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『Learn Korean with Kpop』BTS - Spring Day

보고 싶다 이렇게 말하니까 더 보고 싶다
I miss you, when I say that, I miss you more

보고 싶다: I miss you
-니까: since, because
이렇게 말하니까: since I saying (like) this
더: more

너희 사진을 보고 있어도 보고 싶다
Although I’m looking at your photo, I still miss you

너희: your
사진: photo, picture
을: object particle
보고 있어 (보고 있다): looking at
도: although, even though

너무 야속한 시간 
Time is so cruel

너무: so (negative)
야속한’s dictionary form is 야속하다: cruel, harsh
시간: time

나는 우리가 밉다
I hate us

나: I
는: topic particle
우리: we
가: subject particle
밉다: hate

이제 얼굴 한 번 보는 것 조차 힘들어진 우리가
Now it’s difficult to even see each other(’s face)

이제: now
얼굴: face
한 번: once
보는 것: to see
조차: even
힘들어진’s dictionary form is 힘들어지다: getting tough, hard, difficult
얼굴 한 번 보는 것 조차 힘들어진 우리가: it’s difficult even to see each other’s face once

여긴 온통 겨울 뿐이야 
Here is all winter

여긴 is shortened for 여기는: here
온통: all, wholly
겨울: winter
뿐이야’s dictionary form is 뿐이다: only  

8월에도 겨울이 와
Even in August, winter is here

8월: August
에 is time/location particle: in, at
도: even
와’s dictionary form is 오다: come
이: subject particle
겨울이 와 (겨울이 오다): winter is here

마음은 시간을 달려가네 
My heart is rushing the time

마음: heart
시간: time
을: object particle
달려가네’s dictionary form is 달려가다: run, dash, rush

홀로 남은 설국열차
Snowpiercer, that’s left alone

설국열차: Snowpiercer
홀로: by oneself, alone
남은’s dictionary form is 남다: remain, left

니 손 잡고 지구 반대편까지 가 
I wanna hold your hand and go to the other side of the earth

니 -> 네 -> 너의: your
손: hand
잡고: hold and
지구: earth
반대편: the opposite side, other side
까지: to
가’s dictionary form is 가다: go

이 겨울을 끝내 고파
Want to end this winter

이: this
겨울: winter
을: object particle
끝내’s dictionary form is 끝내다: finish (off), end
고파: want to

그리움들이 얼마나 눈처럼 내려야 
How much longing has to fall like snow

그리움들: 들 is the plural marker, 그리움 means longing, yearning
이: subject particle
얼마나: how much
눈: snow
처럼: like, as (if)
내려’s dictionary form is 내리다: fall, come down
야: must, have to

그 봄날이 올까
For that spring days to come?

그: that
봄날: spring day
이: subject particle
올까: -까 is used to make a sentence into a question.


허공을 떠도는 작은 먼지처럼 
Like a small piece of dust that floats in the air

허공: air
떠도는’s dictionary form is 떠돌다: float, drift
작은’s dictionary form is 작다: small
먼지: dust
처럼: like

작은 먼지처럼 날리는 눈이 나라면 
If the flying snow was me

날리는’s dictionary form is 날리다: fly
나: me, I
라면: if

조금 더 빨리 네게 닿을 수 있을 텐데
I could reach you a bit faster

조금 더: a bit more
빨리: fast
네: you
게: to
닿을 수 있을 텐데: 닿다 is to reach. -수 있을 텐데 means could do sth

눈꽃이 떨어져요
Snowflakes are falling

눈꽃: snowflake
이: subject particle
떨어져’s dictionary form is 떨어지다: fall, drop

또 조금씩 멀어져요
Getting further away

또: again
조금씩: a bit
멀어져’s dictionary form is 멀어지다: grow away

보고 싶다
I miss you

보고 싶다
I miss you

얼마나 기다려야 
How long do I have to wait?

얼마나: how long (the verb following is ‘to wait’, so you wouldn’t say ‘how much do I have to wait’)
기다려’s dictionary form is 기다리다: wait
야: must, have to

또 몇 밤을 더 새워야
How many more nights do I have to stay up?

또: again
몇: how many
밤: night
을 is the object particle
더: more
새워’s dictionary form is 새우다: stay up all night
야: must, have to

널 보게 될까 
Until I can see you?

널 is shortened for 너를: you
보게 될까: can see

만나게 될까
Until I can meet you?

만나’s dictionary form is 만나다: meet
-게 되다 means ‘to end up…’, when you attach after a verb, it means events that occurs happens out of one’s control, almost by chance or fate.

추운 겨울 끝을 지나 
Past the end of this cold winter

추운’s dictionary form is 춥다: cold
겨울: winter
끝: end
지나’s dictionary form is 지나다: go past

다시 봄날이 올 때까지
Until the spring comes again

다시: again
까지: until
올 때까지: until it comes

꽃 피울 때까지 
Until the flowers blooms again

꽃: flower
피울’s dictionary form is 피우다: bloom

그곳에 좀 더 머물러줘 
Stay there a little longer

그곳: that place, there
에: location-marking particle
좀 더: a little longer
머물러줘 : (please) stay (for me)

Stay there

니가 변한 건지
Did you change?

니 is 네: you
가: subject particle
변한’s dictionary form is 변하다: change
건지 is shortened from것인지: it makes the sentence an indirect question – linking with the following line, it’s saying “is it you that changed or did I change?”

아니면 내가 변한 건지
Or did I change?

이니면: or
내: I
가: subject particle

이 순간 흐르는 시간조차 미워 
I even hate this moment that is elapsing

이: this
순간: moment
흐르는’s dictionary form is 흐르다: passing, elapsing
조차: even
미워’s dictionary form is 밉다: hate

우리가 변한 거지 뭐 
I guess we changed

우리: we
가: subject particle
뭐: well, then - used when the situation can’t be changed (what else?, you know, that’s all)

모두가 그런 거지 뭐
I guess that’s how everything is

모두: everything
가: subject particle
그런: that
거지 is shortened from 것이지: -지 is a sentence ending for stating something softly.

그래 밉다 니가 
Yeah I hate you

그래: Yeah
밉다: hate
니 is 네: you

넌 떠났지만 
Although you left

넌 is shortened from 너는: you
떠났’s dictionary form is 떠나다: leave
-지만: but, although

단 하루도 너를 잊은 적이 없었지 난
There hasn’t been a day that I have forgotten (about) you

하루: day
단 하루도: even a day
너: you
를: object particle
잊은’s dictionary form is 잊다: forget
적이 없다: have never
난 is shortened from 나는: I

솔직히 보고 싶은데 
Honestly, I miss you

솔직히: honestly
보고 싶은데: I miss you (but)

이만 너를 지울게
But now I’ll erase you

이만: now
너: you
를: object particle
지울게: will erase (dictionary form is 지우다: erase)

그게 널 원망하기보단 덜 아프니까
Because that will hurt less than resenting you

그게: that
널 is shortened from 너를: you
원망하기’s dictionary form is 원망하다: blame, resent
보단 is shortened from 보다는: than
덜: less
아프’s dictionary from is 아프다: hurt
-니까: because

시린 널 불어내 본다 
I’m trying to blow out the cold you

시린’s dictionary form is 시리다: cold
널 is shortened from 너를: you
불어내’s dictionary form is 불어내다: blow out
-본다: trying to

연기처럼 하얀 연기처럼
Like smoke, like white smoke

연기: smoke
처럼: like
하얀: white

말로는 지운다 해도 
Even I say that I’m gonna erase you

말로: in word
는: topic particle
도: even

사실 난 아직 널 보내지 못하는데
But actually, I still can’t let you go

사실: actually
난 is shortened from 나는: I
아직: still
널 is shortened from 너를: you
보내’s dictionary form is 보내다: let you go, send away
지 못하다: can’t

눈꽃이 떨어져요 
Snowflakes are falling

또 조금씩 멀어져요
Getting further away

보고 싶다 
I miss you

보고 싶다
I miss you

얼마나 기다려야 
How long do I have to wait?

또 몇 밤을 더 새워야
How many more nights do I have to stay up?

널 보게 될까 
Until I can see you? 

만나게 될까
Until I can meet you?

