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“There was an effortlessness to the way they depicted magic that made it feel exotic and very familiar at the same time. It was a big influence on me. The fairy Godmother starts to work with the wand. No pixie dust is flowing from it, so she has to slap it against her palm in order to get the magic flowing. This mundane aspect of it being clogged intersecting with something as fanciful as a magic wand is wonderful to me.” -Brad Bird

Stray Birds | Herbert & Philippe


How long has it been since he last saw him? Since he last sung his brother to sleep, since he last glanced upon his childish, virtuous grin?

So long, that words had turned to dust, lost in the flow of time and rendered insignificant by the crushing weight of life’s demands. Long gone were the inconsequential days back in Picardie, the laughter he shared with his dear siblings weaving through the woods of Compiègne now only a bitter aftertaste on his tongue. He had gone home, once or twice, but never in time to make it for anything that mattered, and every time, with the slight scorn in his sister’s tone, he conceded his chance to meet with his brother.

Little Philippe, all grown up now.

He wonders how much his petit frère remembers of him.

“— and then there was this damned priest, you know? That one! The new one in town that clutches onto the skirts of his eminence—”

Eighteen years was far too long. Though overjoyed upon learning the news of Philippe’s relocation, that joy quickly receded into a perplexing feeling of guilt. That of a child so long removed from home, the word felt like nothing but an uncertain murmur on inattentive lips. He had dreamt, more than once, spreading his arms out like wings and gliding back to the lands that nurtured him, only waking up to find his appendages long saturated. He couldn’t even climb off his bed, let along fly.

“The new one—” this damned priest, the priest, this could only be referring to one. There can only one god damned priest in this wretched world that would walk between two men in a tavern that was about to beat the hell out of each other.

“What did he look like?” Herbert asked, voice edged with curiosity and what may resemble repentance, if only he were to admit to it.

“What? Oh, a tall folk he was, dark, long hair…” the man voiced, recollecting some unseemly memories to his captain. “To about here,” he waved his hands right above his shoulders.

“Bit ragged and greasy for a priest if you’d ask me. Would never have guessed, if not for the cloth covering him. Why, captain? You seem concerned.” He shot Herbert a glance, tone inquisitive and slightly trimmed with heedfulness.

Right, he’d never spoke of his family. “It might be someone I knew, back in Picardie.” He reassured the soldier, in a trivial, solemn tone much like his usual one. “Perhaps I will pay him a visit.”

His letters were not replied, he hadn’t heard of Philippe from his eminence either. The incidental sojourns he’d had made to Saint-Eustache the past two months were all unaccomplished. That’s one hell lack of luck, he thought, or was it a predetermined fate that he shall not accidentally run in to his brother before his repentance had been sanctioned? Had it been the same for Philippe? Did he try to seek me out? Sure he had been busy for some weeks here and there, but he’d had expected to at least hear from his brother. If not from the one in question himself, then at least from the Cardinal.

He paced along the skirts of the Seine after a lazy morning of office work, dressed formally in his full attire feasibly to remind him of his purpose, his mind once again fallen into a trance of aching, a pitiful mourn of lost familiarity.

It was Sunday, mass day, should he give it another shot? Sooner or later, he should re-muster the courage to face the one he has forsaken, though an apology didn’t seem appropriate. He had promised he’d be back, whole, and they’d go on adventures again. Those words, also, had been broken promises, and life, the grand adventure that actually posed meaning, carried on in his absence. He was but a bygone now, no doubt. Philippe had been much too young to remember him, and it might be for the best.

Though eventually, he did find his way to the church. He paced around the corners of the newly erected, dignified architecture as masses of people swarmed the nearby streets and court. He slowly circled closer and closer to the building, as it seem to suggest that he had chosen a brilliant timing. He may, perchance, finally catch a glimpse of his brother in midst of all the solemn prayers.

He felt like a heathen.

Father Dubois… The voice was distant and meek, but the syllables were clear. Could it be?

The realisation was so obscure he felt like he was dreaming. He turned his head towards the voice, his gaze landed on a tall, courtly figure. Tall, long hair… to about here, bit ragged and greasy for a priest if you’d ask me. He couldn’t have mistaken.

…Phili? The words couldn’t form, it seemed distant, and nearly foreign on the tongue. It choked him back, along with every other emotions rampaging through every fibre of his being, he finally saw him again, that’s him, right? Mon frère? Mon frère cadet?

He took a step back, tempted to turn away as he suddenly wasn’t ready to face the one he had deserted.

His brother, the one that he had sung to, the one with that innocent and virtuous grin, the one that he had saved from a tree, patched up, played with and promised that no harm shall ever come to him. Now, eighteen years later, was standing right there, a dozen steps away from him. Were they really fated to reunite?

He might have mistaken, and in some way, he wished he had.

