dust buns


I am looking over S4 sets for updates that need to be made due to the introduction of toddlers. While I am examining each set, I am also assessing. The 3to4 set has this mirror and I am not especially thrilled with one option of leaning mirror - I should have released the slight lean version instead as well - the heavier lean is not conducive for every space … I question if it’s really a good option having used it a few times for hopefully dynamic promo shots … it’s not always a crowd pleaser for this crowd of one.

Where I have to update dining chairs, I thought I would dust off the Bun-Bun chair from my BlogBlogBlog set (circa 02/12). Have I mentioned I hate the shadows in S4? I need to tweak this a little bit so the shadow isn’t the most prominent thing about it - it’s a light looking chair burdened by the heavy shadow … 8 wood tones, 10 aniline dye colors. I personally always loved this chair ….


Dust Buns @ Kitty Cat Klub

in Minneapolis [12/7/11]