You know it all 
You’re my best friend 

아침은 다시 올 거야
The morning will come again

아침: morning
은: topic particle
다시: again
올 거야: will come - dictionary form is 오다 

어떤 어둠도 어떤 계절도 영원할 순 없으니까
Because no darkness, no season can last forever

어둠: darkness
계절: season
영원할’s dictionary form is 영원하다: forever
-니까: because

벚꽃이 피나봐요 
Cherry blossoms are blooming

벚꽃: cheery blossoms
이: object particle
피나봐요: it seems that it’s blooming

이 겨울도 끝이 나요
This winter is also coming to an end

이: this
겨울: winter
도: even, also
끝이 나요: end

보고 싶다 
I miss you

보고 싶다
I miss you

조금만 기다리면 
If I wait a little longer

조금만: just a little
기다리다: wait
면: if

며칠 밤만 더 새우면
If I stay up a few more nights

며칠: several days
밤: night
만: only
더: more
새우다: stay up (all night)
면: if

만나러 갈게
I’ll go see you

만나’s dictionary form is 만나다: see, meet
-러: to (do something)
갈게: will go – dictionary form is 가다

데리러 갈게 
I’ll go pick you up

데리’s dictionary form is 데리다: pick up

추운 겨울 끝을 지나 
Past the end of this cold winter

다시 봄날이 올 때까지
Until the spring comes again

꽃 피울 때까지 
Until the flowers bloom again

그곳에 좀 더 머물러줘 
Stay there a little longer

Stay there

BTS - A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone
BTS - Not Today

sometimes my mother tells me she loves me and i don’t want to say it back / i say it anyway. she taught me long ago that what i want is not as important as what other people need.

i am still trying to untangle that lie.

sometimes my father hugs me like i am all he has left in this world. i want nothing more than to leave. i stay because i carry his heart on my shoulders and my shoulders are already shaking. if i move it will fall.

i refuse to break hearts if i can help it / i cannot always help it.

yesterday i fell in love with an idea, with a floating cloud of dust / half-invisible / choking on air, on the particles of you.

tomorrow i will try to remind myself to look at the stars. i will forget to stare at the sky but this is fine / this is fine / i can find them in your eyes just as easy. next week i will try to remind myself to hold your hand. i will forget.

i am too busy staring at andromeda / the chained maiden. love never lasts and this is how i navigate home.

l.s. | HIRAETH © 2017

A World of Color

Originally posted by thelongwindedblues

Request: “ This idea came from new-fanfic-order’s Marvel blog, but I think it would be really good! A soulmate fic where your soulmate is the only person you see in color, but since kylo’s clothes are monochrome, only he knows you’re meant for eachother.”

Summary: Soulmate AU: (Y/N), princess of Lysatra, has been cursed from a young age by the infamous Supreme Leader Snoke. In hopes to end the last of the Resistance’s allies he happily awaits the day for his curse to enter the last phase. With all things going according to plan Snoke sends his most trusted knight and apprentice, Kylo Ren to finish the job. Little do either of them know however, that things are going to take an unexpected turn.

A/N: I really seriously love this concept haha, I hope I did it justice. I also remember someone requesting something along the lines of a Sleeping Beauty AU (I unfortunately cleared it cause my requests are closed but it’s meshing into this one) and it seemed so perfect for this. Hope you all like it!

In the dim light of the seemingly grand but bare hall Kylo stood with all his attention focused before him. Despite Starkiller’s destruction, Snoke assured he still had a space in which he could speak to his apprentice. Though rather than a hologram, Kylo was looking directly into the sunken eyes of the humanoid he called master. 

Snoke shifted his boney hand slightly, observing it for a moment before he spoke.

“Do you know why I have called you here today?”

Opting not to nod Kylo simply stared at his master, “Yes.”

Snoke smirked as he turned to face Kylo. Though Kylo was accustomed to his masters appearance, the sight would send chills down anyone else’s spine. 

“As I knew you would. …Today is the day in which we get one step closer to destroying the Jedi, as well as the Resistance.”

Snoke straightened himself in his seat as a more mischevious but subtle smirk settled onto his face.

“Lysatra has long been a sympathizer for the Resistance and a known home to force users and former padawans alike.”

Instantly Kylo stopped the horrid memories from playing in his mind once again. It was as if his subconcious was programmed to replay the fateful evening every time the word was uttered. What was done was done and he was onto a far greater path. Wasn’t he?

“Their beloved princess is not only intelligent, but a rare force user. A balance within herself. Mastering both the light and dark without claiming either as a refuge. Word has already surfaced that they wish to send her to Skywalker, further train her in her abilities. With her Skywalker would double his odds of defeating us. That is where you come in, my wise apprentice.”

Kylo straightened his shoulders, as if in an interview for the first time.

“As you know, in my own ability, I placed a curse of the force upon her through a tainted kyber crystal. Now after years of waiting, she has finally fallen into a deep, unshakeable sleep. That, however, is not good enough. We need to be sure Skywalker gains no more assets whatsoever. She must be rid of.”

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Character(s): You X Jooheon, Best!FriendKihyun

Genre: smut, fluff, romance

Warning(s): tatted!Jooheon, but he’s actually a fluff, thigh riding, college!au, praise!kink, dirty talk but lmao that’s always, thereS SO MUCH FILTH

Length: 10,687 words (im so sorry this is so long but there was no point for me to break it off into two parts)

A/N: Tatted jooheon sounds like the hottest thing ever im crYING

Empty cardboard boxes litter your dorm floor, bubble wrap and torn pieces of tape scattered around the trashcan. You sigh, the last rays of golden sunlight filtering in through the window next to your bed, catching on the particles of dust floating in the air. The first day of college had always been something you looked forward to, excited at the prospect of finding freedom and independence for the first time. It all seemed so daunting now, thoughts of failing classes and nervous breakdowns at three in the morning racing through your mind.

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Human Shield - A SuperCorp fic

I don’t always have time to make complete comics. I work. A LOT. But this was a really interesting idea I wanted to explore. And @luthoring​ encouraged me, sooooo… here you go.

Beyond the cut is the result, expanding on this comic. Written entirely from Lena’s perspective.

Fair warning: there is violence, injury, and angst. 

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Draco! ... Snape?

Warnings: No

Word Count: 1300

Pairing: Draco x reader 

Summary: Draco and Y/n are togather, but snape, who’s like a father figure to Y/N find out. 

Requested: HELL YEAS

Edited with little care because yall already know I’m the best writer around😂 jk I just got lazy 

Originally posted by imagines-for-the-lonely-soul

“Severus?” You singsonged as you walked into the empty potions classroom. It was just to the beginning of the year, and you wanted to see  Snape before class. You walked throughout his classroom looking at the neat room that would soon be a mess in 30 minutes. “Severus! Where are you!” You heard footsteps coming from his office and began to smile.
A man with black hair, no longer greasy peered over the corner. Severus was usually kind to you, but instead of being the kind man, his face looked eerily similar to the looks he gave Mr. Potter.
“What did I say Y/L/N, about using my first name?” His wand was pointed at you and his same mean face was painted on. You huffed and began to walk out of his class. But his voice stopped you. “Are you going to leave without giving me a hug Y/N?” You turned around excitedly and gave your favorite professor a hug. You laughed as you hugged him.
Snape was quite misunderstood, and you usually found yourself trying to keep him in line when it came to Harry Potter.  He found out your parents died when you were in year one and naturally, pitied you, and gave you love like any father would. With that came tremendous protection. You could never date anyone that didn’t pass acceptable in his class, and no Malfoy, Weasleys or Potter. But just like any daughter, you were one to go behind their back and date someone he did not want you too.
Draco Malfoy was your boyfriend, and you both kept it very secret. He didn’t want his parents knowing he was dating a half-blood, and Snape would not be happy finding you dating Malfoy. He always told you that he was bad, but he never said why.
“Oh dear god, Y/N! I must get ready for class. Get out of here,” He beckoned at the door, walking quickly toward his office.
During free period you walked into the library. You were still in denial. You had never lied to him, especially about something he forbid you to do. But you were a teenage girl, you were too tempted not to.
You were in the library, running your hands over the broken bonds of the stories. Dust collected everywhere while spiders and cobwebs collected on books that nobody read. Nearly broken lights hung by a wire from the cracked ceiling. The ground was a landfill of torn pages, glass and, books. Dust floated lazily in the air causing a difficulty breathing, and every step put more of it into the air. By now you realized you have wondered in the Restricted section of the library.
“Miss me?” You looked up cautiously to the voice. Draco. You smiled at him and brought him into a hug.
“What do you think?” You laughed at him quietly. You pulled away, and reached for his hand, pulling him down the shelves, weaving deeper and deeper into the restricted section.
“I think,” He stopped you abruptly “We need a proper hello.” He leaned you up against the bookshelf and brushed his lips against yours. He did it in one swift movement, but so slow and calm. And when he kissed you, it wasn’t innocent. It was a tease, a hot—passionate tease. You were both so seduced by each other’s touch you couldn’t think straight. He pressed his tongue to the join of your lips and didn’t ask for any grant of access. He pushed his tongue down your mouth. You haven’t seen each other in ages, and this was a perfect hello. Your arms reached up around his neck and held him closer to you. His hands held your waist, keeping you stable. You could feel his tongue roll off yours and seep down your throat with every push of your own.
Your lips felt so gentle so warm. Your hands begin to slide up his chest and encircle his neck, as the kiss began to grow heavy. You continued kissing him hungrily wanting more. And as Draco’s kiss continued down your neck a wave of pure pleasure ran through his entire being. Your perfume was intoxicating, and your body was just as addicting.  He kissed your earlobe first. It was soft but hungry. Then he worked down your neck to your collar bone before coming right back up for the lips.
All his and your secrets were laid bare, all that was left was the passion between you two.
He kissed you, and it felt like a January storm.
“We have to get to class,” you tugged on his sleeve. “As much as I love you in that black tux, We have to go.” He groaned at you and pulled you into his chest.
“Why can’t we skip class, head to my room,” He tried to reason with you although he knew he had no chance of winning. You looked up at him and saw a glimmer in his eyes. “I’ll make sure it’s worth your while,” he smirked. You laughed at him and pulled him down to the entrance of the restricted section.
“I bet you would. But you’ll have to wait until classes are over.” You peered over the exit of the section and saw nobody was there, so you quickly hurried out and down towards the library exit.
Before you both left, he leaned in a gave you a quick kiss. But as you pulled away you heard a cough. You both turned slowly and were met with a now pinched face, angery Severus Snape. You couldn’t believe your eyes. You had been caught.
“Malfoy, I see you have managed to get your vomitous, revolting lips on Ms. Y/L/N.” Malfoy wasn’t even going to help, he told you when the cats out of the bag, he would have no trouble showing you off.
“It appears I have,” He smiled devilishly.
“I would like to see both of you in detention tonight. No funny business either.,” He said firmly before walking away. You couldn’t believe that just happened, and you didn’t expect Draco you act like that.
“Look what you did,” You pouted at him. “Now Severus will never speak to me.”
“Nonsense,” He smiled, pulling you into a hug. “You are amazing..” You couldn’t help but smile meekly. “And that Snape knows, and you were the only one really worried about anyone knowing, I can show off what’s mine finally.”
“I guess you’re right.” And that was perhaps the only good thing you got out of this.

