dust crew

“Hey Geoff,” Gavin calls from the backseat, absentmindedly fiddling with the arm rest on his seat, his shirt still splattered with blood and mud from the job they had pulled for Gus earlier that day.

“Yeah, Buddy,” Geoff responds without looking up from the map spread across his lap, rubbing at his dirty cheek with one grubby hand.

“Just curious, if you could shag anyone in this van who would it be?”

Geoff is quiet for a moment, already too used to Gavin’s random questions to be surprised, thinking over his answer before shrugging and saying, “I don’t know, Jack probably.”

“Hey,” Jack protests from the driver seat, her outfit just as filthy as the others, red hair falling out of her ponytail. She points her finger at Geoff, a disgruntled look on her face. “Don’t include me in this discussion.”

Geoff sighs but concedes. “Alright, then probably Ryan.”

Ryan, who had long since passed out in the far back (he went a little overboard since tonight was the first night after his latest murder break), doesn’t reply, but Geoff feels, if he could have, he would have come up with some clever retort before lapsing into that unnatural silence he usually fell into.

“I think I’d pick Michael,” Gavin states casually, like he had been asked the question instead of asking it himself.

“Well, shit Gav.” Michael gives Gavin a fond smile, dirt clumps visible in his hair, his glasses smudged with fingerprints and grime. After a beat he says, “I’d definitely pick Ray.”

“What?” Gavin screeches glancing back at the sniper. His eyes are closed, head tilted towards Ryan, appearing to be asleep, not having heard the commotion (or if he had, choosing not to say anything). He is, by far, the cleanest of the group, spending the whole time in the desert sitting up in his makeshift sniper’s nest, making sure no one bothered the crew.

“Yeah,” Geoff agrees nodding his head, “Ray looks like he could give a good blowjob.”

“He does.”

“I’m gonna change my answer,” Gavin grumbles but no one pays him the least bit of attention.

“How could you possibly know he’d give a good blowjob?” Jack asks taking the exit that’ll bring them into Los Santos.

Geoff shrugs, folding up the map, shoving it carelessly into the glove box. “He just does.”

“Trust us, Jack, it’s a feeling,” Michael states glancing out the window.

“If you insist,” Jack mumbles skeptically but still lets the subject go, clearly not in the mood for their antics tonight.

“Gonna pick Kerry or Jeremy,” Gavin continues to bitch, again getting ignored for his troubles.

“Hey, who do you think Ray and Ryan would pick?” Michael asks curiously glancing back at the sleeping pair again. Somehow, during the discussion, Ray’s head lolled onto Ryan’s chest, his hand clutching the fabric of a leather jacket, one of Ryan’s arm loosely wrapped around him.

“Oh, we all know who those motherfuckers would choose,” Geoff answers getting a few murmurs of agreement.

“Am I at least in the top five?” Gavin asks giving Geoff a hopeful look.

Geoff thinks a minute and says, “Top twenty at least.”

“Damn it!”

cheeky little headcanon based on the worms let’s plays that in the beginning, geoff let the fakes name their own weapons. this went on for about three months, and then he had to impose a no naming rule on the crew because it just became sheer madness.

somewhere in a forgotten los santos warehouse, there’s a grenade launcher named flappy munthouse collecting dust.

The Martian AU where on Mars, the crew of a ship called the Titan III runs a manned mission to the red planet. The mission is commanded by Levi Ackerman, who also doubles as the mission’s navigator. Connie Springer, the pilot of the Titan III. Doctor Jean Kirschtein, a biologist and the mission’s flight surgeon. Mikasa Ackerman, the system’s operator of the Titan III. Geologist Eren Jaeger. Chemist Sasha Braus. And engineer Armin Arlert who happens to be particularly close to Eren and Mikasa.

In the event of a violent dust storm, the crew is forced to leave the planet. In midst of the chaos, the crew is lead to believe that Armin is dead, after he is hit by debris and thrown far away from them. His radio is disabled and his suit is unable to read them his vitals. 

To ensure that no more of his crew members die, Levi tells his crew to get onto their ship so Connie can take them back to their orbiting vessel, the Maria.

Unknown to the Titan III crew, Armin survived the storm and the trauma and is left very much alive. When he wakes up after the storm, he realizes that he is left stranded on a planet, alone with no way out. 

