dust in the light

deep the carrowmore , ancient dust
and bone lost to us

monk, unbeknownst to himself stands
in the light that he is searching for,
and brings with him the dark, held
by a lamp in the hand, trembling

let me say, I have a terror, a longing I can
tell no one of, I wish now only to be
in my own absence

I was tried without sentiment, like murder,
in the grimoire and vigor of the underworld

and was still found wanting

Places where reality is a bit altered:











• any target
• churches in texas
• abandoned 7/11’s
• your bedroom at 5 am
• hospitals at midnight
• warehouses that smell like dust
• lighthouses with lights that don’t work anymore
• empty parking lots
• ponds and lakes in suburban neighborhoods
• rooftops in the early morning
• inside a dark cabinet

  • playgrounds at night
  • rest stops on highways
  • deep in the mountains
  • early in the morning wherever it’s just snowed
  • trails by the highway just out of earshot of traffic
  • schools during breaks
  • those little beaches right next to ferry docks
  • bowling alleys
  • unfamiliar mcdonalds on long roadtrips
  • your friends living room once everybody but you is asleep
  • laundromats at midnight

what the fuck

  • galeries in art museums that are empty except for you 
  • the lighting section of home depot
  • stairwells

•hospital waiting rooms •airports from midnight to 7am • bathrooms in small concert venues

I just got the weirdest feeling I swear


A lot of these places are called liminal spaces - which means they are throughways from one space to the next. Places like rest stops, stairwells, trains, parking lots, waiting rooms, airports feel weird when you’re in them because their existence is not about themselves, but the things before and after them. They have no definitive place outside of their relationship to the spaces you are coming from and going to. Reality feels altered here because we’re not really supposed to be in them for a long time for think about them as their own entities, and when we do they seem odd and out of place.

The other spaces feel weird because our brains are hard-wired for context - we like things to belong to a certain place and time and when we experience those things outside of the context our brains have developed for them, our brains are like NOPE SHIT THIS ISN’T RIGHT GET OUT ABORT ABORT. Schools not in session, empty museums, being awake when other people are asleep - all these things and spaces feel weird because our brain is like “I already have a context for this space and this is not it so it must be dangerous.” Our rational understanding can sometimes override that immediate “danger” impulse but we’re still left with a feeling of wariness and unease. 

Listen I am very passionate about liminal spaces they are fascinating stuff or perhaps I am merely a nerd. 

I, for one, appreciate your passion for liminal spaces and thank you for explaining it to the rest of us.

You feel like you’re nothing,
Not a whiff in the wind.
The feeling’s so crushing,
How could you be so blind?

You are my everything.
You are my sun and my moon,
You are my ups and downs.
You are my whole life,
You are my smiles and my frowns.

You are those little moments of bliss
You are my thoughts and my feelings.
You are my first kiss
You are myself and my being.

You control my thoughts
You make me think of you
You take away my free will
You make me say,
You make me do.

You must understand that this is not a bad thing
You are my guidance
You are my compass
You are my saviour
You are my hero

You are who I need
You are for whom I breath.


The universe seems to be smiling at those of us wanting news about His Dark Materials today! 

From this exciting bit we have learned several things:

  • The first episode is called “Roger” (though this can of course change as production goes on)
  • We will begin in Lyra’s world.
  • We’ll probably start on what seems to be the northern lights? That would be my guess. 

EDIT: Also, main writer Jack Thorne is being cheeky with us on twitter, and I kind of love it.

The Helix Nebula in Infrared : What makes this cosmic eye look so red? Dust. The featured image from the robotic Spitzer Space Telescope shows infrared light from the well-studied Helix Nebula a mere 700 light-years away in the constellation of the Water Carrier Aquarius. The two light-year diameter shroud of dust and gas around a central white dwarf has long been considered an excellent example of a planetary nebula, representing the final stages in the evolution of a Sun-like star. But the Spitzer data show the nebulas central star itself is immersed in a surprisingly bright infrared glow. Models suggest the glow is produced by a dust debris disk. Even though the nebular material was ejected from the star many thousands of years ago, the close-in dust could have been generated by collisions in a reservoir of objects analogous to our own solar systems Kuiper Belt or cometary Oort cloud. Had the comet-like bodies formed in the distant planetary system, they would have survived even the dramatic late stages of the stars evolution. via NASA