In detention, Severus didn’t even glance at you. He was spiteful to no end, that’s one thing you learned about him. If he was unhappy with someone he cared about, he would torture them and make sure they were unhappy as well. That’s what you and Ms. Lily Evans learned. But this time it was worse. You weren’t losing a racist friend, you were losing a father. But before long Snape walked over to Draco’s seat and was ready to give him a piece of his mind.
Grabbing him by the collar, he raised Draco high into the hair.
“If you so as for think of ever hurting my daughter, I will kill you just as fast as you could say mud blood.” He never called you daughter. “And if you think you’re ever going to pursue the task he gave you, and be with her, you will be killed.”
And although you had no idea what was going on, you sat back and watched. “But as you I can see,” Snape trailed off. “You love her.” He paused “You look at her the same way I looked at…”
“Lily,” you mumbled. And with Draco falling to the ground, he sauntered to his office, giving you permission to pursue the one you love most. Draco.

Jonathan Byers x Reader (Request)

Request from @phan—anime: Can I request a Jonathan Byers fluffy imagine where you go missing instead of will and you and Jon secretly like each other - he goes crazy when you’re home but when you return it’s super cute and he says his feelings to you etc ? I have no idea if that makes sense - thank you in advance xx

A/N: Jonathan Byers is my photography loving, The Clash listening babe and I will forever love him.

Word Count: 3712 words

Originally posted by happycookiie

The place you hid in was cold. But you missed it dearly, or rather, the real version of it that you’d grown to love. Not this dystopian, crumbling version. No, certainly not.

You heard voices sometimes, but you believed them to be purely in your head.

There was no way you could hear Will, or Jonathan or even Joyce, not when you were so far away from them. You put it down to hiding in their house, staying there obviously was affecting your mental health combined with this world you seemed to have been dragged into.

You’d ran, and ran and ran. Away from the thing that had brought you here. You’d barely made it alive. It had run after you for ages, constantly on your tail. But you made it into Jonathan’s house, the only place that had come to mind for you to go. Needless to say, you were broken when you got there and found it to be empty, although you’d known deep down that it would be.

You missed talking to people. Going to the cinemas and seeing films with Nancy and Steve, walking in the forest with Jonathan taking photos of you. You especially loved the walks. Playing D&D with the boys, and dramatically acting out the game for them whilst Will told it. You missed sitting in the Byer’s kitchen on a morning, watching as Jonathan prepared breakfast for his family still with sleep in the corner of his eyes.

You were currently sat at that table, or where it should be anyway. There were slight differences between wherever you were, and back home. Like the table in the middle of the kitchen that was broken and smashed to bits around the room. It was never daytime here either and there was no concept of time, all the clock handles just spun constantly or the numbers stayed on 00:00. So you slept whenever you felt like it and as best as you could, considering you also had to keep a watch out for the monster coming back. You heard screams once, faint and very far away from where you were but they still terrified you. They were short-lived and you knew the monster had gotten the poor bastard.

You got bored easily as well, so you liked to go around and count things in the house. The number of paintings, walls, corners of a room, lightbulbs. You would sing as well, usually something Jonathan would play in his car or a song that Steve would have belted out horribly in the corridor at school in an attempt to embarrass you and Nancy. Stuff like that stopped you from being scared, a distraction from what was out there.

But as you sat in the middle of the room, you watched the clock on the wall and saw something that terrified you even more. The clock stopped turning. Of course, it could just be a battery running out, but you looked at the other clocks and saw that they were all the same. All of them read 6:32, and seemed to work as if they were all in sync with time again.

You didn’t know what it meant, but part of you wondered if it meant your rescue. Another part told you not to be so stupid and get your hopes up. How on earth could the clocks relate to your safety?

You averted your attention from the clocks and shut your eyes, leaning back in the chair. You were so tired, although you weren’t certain, you guessed you hadn’t slept for over twenty hours. The monster had passed by the house not so long ago, dragging something very alive with it. It had been crying anyway and making noises like it was in excruciating pain. You’d hidden in the cupboard under the sink as you heard it scratch around the building.

It left after what you assumed to be five minutes as you’d counted to your best ability.

“Y/N?” A faint voice called to you. You screwed your eyes shut tighter, ignoring it.

“Y/N!” The voice said again, more urgent this time. You continued to ignore it, massaging your temples with the tips of your fingers.

“Shut up.” You mumbled to yourself. The voices were coming back again, but you were determined to block them out.

“Y/N?” The voice was louder now, but again urgent to capture your attention.

“Get out of my head.” You hissed, sitting forward and hunching over yourself. Your head was pounding now, and you could do nothing except curl up in pain.


“Y/N, are you here?”

“Get out!” You cried, forgetting about being quiet in case the monster was nearby. The sound of creaking boards met your ears and your head whipped up to look at the kitchen doorway. Lights were shining in the hallway, casting shadows along the floor.

“Y/N?” The voice called through the house, and you realised it wasn’t the voices in your head but rather the voices of the people now in the house. One moment the lights were shining in the hallway, the next they were in your face and blinding you from seeing who was here. You covered your eyes and tried to shield them from the harsh torchlight, wishing you could see the stranger’s faces.

“Y/N! Oh my God you’re here!” Cried a familiar voice. One of the torches was lowered to the floor and someone crouched in front of you, shielding you from the light. But you could now see that the face hiding under a large helmet was none other than Joyce. She had tears in her eyes as she removed the helmet, detaching it from her hazmat suit so she could talk to you properly.

“I can’t believe we found you!” She laughed, pulling you in for a hug. You feebly brought your arms up to hug Joyce, managing a little squeeze. You were so malnourished and weak, yet you hadn’t realised how much so until you felt Joyce’s strong grip holding you.

The other rescuer removed their helmet and you were surprised to see Hopper’s face.

“Hopper?” You questioned, looking to Joyce for answers.

“It’s a story for another time, because right now we need to get you out of here before that thing comes for us.” Hopper barked, pulling his helmet back on and picking up Joyce’s torch.

“H-How did you get here?” You asked as Joyce helped you to your feet, hooking one arm around your waist and letting you lean into her for support. Your legs wobbled dangerously but you kept your ground and began to walk forward with Joyce.

“An open portal, it took a lot of persistency to get here. It wasn’t easy to get access to it.” Hopper explained, opening the front door and checking to make sure the monster wasn’t lurking outside. All clear.

You nodded, trying your best to focus on putting one foot in front of the other successfully.

“Hopper, help me. She’s struggling.” Joyce pleaded, trying to keep you up on your feet as you stumbled, your head going fuzzy as your vision swam before you. You reached your hand out to grab Hopper by the arm but your foot caught on one of the thick roots that covered everything in this desolate world. You crashed to the floor, letting darkness consume you.


You felt warm. For the first time in so long, you could feel warmth seeping into your bones. You were no longer numb from the constant chill of the air. Opening your eyes, you first saw the window to your right with golden sunlight pouring through. Turning your head to the left, you saw the door was open a crack and music drifted through from somewhere. You knew this room. You recognised the large vinyl player, the record albums all stacked up, rolls of camera film strewn over the little bedside cabinet. You wondered if this was all a dream, a sick trick by your mind that would eventually reveal that you were still in that other world. The other place.

You spread your arms out either side of you, stretching and clinging onto the bedsheets for certainty that this was real. You hadn’t been lurched back into the cold, unfamiliar world yet, so you figured this was real. But still…

Climbing out of bed, you noticed you were wearing a thick, cream-coloured jumper and your underwear. Had someone got you dressed for bed?

Your head was still fuzzy so you couldn’t remember clearly, but one memory managed to slip through the haze. Joyce, calling your name into the dark and bright, harsh lights that blinded you. Touching your temple gingerly, you walked barefoot to the bedroom door and slowly opened it a few more inches to look into the hallway.

Empty, but there was definitely music coming from somewhere in the house and singing too. Bad singing.

You stepped out of the room and gently shut the door behind you without it banging. The hallway was bright too, natural light pouring in and illuminating the flecks of dust floating in the air. You walked in the path of the sunlight, loving how warm it felt on the backs of your legs and the fuzzy feeling of the carpet. You noticed a large burnt patch on the carpet, but you decided to leave it alone. You could ask about it later.

It was easy to locate the source of the music and noise that you supposed you would class as singing. It was coming from the kitchen, and as you approached the doorway the smell of a fry up hit your nostrils. It was a whack to the face, the tantalizing smells making your mouth water instantly. You hadn’t eaten in so long; it was a wonder you weren’t near death. But that didn’t matter now, because you could finally smell victory for your growling stomach.

