, a bloody gown, gushing waterfall sounds, a porcelain doll
Him - Robb Stark x Reader

{Credit to gif creator}

Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Robb Stark & Jon Snow {Also mentions/includes other characters}

Word Counter- 1048 Words 

Persona- Female 

Warnings- Mentions of miscarriage. 

Request- Hey, my request is about Robb Stark, where you two get married and you’re in love with him, but he is involved with Talisa and breaks your heart, but you is pregnant with his child, but lost the baby in an accident you suffered. After the loss of the baby, you isolate and accepts no aproximção Robb but develops a strong friendship with Jon during this period leaving very jealous Robb making him see that you have love for you and ends up declaring. Is huge, but I hope you do, I thank you :)

You were sat alone. You often were now. You were sitting on your bed, staring out the window. You were looking back over the past few days. 

You were holding Robb’s arm when you noticed him staring at that nurse girl, Talisa. You knew what he was up to, he was having her behind your back and he loved it. You and he had done it of course, there is the bedding ceremony at the end of the night that meant you basically had to, but you wanted to, Robb would never make you do something you didn’t want to do. 

You were pregnant. Were. You lost the child falling from a horse, you didn’t even want to be riding that horse, but you were and an arrow almost shot you but you had managed to swing to the side, panicing the horse and it darted, leaving you behind on the floor. Your baby was lost. You cried and Robb cried, but he was invested in that Talisa, so it didn’t take him long to cheer up. 

“We can try again when you’re ready,” Robb had told you and you had smiled and kissed him before walking away. 

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The Amis at hogwarts
Ferre and R who started dating early on in first year and are just the best couple ever

Enj and Courf just hopelessly crushing on the two nerds until one day in potions

They make AMORTENTIA in class and Ferre of course starts smelling oil paints, new books, butter beer and honey

But he starts getting hints of Spice, shampoo and other things until suddenly all he can smell is Courf?? Who is all the way across the room with Enj and he’s really confused???



And R isn’t really paying attention until the the smell shifts from Ferre to Enj and R just gets tense because!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?????? AM I SECRETLY WANTING TO BE WITH SOMEONE ELSE???? Now R is internally screaming because he doesn’t know what it means and he’s scared but then same with Ferre it shifts until it’s a blend. And Ferre and R are staring into their pot like ???????? And of course Ferre has to ask R what he’s getting and R AND R IS JUST NOTHING BUT YOU! OLD BOOKS, DUST AND RAIN LOL!!!!!

Because he’s scared of saying if he’s getting something different it’ll cause problems because he doesn’t know!

Meanwhile Courf and Ferre are just staring sadly into their mixture getting mixtures of all the scents at once and thinking that their affections are unrequited

Before your Spellwork

I have some stuff I want you guys to consider before you work your magic - stuff that maybe annoying, mundane, and bothersome, but stuff that will help your magic work.

Unfortunately I have to lay it out in a story lol.

I’ve been a witch for over 13 years.

But for a good portion of that 13 years, I was not a practicing witch. I was in the beginning, but life sometimes gets in the way and, well, that’s what it did. WELL, a few years ago, two things were happening at the same time.

My husband and I were taking a short little vacation to Monterey for our anniversary. That was one of the things. The other thing was that I had dusted off an old book a friend gave me waaaay back in high school – Be a Goddess, by Francesca de Grandis. I had always been afraid to read this book, because for some reason, I never felt like I was ready to. But I finally jumped in a few weeks before our vacation, and felt the witch reawaken inside of me.

In the book, Francesca encourages witches to use our magic for whatever we want! It’s supposed to make us happy, and you know what? We can be material creatures sometimes and that’s okay. You want a new car? Cast a spell to get a new car. Go for it.

BUT there is more to it.

Cast your spell for what you want, but make sure that you open all avenues to get it.

For our vacation, I was worried about money. I was only working part time, and even though I can enjoy myself thoroughly with simple things that cost nothing, my husband is not that kind of person. I wanted us to have enough money for him to feel like he could enjoy himself, so I did a spell for just that. To have enough money on this trip for both of us to enjoy it.

To attract money, I had to make myself open to acquire it. It wasn’t just going to magically appear (lol). I had to convince the universe that I was willing to work for it. Right after I did the spell, I did up a few posts over my social media accounts to announce that I was taking commissions! Anything to attract that extra money, you know?

If you do a spell to attract money, and your work calls you asking you to cover shifts all week long and you turn them down, you have just made your spell fail.

So, that’s my advice to you. Do the spell, but also DO THE WORK. Magic wants to work with you, not for you.

(I got no calls from work for more hours that week, nor did I get any commissions. I was feeling extremely defeated, like maybe practicing witchcraft just wasn’t for me. Then, as we drive into Monterey, my husband suggests that we go out to lunch. We’re sitting down at a cute sandwich place and he says to me “You know, I think we’re going to have a really good time. I realized that I had more spending money for this weekend than I thought!”

Sometimes the results of your magic will come easily, and sometimes they won’t. ;)

If you’re open to both options, you’ll be amazed at how much power is in your spells!)