With only his wits left to keep him alive, Armin decides that he must do what he has always been good at: Science-ing the shit outta the situation. 

theduststormfilm: Not only did the film have an amazing and packed audience for the screening but the movie walked away with both the Grand Jury and Best Director awards during the closing night ceremony! (x)

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mavin stealing the priced exhibition of a bike show bc gavin wants it. in the middle of the show.

((i hope this is what you meant because if not i greatly apologize for misinterpreting))

“Michael, I want it Michael.”

Gavin eyes the motorcycle on the main display, a glittering gold thing that was probably embedded with diamonds too.

“No,” Michael says, pulling Gavin away. “We’re not here to buy the bikes, we’re here to spy on What’s-His-Face, the crew boss or whatever.”

“Micoo,” Gavin says, long and exaggerated. “I never said anything about buying it.”

Michael turns to Gavin, who already has that mischievous gleam in his eye. “Gavin…”

“It’ll be easy! They’re going to take it off display to reveal it at the end when they auction it. We can steal it then!”

Michael stares at Gavin a few moments, glaring but thinking about this plan. He did have his pistol and a smoke bomb hidden in his jacket…

“Please, Micoo,” Gavin whines, battling his eyelashes for good measure.

Michael shakes his head, a fond, wild smile growing. “Fuck it.”

To say Geoff was mad when he saw the two of them rolling up with a new gold motorcycle and hearing the two of them just killed the other crew boss instead of kidnapping him like they were supposed to do would be the understatement of the century. But it was worth the glee in Gavin’s eyes and the squeal of laughter as they drove away, leaving the confused crowd in their dust.


the martian stevebucky AU where bucky is stranded on mars after a dust storm forced his crew (commander steve rogers, major sam wilson, natasha romanoff, thor and dr. clint barton) to evacuate the planet while thinking him dead

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Hi there, What do you think of DarkHook and how it might damage his redemption arc? by the looks of things he goes full dark, probably kills Merlin for the curse, Colin talked about the darkness as entity inside of him that he surrenders to it wishes to get what he wants in return even if it means kill along the way, it feels too dark to me that coming back might not be simple for his and CS

If you want my honest opinion, I love the Dark Hook storyline very much. I think it is a more in depth look at the darkness Killian has been fighting for centuries and keeping at bay since he laid eyes on Emma and went on that memorable journey up the beanstalk. 

There is no way that the Dark One Hook arc will ruin the redemption arc. As a matter of fact it solidifies his redemption arc. ALL heroes faultier in their epic journey. It is a part of their story to show the reader or audience that not even the ultimate darkness can ruin the hero, just make them work harder. OUAT is simply following a formula that has been used since Gilamesh, the first written, epic hero poem. 

One of the steps in the epic hero journey is known as the Innermost Cave. This is when the hero has to face the most painful part of who they are to be reborn as a better hero. This usually takes place during the hero trials and normal the last part of the hero trail. Killian has been in the section of the heroes trail since the moment he was tied to the tree and told Emma she needed him. That is the moment that he chose to betray Cora and help Emma find the compass in the giants lair. There are have been other times that Killian has been tested during his trail section. 

  • Returning back to Emma and Storybrooke to help them get to Neverland to save Henry.
  • Telling Pan he can eat it and still continuing to help Charming. 
  • Going after Emma when she fell through the portal. He could have stayed behind and gotten everyone to save her but instead he quickly followed because he knew she would need him.
  • Reuniting Ursula and her father after Ariel reminded him that “villains like to take the easy way out”. 

There are more but these are just the quick ones off the top of my head. Each time Killian CHOSE to pick the path of the hero to help others. The Dark One Hook arc will have him do the same.

We are seeing the entire struggle with the ultimate darkness. Killian has become the one thing he hates the most and now he has to struggle with it. The darkness is feeding on the already dark parts of Killian’s past and magnifying them so he becomes the darkest he has ever been. The point of the story of the rings is tell the audience that Killian as a pirate was able of killing and now as a Dark One it may happen again. 

Is the chance of Killian being the one who killed Merlin increased because of all we know right now? Yes but you are forgetting that the former Dark Ones are voices in Killian’s head. IF Killian is responsible for Merlins death it is possible that Nimue feed him the lines that Killian wanted to hear about how to make those pay for what he has become or how he can be rid of the darkness. Killian just be a pawn in the darkness but specifically Nimue’s games. This is answer we will have to wait for. Thank goodness it just might be answered tonight. 