Creeping up to the doorway, you poked your head around, gripping onto the wooden frame for support as you surveyed the scene before you. Everything was there, the table in the middle of the room, the chairs that were placed around it. Joyce and Will who sat minding their own business, Joyce sat reading a newspaper and Will drawing something. The “singing” was coming from Joyce, and you couldn’t help but smile just a little at Will’s disturbed expression.

Looking up from the table you saw someone else standing by the cooker, juggling between pans containing bacon, sausages and eggs.

“Will can you get the orange juice out?” Jonathan huffed, his back turned to you as he cooked breakfast for his mom and brother. Will got up from his seat and went over to the fridge, taking out the juice and kicking the fridge shut with his foot. As Will put the jug of orange juice in the centre of the table he suddenly looked up, the feeling of being watched alerting him to your presence. His face lit up though when he saw it was you stood there.

“Y/N!” He shouted, running around the table to greet you with an excited hug. You bent slightly so you too could hug him fondly, ruffling his hair up which you could remember him hating when you did it. He wriggled free to flatten his hair down, grumbling as he did so. You just smiled at him with a cheeky grin, glad that he was so glad to see you.

Jonathan and Joyce had now noticed you too, and Joyce was on her feet to embrace you too. She smothered you with a firm but caring hug, knowing just how fragile you still were.

“You’re awake! God, I thought you might never wake up.” Joyce sighed with relief, laughing as she took solace in your awakening.

“H-How long was I…” Your throat was hoarse from lack of using it, but Joyce understood what you were trying to ask.

“Four days, honey. Your parents know you’re okay, and they were fine with us taking care of you as they knew you’d have practically around-the-clock care.” Joyce patted your cheek comfortingly and guided you to a seat at the table.

“Hi Jonathan.” You addressed the young male as you sat down, noticing that he had remained speechless as Joyce had spoken to you. He smiled weakly, the dark bags under his eyes very prominent as he acknowledged you. Even in such a tired state, you still found the way his hair glowed in the sunlight and the little creases that appeared at the corners of his mouth when he smiled cute.

“Jonathan made you breakfast too if you’re hungry. He’s made extra for every meal the past few days, just in case you happened to wake up.” Joyce told you, folding her newspaper up whilst she looked at Jonathan with a sly smile.

Will snorted a little as he poured himself a glass of orange juice, earning a light tap on the back of the head from Jonathan.

“Shut up.” Jonathan mumbled, turning back round to serve up the food before it burnt.

“Thank you. It really means a lot.” You told him, although his back was facing you. Jonathan laughed softly as he came over with four plates of food balanced on his arms.

“It’s only breakfast.” He admitted, but you shook your head.

“No, I meant for everything. I noticed you let me use your room, and I’m sorry if that caused any issues.” You apologised, reaching for the jug of orange juice at the same time Jonathan did. Your hands met on the glass handle and you both locked eyes with each other.

“Really, it was no problem. You needed the best care, and I offered for you to use my room.” Jonathan explained, letting go of the jug and taking his hand off yours so that you could have it first.

You didn’t want to sound like a broken record by saying “Thank you” again, so you smiled at him across the table and tried not to let yourself get too worked up about how warm his hand had felt over yours. You couldn’t stop the slight tremble in your hand though.

You managed to eat a fair amount of food, but despite being so hungry you couldn’t keep eating without feeling like you would throw up if you had another mouthful. Will nabbed your leftover piece of toast and when Joyce scolded him you assured her it was fine and slipped him the rest of the food.

“I have to go to work, I’ll be back later today okay? Look after Y/N you two.” Joyce ordered her sons, grabbing her coat off the back of the chair and squeezing your shoulder before she dashed out.

“Will, do the dishes please. I want to talk to Y/N, alone.” Jonathan got up from the table and walked around to your side, offering his hand for you. You put your hand in his and let him help you to your feet, holding onto his hand a little longer than necessary whilst you pushed the chair under the table. Will began to complain but Jonathan told him the quicker they were cleaned the quicker he could go to Mike’s house. This got Will’s attention, and he leapt up from his seat, gathering the plates without any persuasion.

Jonathan led you out of the kitchen and back to his bedroom, shutting the door so he could cut out the noise of Will crashing around the kitchen. You sat on the edge of his bed and messed with the sheets, tracing patterns with your finger.

“I missed you.” Jonathan stated, sitting down beside you. “I was so worried about you, even when you were here. I haven’t slept much.” He admitted, rubbing his eyes as he spoke. You looped your arm through his and leaned into him, resting your head on his shoulder.

“But I’m safe now. I’m okay.” You told him, dragging your fingers up and down the sensitive skin on the inside of his arm. “Will you sleep now?” You asked him. He exhaled slowly, weighing out the probabilities.

“Probably not. Not when I know you could still get hurt and I can’t protect you.” He confessed, placing his other hand over yours which was resting on his arm. He pushed his fingers to interlock with yours and dragged his thumb across your knuckle in slow strokes.

“I missed you too, you know.” You confessed as well. Slowly, pieces of your time in that other world were returning to you. Singing songs by yourself, missing home, missing the walks with Jonathan, wishing you could see Nancy and Steve again.

“Really?” Jonathan asked in surprise.

“Yeah, just the stuff we did together and the car journeys where you’d play your mixtapes of songs you loved.”

“I’ve missed that too.” Jonathan agreed, yawning slightly as he tried to keep his eyes open despite it being the late morning.

“You said you couldn’t sleep knowing you couldn’t protect me if I was at a risk of getting hurt. If you stay in here do you think you could sleep then? I mean, it is your room after all!” You gently coaxed Jonathan to lie on his back, lying by his side with his hand still holding onto yours.

“Maybe.” Jonathan whispered, turning his head so he could look at you from where you both lay down.

“Just shut your eyes, and relax. Focus on something that will keep you calm.” You commanded, also doing what you said so that he wouldn’t feel left out.

“You.” Jonathan murmured to himself as he lay beside you with his eyes closed. You were glad he couldn’t see the blush on your face when he said this, so you continued to speak like nothing had happened.

“Think of something you’d love to do and imagine you’re doing it, something relaxing.” You muttered, wondering how it would feel to have Jonathan huddled against your back, an arm draped over you as he spooned you and kissed the back of your neck softly.

“I am.” Jonathan sighed, a hint of a smile appearing on his face. His cheeks flushed a dark shade of red, obviously embarrassed about whatever had crossed his mind.

“It must be something funny.” You giggled, sitting up on your elbow so you could lean over him. He opened his eyes and the smile only grew wider at the sight of you.

“No, I just got really flustered. It made my tummy feel all warm.” Jonathan beamed up at you, reaching a hand up to stroke your face. The warmth from his touch made the hairs on your arm stand up, your senses going into overload. “I really was worried about you. But, knowing you’re here and safe with me, it kind of makes everything else okay.”

You leaned into Jonathan’s touch, a heat spreading in your chest as the beating of your heart quickened. “I like you Jonathan, I really do. You were always in my thoughts when I was stuck in that horrible place.”

Just the thought of that world made tears spring to your eyes. Jonathan was quick to sit up and slip his arms around you, pulling you close to his chest as you wept into his jumper. “I was so alone Jonathan, it was so alien and unnatural. I had no one.” You confessed, bunching your fist into the woollen material.

“You have me now. That place, the Upside Down it’s called, is gone. You’ll never see it again, because you’re going to be here with me and I’ll be your knight in a denim jacket, armed with my sheer adoration for you.” Jonathan murmured the sweet words in your ear, his lips brushing against your hair as he slowly combed his fingers through. You loved his devotion to the people who mattered to him, and his unwavering commitment towards keeping you safe.

“Jonathan?” You asked, moving so you weren’t hiding your face in his chest and instead you and him were face to face.

“Yes?” He replied, his voice hitching in his throat as he swallowed nervously. The tension between the two of you was palpable as you found yourselves leaning in towards each other. Jonathan gazed at your lips through half-lidded eyes, his gaze lustful as he looked up to lock eyes with you.

“Kiss me.” You whispered, shutting the gap between you both and sealing your lips together in a smooth, ardent kiss. Jonathan couldn’t help the small sigh that escaped his lips when he pulled away for a moment to catch his breath. But you craved more, and he obliged to you pulling him back in to reconnect your mouths. There was a knock on Jonathan’s bedroom door, obviously Will had finished with his job of washing up, so you pulled away.

“Shouldn’t you get that?” You gasped, your chest heavily moving up and down as you found yourself breathless. Jonathan paused for a moment and looked at the door. He shook his head and ignored the knocking.

“I don’t want this to stop.” He muttered, pressing chaste kisses to your lips. But Will’s voice interrupted Jonathan’s trail of kisses from moving to your neck. Jonathan stopped, his lips hovering over your jaw as he slowly exhaled with exasperation. The hot air across your skin made goose bumps rise all over your body.

“Yeah Will?” He called out, his head resting in the crook of your neck.

“Can you take me round to Mike’s now?” Will yelled from outside the room. Jonathan huffed, torn between staying with you and his promise to his little brother.

“Sure, go get in the car and wait for me. I’ll be five minutes.” Jonathan told him, waiting for Will’s footsteps to fade away as he ran off.

“Five minutes?” You arched an eyebrow, smiling as Jonathan pulled you down after him, getting you to lay your head on his chest.

“Just five more minutes.” He sighed, stroking his hand down your back. “Five minutes where I can just hold you and know that you’re mine.”

“Keep this up and you’ll have all the time in the world.” You hummed, shutting your eyes as you listened to the sporadic beat of his heart.

