dust bomb


When an explosion at Victory Munitions is linked to HYDRA, Agent Peggy Carter is sent undercover to investigate. Already with her suspicions about the blast, Betty immediately pins the new girl poking her nose where she shouldn’t be right to the top of her list of suspects. After a tense confrontation, Peggy is forced to reveal herself and her mission, but with HYDRA closing in, she has to take all the help she can get.

kendralynora​ I do believe you requested something along the lines of an Agent Carter/Bomb Girls crossover.


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Talk about Dazai lmao

Oh where to start…should we talk about his desperate need to be the center of attention at all times? Or his arrogance/the size of his ego? The way he thinks he can practically get away with murder by being charming? How about how he feels the need to hit on anything that moves? Or how he thinks he’s the pinnacle of human intelligence? All he does is slack off and let people like me, and Kunikida, and others do all the hard work while scraping up all the credit, and then he repays us by MAKING OUR LIVES HELL. HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO LOAD A DISHWASHER CORRECTLY. HE HASN’T DONE HIS OWN LAUNDRY IN 2 WEEKS. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT’S LIKE?


Auto-dust(bomb) has a cooldown now to be balanced because the rate at which you can regain dust with Sana is extremely high for her other mechanics to be fun. (I had a situation where I could stay in one place and, using Sana’s special, was able to regain 1 dust just in time to always cancel all of Blue’s attacks in her final phase automatically so this is to correct that and any future situations like it).

Normally your hitbox (soul) is blue but will go critical (red) when you either 1) used auto-dust and it is on cooldown or 2) you are out of dust entirely. It basically just means “be careful for now please”. This is being shown with the ‘hitbox always visible’ new option turned on but even if it is off a red soul will always be visible until it is no longer critical for convenience. Lore will not have a critical soul indicator (unless it is requested) since she does not have auto-dust or the ability to regenerate dust on her own.

And yes you can still manually use dust even in critical as long as you have the charges to do so.

Sana’s burst attack uses the same charges as her dust (less resources to manage to be beginner friendly) so it is important that they regenerate quickly. This makes her a very active moth to use if you always like firing off large attacks and even if you are not a beginner I think you can still have a lot of fun with her playstyle.


In 2011 one of the biggest tragedies in Norwegian history occurred. The date, July 22.

At about 3:15 pm a white van parked outside the government quarter in Oslo. A man is seen leaving the van, and the security guard overlooking the surveillance notices a Caucasian male dressed as something that looks a lot like a security guard get out of the van. He calmly walks in the opposite direction of the car. The surveillance guard looks over the cameras surrounding the area, but the man is nowhere to be seen. He figures he’ll call the company that employs the guard and ask them to remove the van, and just as he dials the number a large bang is heard and the screens flashes in red and yellow before they go grey with dust. Breivik’s bomb has gone off. Eight people dies. A lot more are injured.

At a fast pace the police sends out an apb on another car, the suspect, Breivik is driving it. No districts register it, still he is seen on surveillance tapes. At 5:22 pm Breivik arrives at Utøya, and introduces himself to two of the Youth Labor Party members, that has their annual summer camp there. He has alerted the island that there has been a bombing and dressed as and impersonating a police officer he claims that he wishes to secure the island from any threats. In good faith the two members greets him, the all of a sudden he pulls out a gun and shoots them. He then moves towards the main building and the cafeteria, shooting everyone in range. For about 110 minutes he walks around the island, smiling, laughing and shooting. The camp participants are in full panic, hiding together, screaming, running into the woods or into hiding spots by the sea. Some people are also swimming, as bullets fly around them.

The emergency response unit arrived at approximately 7:20 pm, and Breivik surrenders peacefully. He has killed 69 people on the island. In total he has killed 77 people. Above are the items confiscated from Anders Behring Breivik, including a crusader cross, false police identification, police badges etc.