Going with Colin’s comment about killing to get what he wants this is not a new Dark One concept. Nimue killed the Darkness to be immortal with Merlin, Rumple killed scores and scores of people to find a way back to Baelfire, and Emma turned Killian into a Dark One because she couldn’t have a future without him. Killian possibly killing Merlin and going after Rumple is not as bad as some think. This is the nature of the Dark One for one thing and secondly his motivate is Emma. If Emma hadn’t been pushed towards the darkness by Rumple in season 4B she wouldn’t have let in her in the first place. Killian might be blaming Merlin because he didn’t use all his infinite powers and ability to help Emma and stop her from making him a dark one or hell killing Nimue when he had the chance. 

All Dark Ones surrender to the darkness why and what they do next is what places them on the horrible Dark One acts sliding scale. Emma took in the darkness once to save StoryBrooke and two to save Killian. Killian didn’t kill or take in the darkness to save anyone but because it was given to him like an unwanted cold. He is pissed and right now he has every right to be but in hindsight he knows why Emma did it and it is understanding why Emma made him a Dark One that will ultimately making him a better hero.

Once Killian is over this initial shock and gets a grasp of his darkness he will having a better understanding of Emma loving him so much she wanted to save him. That will put him on the path to CHOSE the be rid of the darkness and sacrifice himself to save not only himself but Emma. Going back to the hero formula, Killian is at the ultimate boon portion. He becomes the epic hero by his sacrifice. There will be no trace of villain or darkness left in him. Only a TRUE hero sacrifices themselves for the good of others. Season 5b will continue Killian and even Emma’s hero journey but this will be done together and help them reach the section known as THE RETURN in which the hero goes home the EPIC HERO

One thing that kept playing in my head as I wrote this is that you said how can CS recover from this. Easy. Captain Swan has gone on so many adventures together and now they are dark together. This is just another struggle in their journey of True Love Couple. We don’t bat an eyelash when we think of Snowing sharing a heart. Yet we panic and question CS sharing the darkness so they can both be alive and together. Let me say this again SNOW HAD REGINA SPLIT HER HEART SO SHE COULD HAVE CHARMING ALIVE! Love can sometimes be selfish AND THERE I NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Love makes you do CRAZY things AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. When all is said and done Emma and Killian will have a funny story to tell the grandkids about the time they were Dark One’s because Granny Emma couldn’t be without her True Love, grandpa. 

We never question Emma’s choice in doing what she has done for the love of her family but yet we question Killian because of glimpses of anger. They both have done everything as Dark One’s out of LOVE. THEY ARE THE SAME MOTIVES just different executions.

Last thing before I end this. Since we are going to the Underworld and getting Hercules and Megara let me tell you a quick story of the greatest Greek Hero. One day Hera who hated his guts strikes Hercules with madness and because of that he KILLS his wife and sons that he loves more than anything. Once he comes to from the madness he goes on the greatest of heroes journey ever written known as the Twelve Labors and is still viewed as a hero and an even better one than before. Disney fails to mention ANY of that.

What makes Hercules and Killian so similar in their redemption arc after horrible acts? CHOICE. It is the CHOICE to repent for everything what they have done, Even if it means giving up their life in the process. Once again this Dark One Hook arc does not hinder Killians redemption but SOLIDIFIES is in the most EPIC of HEROIC ways. We are blessed that Adam and Eddy see Killian as such a great character deserving a heroes journey. 

Here, have a Ryan character study/backstory as a thank you for 100 followers (HOLY SHIT) ((seriously thank you i love each and every one of you, now have some pain))

Pairing: Ray/Ryan
Words: 1200
Rating: T/M murder and T-language
Also: smol baby ryan i’m so sorry this is so sad

He’s laying on top of Ryan when he asks, absentmindedly, like he doesn’t really care, but Ryan knows he does.

“Ray, why do you want to know?” Ryan asks instead of answering. 

Ray sighs and lifts his head up from Ryan’s chest, “You know more about me than I know about me dude, can’t I be curious about you?”

Ryan squints at Ray, “No.”

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