“I hope so.”

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‘I miss you’ 

Saying it makes me miss you even more 

I miss you even though I’m looking at your photo 

Time is so cruel, I hate us 

Seeing each other for once is now so hard between us 

 It’s all winter here even in August 

My heart is running on the time alone on the Snowpiercer 

Wanna get to the other side of earth holding your hand 

Wanna put an end to this winter 

How much longing should we see snowing down to have the days of spring?

 Like tiny dust, tiny dust 

floating in the air 

Would I get to you a little faster if I was the snow in the air? 

 Snowflakes fall down 

and get away little by little 

I miss you, I miss you 

How long do I have to wait 

and how many sleepless nights do I have to spend 

to see you, to meet you? 

 Passing by the edge of the cold winter

 Until the days of spring 

Until the days of flower blossoms 

Please stay, please stay there a little longer 

 Is it you who changed, or is it me? 

We are changed by this moment, this time flowing, you know 

Just like everyone you know 

Yes, I hate you, you left me

But I never stopped thinking about you, not even for a day 

Honestly, I miss you but I’ll erase you 

Because it hurts less than to blame you 

 I try to exhale you in pain like smoke, like white smoke 

I say that I’ll erase you but I can’t really let you go yet 

Snowflakes fall down 

and get away a little by little 

I miss you, I miss you 

How long do I have to wait 

and how many sleepless nights do I have to spend 

to see you, to meet you? 

 You know it all, you are my best friend 

The morning will come again 

No darkness, no season will last forever 

Maybe it’s cherry blossoms 

and this winter will be over 

I miss you, I miss you 

Wait a little bit, just a few more nights 

I’ll be there to see you, I’ll come for you 

Passing by the edge of the cold winter 

Until the days of spring 

Until the days of the flower blossoms 

Please stay, please stay there a little bit longer.

봄날 (Pitch Shift)
봄날 (Pitch Shift)

방탄소년단 - 봄날

보고 싶다

I miss you

이렇게 말하니까 더 보고 싶다

Saying this makes me miss you more

너희 사진을 보고 있어도

Even though I’m looking at your picture

보고 싶다

I miss you

너무 야속한 시간

Time is so cruel

나는 우리가 밉다

I hate us

이젠 얼굴 한 번 보는 것도 힘들어진 우리가

Now it’s hard for us to even see each other

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Oeuvre: The Introduction

Josh Dun Series

Summary: An English Literature Major crosses paths with an Arts Major. They can‘t help but instantly get captured by each other‘s auras. 

(A/N): Hello party people, let me introduce you to my new series. The following official chapters will have the word count of 2k at the bare minimum, meaning the writing process will extend. I hope you guys will remain patient with me, enjoy x 

Word Count: 1,435

Every Saturday you return to the library to avoid witnessing the uncomfortable sexual affection between your roommate and some random stranger she has stumbled upon. Some people would identify her as a so called ‘crowd pleaser‘, but she justifies herself with the female equivalent of philanderer. 

Nonetheless, to cherish the time at the bibliotheca sounds more like a treat to you. The serene atmosphere and the sense of satisfaction of neatly lined up books on row after row are two of the things, that make savouring a novel even more delightful. Perhaps even the puncturing noise of a page being turned appears pleasant in these four walls. Usually, this place is scrammed with undergraduates doing researches and collecting informations, tutors and students and occasional club gatherings. Then again, not everyone enjoys the library as much as you do, to pass away half of their weekend here.  

A fair amount of the earth‘s population connects any kind of books repository with spider webs weaving loosely around dirtied furnitures, entwined wires that were embedded into the cracked ceiling, a littered ground and dust collected everywhere as well as floating leisurely in the air. Clearly, you cannot comprehend each person‘s encounters. On the other hand, Kate Angell used to say, ‘Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.‘ A book might appeal to you by the alluring design of its cover, yet the story is what mesmerise you. At this point, your love for literature may have you reading between the lines. 

Setting one foot into the familiar room, you immediately stop in your tracks as your eyes land on a guy at your regular seat. He‘s sitting with his back towards you, so it seems impossible to catch a glimpse of his face. Not one single conspicuous feature is visible for you unmask the stranger. You curl your fingers up into a ball and take a deep breath, in such a way that prompts you to take further steps towards the table. Slowly, you commence to acknowledge the  painting supplies, that are carelessly scattered on the wooden surface. The unknown person appears to be genuinely preoccupied with whatever he‘s working on, since he hasn‘t noticed your presence. 

Suddenly, his hand sloppily reaches out to a cup filled with dirty water and knocks over a water bottle, whose lid has already been removed, at the same time. However, the man is obviously not paying any attention to the mishap, which is about to occur in just a fraction of a second. Therefore, your first instinct is to get a hold of the beverage to prevent it from falling. 

Your sudden act instantly captures the guy‘s attention and causes him to nearly fall off the chair. After putting the lid on the bottle, to avoid another wet incident, you turn around to the anonymous person. 

Your heart stops and the air gets caught in your throat the moment your eyes meet. Frankly, he‘s breathtaking. There‘s doubtlessly a chance that you‘ve crossed paths before. 

Resisting the temptation of questioning the presumption your mind has made up, you spot the paint water cup, which is being held dangerously close to his mouth. “I‘d suggest you not consuming that.“ you indicate

Noticing his water bottle still in your tight grip, you quickly put it on the table. “Sorry, I didn‘t intend to impose.“ 

His deer in the headlights look swiftly vanishes and a smile plasters on his face. “No need to apologise. I believe that you just saved me from drinking out of my dirty water cup and wet the library‘s carpet“ the guy tells you while rubbing a hand against his forehead. His sleep deprived eyes and slouching posture gives you the impression that he has spent the whole night here. 

“Wait! I didn‘t mean it like that!“ he quickly adds, after realising what just came out of his mouth. 

You stifle a giggle and pull out a chair to take a seat. “You‘re welcome.“ While opening your beloved book, you could feel his gaze following every move of yours. The second you lay eyes on the page in front of you, the nameless person starts talking. 

“(Y/N) is it, right?“ he asks nonchalantly. 

Surprised by the fact that he actually recognises you, a feeling of guilt arises in you for not knowing his name. A hint of glee comes within, since it also implies that the both of you have bumped into each other in the past. Letting go of the thought, you give him a nod in response. 

“I knew you look familiar.“, he states, “I‘m going to head to the coffee machine, you want something?“

“I‘m good, thank you for asking.“ you decline and your focus returns to the novel, which you have not been able to read. Thereupon, a wave of relief washes over you the moment he excuses himself to leave, even if it‘s only for five minutes. 

“Please? See it as a kind gesture for saving me from poisoning myself earlier.“ he pleads with the best puppy eyes he could pull off. 

Exhaling loudly, you give in. No human being has ever died from two cups of caffeine in the morning, right? “Black with one sugar would be great.“

“Your request in my command.“ he bows in front of you and hurries into the halls. 

You shake your head while softly chuckling at his childish manner. Unexpectedly, an unparalleled water painting on the table captures your interest. Standing onto your feet, you wander around to your usual seat to have a better look at the canvas. You jaw slightly drops as your eyes slowly take in every brushstroke. You‘re no longer skeptical about his drained state. Your mind is now overflowing with questions concerning the process of creating such an art piece. Not wanting to be intrusive, you restrain yourself and aim your attention at your book.

Minutes past and before you know it, the guy is approaching the table with two cups of coffee in both of his hands. Doubting that you‘ll be capable of concentrating on any chapter further with your new companion, you unwillingly put the novel aside.

“There you go.“

Wrapping your hands around the hot beverage you let a sigh escape your lips. “Thank you.“

“Anytime, what are you reading?“, he asks and plops down in his chair, “The Great Gatsby“ he continues, answering his own question after throwing a look at the title.

“It‘s a classic.“ you smile, taking a sip of your drink. 

The man leans back in his seat and brings the cup of coffee to his mouth. “I‘ve never heard of it before“

His statement causes you to stare at him in utter disbelief. “Are you joking?“ you exclaim. 

“I‘m serious!“ he admits, also raising his voice.

Just before you could reply, the librarian interrupts your conversation due to the outrageous volume. Dodging any type of argumentation, the guy sitting across from you changes the topic.  

“Anyway, what‘s your major?“ he whispers, knowing that you guys are temporarily being watched. 

“English literature“ you respond. 

“Should have seen that coming“ 

You roll your eyes at his remark, it is certainly not the first time someone has claimed that. “It‘s pretty predictable, I‘m aware“, you tell him, “And you‘re majoring in Arts I assume?“

Instead of giving you an answer, he nods his head hesitantly and darts an uptight glance at the canvas while biting his lip. 

“It‘s a phenomenal painting.“ you say, offering him a smile. 

He doesn‘t react but dozes off for good five seconds and opens his mouth to speak again. “Listen (Y/N), this may sound pretty odd considering that we‘ve just met, but I got this assignment the other day, god this is awkward“, he stammers, “Basically, I have to paint a portrait of someone and I was wondering if you would be willing to be that person?“ 

He has caught you completely off guard with that question, because indeed, it sounds pretty odd coming from a guy that you‘ve known for less than an hour. “You want to paint a portrait of me?“ 

“Sorry, I shouldn‘t have asked that-“

“It‘d be an honour.“ You get struck by a twinge of concussion as those words escape your mouth. “But only under one condition, promise me to read this book“ you challenge, pushing your own copy of ‘The Great Gatsby‘ towards the man.