Day 291: Is It Okay?

Pyro is a little nervous about something.

There wasn’t much that could beat a shower at the end of a long day. Especially a nice cold shower on what had been an absolute scorcher of a New Mexico summer day. With the dust and grime flowing down the drain, he grabbed his towel and made his way back to his room.

The good mood that he’d been riding came to a sudden, wary halt as he stepped in. Sitting on his bed, mask lifted just enough to expose the lower part of their face, was Pyro. Pyro sitting in that way they had that meant there was something on their mind and, had it been anyone else, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But it took something big to drag Pyro out of their lollipop and fire filled world to have a heart to heart.


Hanging his towel on the back of the door, Scout ran through every possible scenario that could have lead to this. He hadn’t done or said anything that Pyro could have taken the wrong way, at least not that he could think of. The team had been doing well in their recent run of matches against RED, and even Spy had been complimentary of the new tactics that they’d been working on in their off time.

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Hair Clip

Type: One Shot
Genre: Fluff
Member: Jeonghan
Word count: 2,926
A/N: Sorry if it’s a bit messy. Haven’t slept yet :)

“Where the hell did they all go?” You deeply exhale, staring down at the mess before you. Notebooks, random money change, and writing utensils were spilled out into a pile on the floor.

Where did all your hairclips go?

“Come on, are you kidding me?” You flip your backpack over and furiously shake it again. In hopes that bobby pins would magically pour out, only small particles of dust flow out. You let out a defeated groan as your arms drop down.

You swore your backpack was a magical black hole. The most random things show up when you weren’t looking for them and go missing when you come searching for them.

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Paper Stars; Prologue

If you saw that comic i re-blogged about paper stars and wishes and only wanting a friend and all the MaBill blogs were gushing over it, then this AU fic is for you! This fic is beta’d and mostly thought up by @count-the-shooting-stars so a huge lovable thanks to them! Rated K my friends.

Finally finding the switch in the dark, Mabel clicked the power button on, successfully blinding herself with her bedside lamp as she cringed and rubbed her eyes to stop the soft burning. She blinked a few times when she was done and leaned off the side of her mattress to see if the light had stirred her brother on the bunk above her, but he didn’t seem bothered by it whatsoever.
She let out a soft huff through her nose and rested her chin in her hands as her eyes focused in on something minuscule in her dimly lit room, her thought process working to try to make sense of what the dream she had woken up from was. She was used to weird dreams that made no sense, ones that she couldn’t even remember fully when she woke up and others that almost felt like a memory but this one was extremely vivid even for her. It left goosebumps on her arms and she can still feel the star-dust flowing through her hair if she really paid enough attention to it. She even remembered what the man had taught her, about the paper stars.

Mabel wasn’t too bothered by the fact that she was floating in space, if anything this felt kind of normal to her except this time it felt more calm and distant than filled with colorful galaxies and what she perceived to be aliens walking and talking. There were twinkling stars all around her, some small some big, most far away but few were close enough to ghost over her skin and filter through her hair enchanting her with their beauty and lighting up her eyes.

“Hello there.”

Mabel jumped in her own skin and whipped around quickly to find where the voice was coming from but she just kept spinning in place as she couldn’t find anyone, just a blanket of white dots stretching in her view as she spun.

“Stop that, you’ll get dizzy.”

Finally she saw it, or rather him, standing just a few feet away from her on a thin gold platform. In fact, everything about him was gold or yellow in some way or another. She admired his fancy style and wanted a top hat just like the one he owned. She let herself float over and land on the circle with him, standing before him she noticed how much taller he was and she had a feeling it wasn’t just because he was an adult either.

“Who are you?” Her voice felt soft and airy and she didn’t mean for it to come out that gentle but she had no qualms with it. She couldn’t tell if the man didn’t hear her or if he was simply ignoring her as he reached into his coat and pulled out a pink strip of thin paper and he held it out for her to see.

“Do you like stars?”

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Dethrone of a God |Godformers|

🔭 |- Visiting Vithigus here in the mortal realm was relaxing. Visiting didn’t areas of the world here and enjoying the views and work other gods had created to make this world what it had become. But as night grew he had to depart and ready the stars for the night sky. However, as he was leaving this world to his temple of stars he was stopped by humans in a drunken state. “Seems like your a long way from home.” One spoke and the others soon chimed in. Blocking off any exit the god had of escaping. Of course he could teleport back to his temple but these humans had god like powers given to them by someone.

