dust jacket lust


M. S. Corley’s reinterpretation of the Harry Potter covers in the style of Penguin circa the 1960s. Without exception the best DJL has ever seen, although the suits at Warner Bros. effectively scuppered any chance of their being made into prints or being distributed commercially. According to M. S. Corley, he was trying to get Bloomsbury/Scholastic etc. interested in using his designs, but alas nothing seems to have come of it. DJL weeps quietly for what might have been.


More tattoo-art from the Penguin Ink series? And even better than the last set? Why yes indeedy. (These are available from the UK/Australia branches of the Penguin tree, but seeing as how the UK Penguin website is surprisingly useless, it is the Hi-Res Aussie versions DJL brings to you now. Well done, Antipodean Bookworm Techies. Well done. Britlandshires, learn from your Upside-Down Cousins.) 


Books With Matching Tea Things Part XII

DJL lusts openly for this Rosanna Platinum Chandeliers Teapot, and would even revisit Dickens (because actually Great Expectations is one of his least annoying books, even to the point of being actually quite enjoyable) to be seen taking tea with this teapot and this delish little cover.


Personally, DJL can’t think of Isherwood without thinking of Doctor Who shagging men in Berlin for the BBC, but then again it’s her own fault for watching Christopher and His Kind with Matt Smith. However, these Isherwood editions are gorgeous, and the three latest additions (The Memorial, All The Conspirators, and Prater Violet) join their ranks this month, i.e. May 2012.


DJL had almost neglected her duties as Bringer of This Month’s Releases from the Penguin English Library! But fear not, lusty folk, for here are the Nine that are to be released on 26th July 2012, like the Nazgul but with more patterns. DJL particularly enjoys the new take on Dubliners, which has a woeful tendency to get saddled with a black-and-white period cityscape. Yes to purple, and yes to innovative ways of conveying city streets!