He goes back to biting his lips reluctantly while examining the object in his hand. “Fine, I promise. If that is what it costs to work with you. Would you mind if we start next week right away?“

“That can be arranged.“ 

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God of Destruction

Words: 7434

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Light Smut. 

Summary: Everything he touches breaks; except for you.

Once upon a time…

There was a witch who fell in love with the King and some say the two were deeply in love. But for the throne and for riches, the King instead married a beautiful girl, a princess of a nearby land. Angered, the witch returned years later and cursed their only son for eternity; an infant whom the town was celebrating the birth of.

She looks at the innocent child in the cradle. “For your father who was willing to give up love for the touch of gold…” She turns to the King, boring eyes into his. “This child that was born a day before the ides; everything that it lays its hands on will be withered, destroyed, turned to dust and ashes.”

The townspeople gathered around the castle hall, screech in horror. “GUARDS!” The King shouts ruthlessly, pointing to the witch. “KILL HER!”

The witch sends a fleeting smile to the King, tears in her eyes as she murmurs past parted lips.

“The only cure…is true love’s death.”

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Sherlock Valentine’s Day Challenge Day #1

“You shouldn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day alone.”

Sherlock x Reader

Side Note: It is still February 1st where I live! This is my very first published post fanfiction on this blog, I hope you enjoy reading it :)

Originally posted by reichebach

“I have decided…” John paused before he turned around to face you at your dining table, “to propose to Mary. I already bought the ring." 

Your face lit up as you slammed the refrigerator door closed and clasped your hands in front of your mouth, meanwhile facing your brother. Your smile beamed at John as you walked forward to place your hands on his shoulders.

"John that’s… That’s simply amazing! She is going to be ecstatic." 

Pulling his body towards yours, you wrapped your arms around John’s waist with a giggle and placed your chin on his shoulder. You felt his chest vibrate as he let out a laugh of his own. 

John’s smile reflected yours as you both pulled away, him leaning forwards once again to kiss you on the forehead. 

"When are you planning on asking her?" 

"I decided next week at the restaurant we visited on our first date - she couldn’t stop talking about the piece of cake she had as dessert for days.” John’s face contained a faint smile as he looked towards the floor in slight embarrassment, “I asked the owners if I could place the ring on top of a piece for her." 

"Wow, who knew big brother would grow to be such a stereotypical romantic?” You teased, “I’m just joking. Honestly, it’s going to be perfect, she’ll lo-" 

You paused instantly as your eyes travelled towards the calendar that hung on the flat’s front door. 

Your brother’s smile faded. "What? What’s wrong, Y/N?" 

Silence filled the air as an even bigger smile began to encompass your features. You let out a squeal of excitement. 

"John! It’s Valentine’s Day, remember! Why don’t you propose to her today?” The look of sheer panic that crossed over your brother’s face would have been hilarious, had you not been so serious. "No, no! It’s okay! The probability of her saying yes is increased on this day due to the overwhelming amount of pressure to comply with such a romantic proposal - maybe it will even be increased due to her amount of love for you! I don’t really know. Us girl’s don’t suspect too much from our men, but as soon as you propose to her on the most romantic day of the year, she cannot say no!“ 

John almost commented on your similarity to him before he caught himself, and forced his mind back to the topic at hand. "But that’s so soon! I’m already nervous as is, we don’t need to add more pressure to the situation." 

You raised your eyebrow at John. "Do you trust me?”  

“Of course, Y/N." 

"Then do this. Now! I’ll help you." 

John gave you an unsure once over. "We were going to spend the day together. I know how important today is to you and-" 

"Nope, nope.” You said, drawing out the last word. “No pity party today! I completely forgot what day it was for a second and I only agreed for you to come over because-" 

"But, Y/N, you shouldn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day alone…” John’s voice slowly lowered to an almost whisper, and his shoulders lowered. “Not after what happened.”

You let out a groan before turning around to place your hands on the edge of the counter. “I thought we agreed to not talk about it." 

"We can’t just pretend it never happened. Mary helped me through it and I still frankly think you need to find someone new. It has been two years, Y/N.”


John’s mouth opened a few times, contemplating what to say next before he gave up due to the incredibly sensitive topic. ”Fine, but I came here today for a reason. I’m not leaving.“ 

"Oh, yes you are.” You wiped under your eye quickly and sniffling before turning around. “I will not let you pass up this opportunity. I will not let you regret." 


"It’s okay, John. I won’t be alone.” You give him a sad smile, “I still have Sherlock." 

"Y/N.” John gave both a disapproving and sympathetic stare. You always continued to declare that although you both knew he wasn’t coming back. 

“I’m going to visit Baker Street later and revisit the memories. I haven’t seen it in years and I talked to Mrs. Hudson on the land line… It’s still vacant.” You felt the tears coming on but refused to break in front of John. He didn’t need to feel this terrible on one of the happiest days of his life. 

“I’m not sure I want you to go." 

I’m not your little sister anymore, John - I can handle it alone. I want to go.“ 

He let out a sigh. "Only if you promise to be by Mrs. Hudson’s side more than half the time." 

You rolled your eyes at his choosing to ignore your certainty on the alone aspect. "Only if you promise to propose to Mary. Tonight." 

Your brother pulled you towards him for another hug before he answered. John’s eyes closed as he breathed in your hair. 

"Okay, okay. I will, I promise. You?" 

You smiled one last time before burying your head in John’s neck. 

"I promise." 

You began your slow ascend towards the second floor of the Baker Street lot, as the sounds of your footsteps squeaked and echoed throughout the empty flat. Mrs. Hudson wasn’t there but on a trip in Wales to visit her sister. You had lied to John in order to come to the place alone and set your emotions free if needed. 

Your hands glided across the walls as you took in the atmosphere you had missed so dearly. The sounds of distant memories floated in the vast space around you as you finally reached the door to the room where it all began. Slowly reaching out before you, you pushed the door open as a tear slid down your cheek. 

It looks as if it was all just yesterday. 

You took in everything around you - the vibrant smiley face laden with bullet holes, high windows flooding in the light from the fading sun as dust particles floated in thin air, papers scattered on the tables and everywhere in between… Before your eyes met the chair your husband had frequently sat in, hands and fingers stretched beneath his chin while you sat with your legs stretched horizontally across his - complete with your arms wrapped around his waist as you slept peacefully beside the man you loved. 

You wasted no time and walked to the chair, instantly imagining the warmth that was once always there and curled up to close your eyes while letting the tears fall silently. 

As you laid there, much similar in position to how you had always sat with Sherlock, you slowly drifted off to sleep with sunlight streaming upon the glittering wetness on your face. 

Hands placed a big enough blanket to tuck around your body before he kissed you on the nose - his favourite spot to show affection. 

With a whisper, his voice lulled you deeper into a calm sleep. 

"Happy Valentines Day, Y/N. You won’t be alone - I’m here to stay.”

Dance With Me.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam. 

Word count: 2571

Warnings: A bunch of fluff and overly explained scenery (i really need to stop that.)

Prompt: “Dance with me…”

Synopsis: Its the readers birthday, and Dean plans something a little different for her… 

A/N: I wrote this for Shannon’s ( @splendidcas ) birthday fic challenge! (Happy Birthday!!!!!!) I hope you like this, it’s not my best work but I tried my best! xx

I use a bon jovi song somewhere, so if you want to listen to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gez1E9_Sijg

Originally posted by couplenotes

If anybody ever asked what you did in your spare time, you would almost always tell them that you enjoyed driving. For you, driving was a giant stress reliever, just being out on the open road with Dean’s cassette tapes blaring through the radio was enough to make you forget about everything. You enjoyed staring out the window, allowing the world to fly by you in colorful blurs. Your hunting life seemed to disappear whenever you were in that car and for a brief moment, you felt normal.

After the particularly difficult hunts – the cases where innocents lost their lives, no matter how hard you tried – Dean would take you for a drive. The destination was usually unknown, and you would both drive until the early hours of the morning. Or until the Impala ran out of gas.

Sometimes, both you and Dean would blast the radio, belting out the lyrics to whatever song came on, other times, you would talk, about the hunt, about Sam or Cas, about each other…. And very rarely, you would both sit in complete silence. But it was the best way to spend your time, in that car with Dean.

Tonight, however, was incredibly different, the Winchester’s had found no hunt, and the bunker seemed a lot more alive than usual. Dean filled the Impala up with gas, before giving her a wash and cleaning out the garbage that hung around underneath the seats. He polished over the scratches and made sure there were no dents left unseen.

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I’m No Good For You [Erejean Oneshot]

I wrote this ages ago and posted it on Archive and Quotev but only now am I posting it on tumblr. Btw, THE @tiggeryumyumm left kudos on it im!!!!!! holyjumpingjesusonabreadstick im not worthy

The dorm flat was tranquil and quiet, the only noise being the creaking of the living room ceiling fan as it spun slowly. Outside the dorm’s thin walls, the night made no sounds as well, which was strange for a usually rowdy college campus.

Light filtered in through the window blinds, washing the cream-colored walls with a dark blue. In the dorm’s kitchenette, water dripped from the faucet into the sink that was stacked high with dirty cups and plates.

By the front door, assorted shoes littered the hall, and the closet was open, revealing all the coats and sweaters to be in a pile on the floor rather than on the empty hangars.