Astérix was confused by this and his powers seemed limited in defrauding himself. “I want no trouble.” The god of space spoke but seemed like he would get trouble. One by one the men punched and knocked him to the lowest point they could get before one took off his amulet that held the galaxies he created along with his powers. Feeling his powers already start to slip away he tried to get it back. “No, that is not yours to take!” But it was to late. The man dropped it and crushed it under his foot. Releasing all of his magic and powers and destroying all he had created. “No!” Astérix cried. His wings stated to disenagrate into dust, desperately trying to stop it as he stood but soon there was no trace of them left. The dust of his wings flowed away in the wind. His cloths turned into ragged cloths of that someone so poor. His hors cracked and disappeared. The blue stripe in his hair turn black like the rest. His strong body turned frail like a child’s as he collapsed to the ground to weak to stand. The men disappeared because he could no longer see the gods and their forms unless they showed themselves to him.

His temple above in the heavens as well in the mortal world fell apart like an old stone building giving way. The stars and moon above dimmed as if drained of their life. He was human now. A fallen god stripped of everything and put in a weakened state. The Northern lights would no longer appear in the sky as they disappeared with the night. Astérix confused, upset, weak and broken soon started to cry as he was sick here with nothing. Everything he worked for and done where gone. A brothern God in the heavens above did it out of jealously.



Castrignano del Capo, Italy


Mostly Mute Monday: Water On Mars

“These “gullies” that form are seen to be actively growing, and don’t come about from landslides, avalanches or dust flow. Instead, our orbiters teach us that the lineae have perchlorate salt deposits in them, evidence that liquid water dissolves them and flows there, sublimates/evaporates, and leaves them behind.”

It wasn’t merely one discovery that led to the announcement of liquid water on Mars, but a slew of pieces of evidence of a watery past, including dried-up riverbeds, sedimentary rock formations, martian spherules, frozen lakes and subsurface ice. Couple that with the recurring slope lineae – and the discovery that they grow and leave salt deposits behind – and you’ve got a planet with not only liquid water, but possibly the potential for life right now on the surface.

Shoreline of the Universe: Against dark rifts of interstellar dust, the ebb and flow of starlight along the Milky Way looks like waves breaking on a cosmic shore in this night skyscape. Taken with a digital camera from the dunes of Hatteras Island, North Carolina, planet Earth, the monochrome image is reminiscent of the time when sensitive black and white film was a popular choice for dimmly lit night- and astro-photography. Looking south, the bright stars of Sagittarius and Scorpius are near the center of the frame. Wandering Mars, Saturn, and Zubenelgenubi form the compact triangle of bright celestial beacons farther right of the galaxys central bulge. Of course, the evocative black and white beach scene could also be from that vintage 1950s scifi movie you never saw, It Came From Beyond the Dunes. via NASA

Summer, summer

FF – Haikyuu!! – Summer, summer

Warnings: None
Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Kageyama Tobio
Relationships: Kageyama/Hinata
Summary: Five minutes later, they shared a bag of candy between them as they walked. The bag was nestled in the basket of Hinata’s bicycle, and the sweets were every bit as lovely as they imagined it to be. Kageyama wondered if Hinata walked past the sweet shop with such pining in his eyes every day, and was distracted by the way Hinata sucked on his fingers to get the sugar dust out.

A/N: So I got this stupid idea that they’ll be the sort to walk one another home, and end up going up and down that same distance so many times it ends up a date. And that’s how dumb butt 1 and dumb butt 2 got their first date. Really sloppy proof-reading on this one because the letters are all starting to dance, but I want to push it out before I went to bed. Can be read as a prequel to Five Plus One, if you want.

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Jet in Carina: Composed of gas and dust, the pillar resides in a tempestuous stellar nursery called the Carina Nebula, located 7,500 light-years away in the southern constellation Carina. Scorching radiation and fast winds (streams of charged particles) from nearby stars are sculpting the pillar and causing new stars to form within it. Streamers of gas and dust can be seen flowing off the top of the structure. (📸@NASAWebb)

Dust vortices flowing from the desert

Europeans are familiar with the occasional sandy rains that leave their cars coated with an infinitesimal part of the great Saharan ergs, and the Amazon rainforest is fertilised by the wind borne dust that flies right across the Atlantic. Here the cloud of particles was blowing northwards, but the obstacle of the volcanic Canary isles got in the way, and parted around the obstacles poking up into the atmosphere. The taller islands to the left poke up higher than the lower ones, as can be seen from the size of the distortion in the air currents.


Image credit: NASA


ARP 87

Arp 87 is a stunning pair of interacting galaxies. Stars, gas, and dust flow from the large spiral galaxy, NGC 3808, forming an enveloping arm around its companion. The shapes of both galaxies have been distorted by their gravitational interaction. Arp 87 is located in the constellation of Leo, the Lion, approximately 300 million light-years away from Earth. Arp 87 appears in Arp’s Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies. As also seen in similar interacting galaxies, the corkscrew shape of the tidal material suggests that some stars and gas drawn from the larger galaxy have been caught in the gravitational pull of the smaller one. This image was taken in February 2007 with Hubble’s Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 detector.

Credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)