dust motorcycles

*time for anxious, yay*

Hey there! I already wrote an ad here about a year ago haha.
I’m Sophie and i’m 17 years old (and i’m literally full of sarcastic jokes). Now I graduated from high school and I need to find a couple of a new friends.

I’m interested in:
★ anime (Yuri on Ice, Haikyuu!!, Noragami - it’s my favorite ones) (i’m a shipper, but sh!)
★ music (Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Pentatonix, The Chainsmokers, Melanie Martinez and so on)
★ a e s t e t i c pictures and video (Have you ever seen dust glowing in the sun? Slowly swaying waves? A night city that can be seen from the roof? Diamond dust? Old motorcycles? Stop-stop-stop, I can talk about this forever)
★ text role-playing games and fanfiction
★ GAMES (Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Assasins Creed, The Elder Scrolls and etc.)
★ Marvel’s movie
★ Books and serials (A LOT OF, i’m not kidding)

I’m not interested in:
X politics
X talking with homofobic, sexist or rasict people

WELL, now you can write me if you want so!
you should knoe that I really like to send pictures and photos, sorry not sorry
snapchat - awwmaker
tumblr - sewwrites  (I have no notes but it’s my account, i swear XD)