The coffee table had absolutely no space for anything more, for it sported several half-drunken beer cans and water bottles, multiple magazines and a handful of television remotes. Even the toilet in the second bathroom wasn’t making any strange noises, which was an improvement.

The dorm flat boasted two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, but the second hadn’t been used in over a week because Eren’s roommate Bertholdt had recently moved into his boyfriend’s apartment, of whom had already graduated a year ago. Ergo, what would’ve been Bertholdt’s room was clean and untouched, the bathroom empty and unused, and the bed always made due to lack of any weight. Eren’s room on the other hand, was a mess.

Band and video game posters hung haphazardly off the walls, along with many ripped photos of friends that had been taken over the years. He’d broken one of the hinges to his room’s door, so he’d taken it off completely and leaned it against the far wall to fix on another date (though he’d been putting it off for a while). Clothes were scattered around the entire room, on the dresser, the window sill, and circling the bed. A trail of damp towels lead the way to his own bathroom, where wet puddles still hadn’t dried up on the floor.

In his single bed, Eren lay awake, uncovered by any blankets. He had gone to bed wearing nothing but some superman boxers, but he wasn’t cold, because his body heat was always just below scorching.

Eren lay on the side of the bed closest to the bedroom windows, where streams of moonlight revealed dust particles floating around in the air. He didn’t know what time it was, but based on the still-dark sky outside, he’d say pretty early.

Too early to be awake.

His eyes stung from staying open for so long. Eren didn’t usually wake up at such an hour as this, but for whatever reason, his body just wouldn’t allow him to go back to sleep despite feeling exhausted.

Additionally, Eren wasn’t the only one occupying the bed, even though it was only meant to hold one person.

Averting his probably bloodshot eyes away from the unidentified green stain on his ceiling, Eren glanced at his bundled burrito of a boyfriend next to him.

Unlike Eren and his broiling body heat, Jean was always cold. Hence, he had unconsciously stolen all the blankets from Eren in his sleep, though Eren didn’t mind. Jean was curled up into fetal position to try and get warmer, facing away from Eren. Now, Jean just looked like a messy pile of blankets with the tufts of blonde-dyed bed head poking out of the top. The bundle rose and fell with every soft breath Jean took, and Eren found himself gazing at those spikes of hair fondly.

Jean and Eren had become an official couple in the beginning of their junior year, but they’d been in denial for several years before that. Some people already guessed it, while others were shocked, but happy for them nonetheless.

Since their going public, Jean had started crossing campus to have bi-monthly sleepovers with Eren in his dorm, and vice versa. When Bertoldt moved in with Reiner, that only encouraged them to see each other at Eren’s more often, since they had the whole dorm to themselves. This night was just one of those sleepover nights.

Eren watched Jean’s quietly sleeping pile absentmindedly. He recalled just how fussy and dramatic Jean was when he was awake. He huffed a soft laugh.

Awake Jean greatly contrasted sleeping Jean, whose face he couldn’t see right now, but he’d seen it before. When Jean slept, his usually sharp features for once lacked a scowl, and looked calmer and peaceful.

Eren himself was one of those rare people who were lucky enough to see Jean smile, and not a cocky smirk, a genuine smile. Eren was someone who had encouraged some of those smiles, and he felt pride in that.

They both needed to smile more.

Lazily watching Jean’s blanket pile swell and shrink, Eren felt an apathetic calm wash over him as he listened to soft breaths.

Wanting to get closer to his boyfriend, Eren began shuffling so that he could big spoon Jean, but at that moment Jean suddenly began stirring.

Eren stopped his movement, watching as Jean started to squirm in his layers. A leg suddenly kicked out from the pile, bare, as Jean had come into Eren’s bed wearing only plaid pajama pants which had surely rolled up by now.

The leg got drawn back up to Jean’s chest, swapping out for the other leg to kick out. Jean squirmed even more, and Eren started to wonder if he should be doing something, but then all movement came to a halt.

Eren counted down ten seconds, then deemed Jean’s silent tantrum over. But then Jean abruptly let out a pained whimper, that sounded excruciatingly loud in the quiet night. Feeling his eyebrows scrunch up in concern, Eren shuffled behind Jean, who had started squirming again, curling into himself defensively.

Eren cautiously hovered a hand over where he was sure Jean’s shoulder was underneath the blankets, whimpers now falling from his boyfriend’s lips endlessly. Before Eren could shake his shoulder, Jean sharply flipped over to face Eren, who was shocked to see wet trails leading from Jean’s eyes, which were squeezed shut.

In all the years he’s known him, Eren had never seen Jean cry.

Jean’s teeth were clenched, meek noises sounding through them. Eren put his hand on Jean’s shoulder and started shaking, probably a little rougher than needed. “Jean, Jean!” He whisper-shouted.

Jean flinched back when Eren’s hand made contact with him through the blankets, gasping out murmured, “N-no, no… no, n-n… “. Fresh tears made his cheeks glint when the moonlight hit them.

Eren had snatched his hand back when Jean flinched, but now he persisted, trying to wake Jean up from his trauma. “Jean! Wake up!”

Jean’s eyebrows were drawn together tightly, damp eyelashes clumped together. “Jean!” He continued to whine pitifully, floundering as the blankets started slipping off his pale frame.

“Wake up!”

Amber eyes snapped open, blinking rapidly to clear wet, blurry vision. “Jean?” Jean’s attention shifted from whatever dreamworld he had been trapped in, to the worried, emerald-eyed stare in front of him.

The sight of Eren must’ve triggered some memory from the dream, because Jean’s lips started quivering when he saw him. His eyes started to get shiney again, but Jean ducked his head down and covered his eyes with one hand to prevent Eren from seeing the tears. Jean’s other hand clenched the bedsheets tightly, as shuddering breaths shook his shoulders.

“Jean…” Eren spoke softly. He wrapped his arms around Jean and drew him close to his chest, fully expecting Jean to protest and shove him away, but that never happened. In fact, quite the opposite. Jean kept his head lowered from Eren’s view, but pressed his forehead closer to Eren’s chest as he sobbed quietly.

This was a side of Jean Eren had rarely ever seen, and not to this extent. He felt estranged.

Eren rubbed small circles into Jean’s shivering back, who was obviously trying desperately to keep his crying silent. This resulted in Jean letting out awkwardly high-pitched whimpers, and incredibly staccato gasps.

“Jean, baby… don’t hold it all back… let it out.” Eren pleaded softly into open air. He didn’t look down at Jean exactly, sparing him the unwanted spotlight, and instead stared blankly into his cluttered bathroom branching off from his room.

Jean finally let out clean sobs, wrapping his pale, thin arms in turn around Eren, clinging to his warm body dependently. Eren felt the wet, hot tears on his chest, but he paid them no mind. He softly hummed and continued to rub Jean’s back for several minutes, occasionally cooing small words of solace.

After a while, Jean’s crying eventually quieted down to hiccups. He sniffled.

“I need a tissue.” Jean grumbled, voice scratchy, and left Eren’s comforting hold to grab at the Kleenex box on the bedside table.

When he was done blowing his nose into three tissues (pausing between each one to hiccup), he expelled them all to the floor to be cleaned up in the morning. Normally Eren would’ve given him shit about germs, but he was more concerned with what had shaken his boyfriend so badly. Jean picked up a half empty water bottle lying on the table and took a couple gulps to chase away his hiccups. He put the bottle back down, then Eren welcomed Jean back into his hold.

After a few seconds of Jean trying to regain control over his trembling breaths, Eren inquired softly about Jean’s dream. “What happened?”

Jean began to snap, “Bad dream, idio-” But stopped short, and Eren felt his boyfriend’s shoulders hunch up. Jean’s voice had far less bite and was barely above a whisper when he spoke again. “Sorry… I didn’t mean that…”

This threw Eren off even more. Jean never apologized, nevermind apologizing for merely calling Eren a name.

“I know you didn’t. We insult each other all the time, it’s fine. What happened?” Eren asked again, taking a glance down at disheveled, sandy blonde hair.

He heard and felt Jean take in a big, shaky breath. “I… you…” Jean sighed. “It was just… not really a… nightmare, just…“ He trailed off quietly, looking for the right word.


“Like…” Jean spoke into Eren’s chest, refusing to look up at him. They heard water rushing through the pipes in the walls, and Jean waited for the noise to finish before he continued, forehead still pressed lightly into his boyfriend’s chest.

“Like what?” Eren asked again, and Jean groaned.

“Like… I don’t know… flashback stuff. I guess, kinda.” Jean muttered.

Eren lifted a hand to card through Jean’s locks. “Flashback stuff like what?”

‘Your childhood was fucking loaded compared to mine.’ Eren thought. ‘How on Earth could your past bear anything more horrific than mine?

Jean sighed heavily. “It’s nothing… just-”

Eren frowned down at the top of Jean’s head. “No. Just what?” Jean groaned again. “Like, everything… everything I’ve ever done to you that was…” Jean got quieter. “… dickish.”

Eren thought that over. ‘So, Jean had one of those dreams that goes back into your memories to guilt-trip you of everything wrong you’ve ever done.’ He knew what it was like to feel guilt-ridden, and it sucked. He hummed into Jean’s hair again, as a confirmation that he understood.

“And it was a lot…” Jean’s voice cracker on the last word, signaling he was trying not to start crying again. “The… the dream just… wouldn’t end!” Jean’s voice got higher near the end of his rambling before breaking down again and hiding his face in Eren’s chest.

Eren sympathetically began to rub Jean’s back again, while Jean tried as hard as he could to keep his crying hidden, despite Eren telling him earlier not to hide. It was true, they’d had many, many years of being assholes to each other before their junior year of college, but their constant bickering wasn’t one-sided. Jean’s dream had just zeroed in on everything assholeish he had ever done to Eren, and dreams had a way of forcing you to believe you were the only one at fault, the only one who was wrong, the bully.

“I-I’m sorry… I’m sorry… “ Jean was streaming small, shaky, pleading apologies, but Eren wouldn’t have that.

He backed up a little and brought a hand under Jean’s chin to lift his head up to face his own. “No, Jean.” Jean’s eyes were red and puffy, tracks of tears highlighted his sharp cheekbones, and he looked like a deer caught in the headlights, or in this case, trapped under Eren’s firm stare.

“Don’t apologize, you have nothing to say sorry for.” Jean tried to push Eren’s hand away and escape his gaze, but Eren kept him in place. “What happened in the past ins’t something we can change, and don’t act like you’re the only asshat here. We’re both dicks and you know it.”

Jean finally nudged Eren’s hand out from under his chin, and averted his eyes down again, but didn’t duck his head like before.

“Eren-“, “And our squabbling became our way of flirting back in our freshman year anyway, so stop feeling guilty.”

Jean sighed, and Eren stopped talking to let him hopefully take some of what he said in. “Eren… why do you put up with me?” Jean asked, voice empty and gaze down.

Eren chose his words, then answered. “The same reason you put up with me.”

‘Because I love you.’

Jean looked as though he were about to say something, then decided against it. Slowly, the corners of his lips started to curl up, but Jean tried to keep them down while an uncontrollable blush took it’s sweet time to spread across his cheeks and over the bridge of his nose. Eren grinned pridefully at Jean, then pulled him into his chest again.

Eren closed his eyes and hummed contently when he felt Jean weakly give in, and hug back. But Jean got it one, last protest. “I don’t deserve-”, “Stop.”, “But you-”, “No.”

Jean grumbled into Eren’s chest, but he felt the smile there. “You’re terrible.”, “So ’re you.”

They whispered back and forth, but eventually quieted down, and started to peacefully drift off. However, if you should know anything about these two, it’s that silence usually doesn’t last long.

“Eren… “ Jean began to whisper, too lazy to open his eyes.. “Did you fart?”

Eren kept his eyes closed as well, but couldn’t contain the shit-eating grin the spread wide across his face. “Yes.”

“Uuuuugggghhhhh,” Jean groaned dramatically, still whispering. “You’re disgustiiiiiiing.”

Eren chuckled airily. “Love you too, babe.”

Yeah. They definitely needed to smile more.

Miserable Joy

When he found her he didn’t make his presence known although he had a feeling he didn’t have to. She was shinobi and so he doubted that she had not heard him, his steps had not been hushed on purpose. 

Instead of saying anything he stood with his hands folded tightly within the fabric of his black cloak and he tried to breathe as normally as possible. 

She was laying on the grass, her smooth pale calves and the backs of her knees glowing by the light of the evening sun. The dress she wore every time she visited was made of a combination of lace and something smooth and white and silky beneath it. It made her a piece of snow in the summer day, laying there on the grass with her head in her hands and her black hair a curtain to separate her from the world. 

In the stillness he could see the particles of dust and pollen and summer cotton floating in the air through the gold of the sun’s light. It sparkled and glimmered and he wondered that something as distasteful as dust could look so beautiful. 

And that was the truth of life, he knew it. Because even blood when shed in the snow had a startling jaw dropping quality and the eyes of the dying always took on a hue he could never find the words to describe and Hinata laying there with the angles of her shoulder blades elegant and breath taking and her hips smooth and pleasing was a thing of beauty even laying on top of the grave that housed her Sun. 

For her, there was no warmth on the anniversary of his falling. It was always winter, right in the middle of July. He knew it because like her he could not feel the sweltering touch of the summer day, only the ice in his bones and the ache of missing him, his longest and strongest bond. 

When finally her shoulders stopped shaking with tears and the shadow of his tombstone stretched to cover her bare feet Sasuke whispered, as he always did. 

“It’s late, Hyuuga.”

And like every year since the first year when she didn’t move he walked forward, pulling her first to a sitting position on the grass, leaving stains of green on the lace dress that Naruto had given her last. 

Her eyes were dull and unseeing. It was the only day of the year when a Hyuuga was blind to the world, fixed instead on memories within her mind that haunted. 

Wordless Sasuke slid her freezing arm over his shoulder and around his neck, tucking his arm beneath her knees and hoisting her up with ease. 

Head lolling tiredly she closed her eyes, red and painful from weeping through the day. 

“I’m sorry.” she always apologized, because it was unfair for him to see this. 

And he always shook his head, starting the walk back home from the cemetery in silence, his strides long and fluid. Letting her head rest on his shoulder she closed her eyes and focused on the feeling of him rocking her as he walked. 

“I know.” He said this time, and her eyes opened as he spoke. “I know you love him.” His pace didn’t change as he moved, and his grip didn’t shift on her body but with her lips near his jugular she could feel the pulse of his heart thumping blood at an increasingly quickening pace. 

Eyes half closed she watched the warmth of the sun through the rest of the tombstones of the fallen, among them her cousin, and now too her husband. 

“…past tense.” she whispered. And this made him pause, staring straight ahead towards the exit of the the cemetery where he would take a right turn to the village outskirts, to where the Uchiha Compound now grew. He would enter the house and lay her on the couch and she would let him kiss her, and kiss her until the heat began to flow back into her body and warm her skin. And her warmth would seep into his bones and fight away the chill that overtook him from missing his best friend. 

And they would moan and sigh and move together to forget, if only for a few moments their sadness. 

But she had never said this before. Never called it her past. It was always her present, even more so on the day of his passing, it was always fresh. 

Still without looking at him her lips pressed warm despite her tears to his neck, feeling the pulse of his heart on her mouth. Pulling back she whispered. 

“I loved him.”

Finally daring to look down at her in his arms he studied her face, not as pale as it usually was after so much weeping, so much feeling, so much misery. 

Breathing in softly and shakily as she often did after heavy tears she smiled and it struck him as the most painfully beautiful thing he had seen since the dying hue of blue that had come over Naruto’s eyes as he faded away. 

“He told me… to be happy.” She whispered again, and her fingers, warmed as they touched his lips, sliding smooth over the curve of his mouth. “I love someone else now.”

And he continued walking then, unable to say anything. 

He had told her more than once the depth of what he felt for her, and so there could only be one person she meant. 

He was glad that with certainty he knew she could only mean him.

Fierce Like Hope

Spiritassassin Week 2017, Prompt 2: Alternative universe/timeline

(Not happy with this fic so much, but I’ve had this idea about Saw taking Jyn to Jedha because the Guardians would raise her better than he would and this happened and eh. Don’t hold it against me.)

As much as he wanted to, Saw Gerrera quickly discovered that he was not going to be able to keep his promise to the Ersos. The life that he led, the rebellion that he was building, brick by brick, slowly but with force and power, was not a life that meshed well with raising a child. Suddenly he understood Galen’s hesitancy, and the fact that Lyra–Lyra who he had always known to have a frown on her face, a shrewd look in her eye and at least three weapons on her person at all times–had exchanged her daggers for braids, had given up shooting for baking. There was something about a child, about their round doe eyes and their trust, that made the world softer somehow, made one want to put their head in the sand and stop looking at everything that was ugly because it was better to pretend, even in the middle of war.

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‘Spring Day’ lyrics


I miss you

Saying this makes me miss you even more

I miss you even though I’m looking at your photo

Time’s so cruel I hate us

Seeing each other for once is now so hard between us

It’s all winter here even in August

My heart is running on the time alone on the snowpiercer

Wanna get to the other side of the earth holding your hand

Wanna put an end to this winter

How much longing should we see snowing down to have the days of spring



Like the tiny dust tiny dust floating in the air


Will I get to you a little faster if I was the snow in the air


Snowflakes fall down

And get away little by little

I miss you I miss you

I miss you I miss you


How long do I have to wait

And how many sleepless nights do I have to spend

To see you


To meet you


To see you


To meet you

Passing by the edge of the cold winter

Until the days of the spring

Until the days of the flower blossoms

Please stay, please stay there a little longer


Is it you who changed or is it me

I hate this moment this time flowing

But we are changed you know, just like everyone you know

Yes I hate you you left me

But I never stopped thinking about you not even a day

Honestly I miss you but I’ll erase you

Cuz it hurts less than to blame you


I try to exhale you in pain like smoke like white smoke


I say that I’ll erase you

But I can’t really let you go yet


Snowflakes fall down and het away little by little

I miss you I miss you

I miss you I miss you


How long do I have to wait

And how many sleepless nights do I have to spend

To see you


To meet you


To see you


To meet you


You know it all

You’re my best friend

The morning will come again


No darkness no season can last forever


Maybe it’s cherry blossoms

And this winter will be over

I miss you I miss you

I miss you I miss you


Wait a little bit just a few more nights

I’ll be there to see you

I’ll come for you

I’ll be there to see you

I’ll come for you


Passing by the edge of the cold winter

Until the days of the spring

Until the days of the flower blossoms

Please stay, please stay there a little longer