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Some brand new stuff in the shop!

So I’m trying to save like mad for RTX, so that we can actually eat when we’re down there, so I totally revamped the shop! It’s got a whole new layout that I think is a lot easier to navigate. Plus I added a really great summer sale!

The new products (from top to bottom):

Everafter Body Butter: My favorite thing in the world. It smells so damn good. It’s lilac and a sweet peppermint. You wouldn’t think it would smell good but oh my god it is the best

Enchanted Forest Sugar Scrub: It’s like a walk through the forest. Super pine-y and woodsy. It’s a more masculine smell and it’s amazing.

Mermaid Scales: A new bubble dust I’ve been working on. If you’ve never seen me talk about bubble dust, let me tell you I love them. It’s bubble bath in dusty, crumble form. Mermaids scales turns the water a beautiful blue green and smells like a tropical paradise

Mermaids Pearl Bath Bomb: I’ve been working with this recipe since I first opened my shop and I’ve finally gotten it to how I like. It’s super pearly and lovely and turns the bath a lovely ocean color. And it smells like a well crafted mojito. ❤️


💜💚AroAce | Genderqueer Bath Bomb💚💜


MOJAVE BLUES – a mix for the people of the mojave. ☼ 

(for the bones trapped in the remnants of california, next to the buried bombs and dusted missiles; for the living imbued and roaming on the radioactive sand; for the misfits embroiled still in the wars of their forefathers)

new world blues mix here

1. sweetwater - ramin djawadi • 2. summer wine - nancy sinatra & lee hazlewood • 3. goldmine - kimbra • 4. django - luis bacalov • 5. mustang kids - zella day • 6. house of the rising sun - haley reinhart • 7. i walk the line - halsey • 8. seven nation army - zella day • 9. god’s gonna cut you down - johnny cash • 10. dust bowl dance - mumford & sons • 11. don’t let me be misunderstood - lana del rey • 12. the ecstacy of gold - ennio morricone


The shop update is finally up! Thanks everyone for being so patient. I also figured out how to make the home page nice and professional looking! The new stuff (in order):

Crystal Hearts Pendants: These pretty pendants come in a variety of different stones and 100% of profits go to various relief organizations helping those effected by hurricane Harvey.

Pride Scrubs: Don’t let the picture fool you, it’s actually just an uncolored sugar scrub. Depending on the type you pick, it will be colored to resemble the different pride flags of the lgbta+ community. September is suicide prevention month, and these beautiful scrubs will have 100% of profits donated to the Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing suicide prevention resources to lgbta+ people around the world.

Cryptids Collection: On a less serious note, fall is here! And I’ve been dying to release these since I made them back in June. The collection consists of a Bigfoot coffee scrub, a Wendigo body butter, a Jersey Devil bath bomb, a Nessie sea salt scrub, and a Mothman bubble dust. You can buy them individually, or get the full kit! These beauties won’t be here forever, after November 30th, they’re gone!

Edit: After learning that the Wendigo comes from Native American cultures, I have decided to temporarily pull it from the shop until i rename it ♡

You can find these beauties at blakkatcompany.squarespace.com

“ Angel dust is crazy when it comes to violence, but if by chance that his daughter finds him like this, Angel will switch off. This is something he never wanted his daughter to see. It will remind him of his past. Cherry bomb is the one thing he holds dear, and he will fall apart if he loses her over this.”

-Submitted by flamebite66

The CRONCH: a Dear Evan Hansen fanfiction

(Quick note before we start:
@dearevanhansenheadcanons hey! I was the anon who submitted that headcanon [i had to use anon cause my main blog, the one I’m using to submit rn is actually for study stuff. This fic is also on my secondary blog @justamusicalobsessedkid] about Jared inventing a new edible bath bomb at Lush and I actually wrote an entire story on it!! Thus, The CRONCH ~ a Dear Evan Hansen fanfiction was created. Anyway, hope you give this a quick look. Thanks!!!)


Jared Kleinman was a strange boy.
Strange, yes, but no one could deny the fact that he was intelligent in a way, particularly in anything technology related.
In his own words: “I’ve got skills, son.”
However, Jared wasn’t limited to his skills in the digital world. No one ever expected the young man to have a talent for innovation, as well.
Evan Hansen stood in the midst of shelves filled with bath bombs at Lush, waiting for his friend to finally finish his shift for the day.
“What time do you even end? Mom said for me to be with you by six-thirty. ”
“I get out of this perfume-scented hell hole at six. Why does your mom even want you to hang out with me?” Came the reply from Jared, restocking a shelf full of green and blue bath bombs.
Evan shrugged. “Because you’re my friend, aren’t you? I mean, you did tell me after we made up when the whole Connor thing was over that I wasn’t just a family-friend anymore. Also my mom’s taking the night shift again and she doesn’t want me to be lonely so I gotta stay the night over at your place, now.”
“Fine then.” Jared said, just as he finished placing all the small spherical bath bombs unto the shelf, leaving one to slip into his jacket pocket.
Evan’s eyes widened.
“You steal bath bombs?” He screeched.
Jared hurriedly made a ‘shush’ sign at the other boy and turned his head towards the room behind the main shop, checking to see if his boss was anywhere around.
He breathed a sigh of relief upon not seeing George, his boss, anywhere in earshot. He was far out the back of the shop, taking a phone call. Jared glared at Evan, fixing his glasses momentarily.
“Shut up, will you? If Cranky Old George finds out, I’m out the door.” He hissed.
“I save them for myself and sometimes even my mom likes them. Besides,” the sarcastic boy added half jokingly, “they almost look good enough to eat.”
Evan stammered, staring at the his sneakers. “S-sorry. But I-I-I mean, why don’t you just buy them?”
“Says the guy who only paid me twenty bucks to make fake emails.” Jared shot back.
“Point taken.”
The clock struck five-fifty.
Jared brushed the bath bomb dust off on his jeans.
“Stay there, I’ll just go out back and see if I still have something to do. If I don’t, the old one’ll let me go early.”
Evan nodded, turning to examine the Lush products that filled the entire shop.

Within minutes, he heard loud, angry talking coming from the back room. He gulped nervously, even considering just getting out of the shop and going to the Kleinman residence on his own, just when Jared came right out of the back room.
He had a slightly worried expression on his face as he took off the uniform all Lush employees wore, leaving it in a messy heap on the counter.
“So,” he said. “good news is I’m getting let off early today. Bad news—a customer called, complaining to Cranky Old George about me.”
Evan’s eyes widened. “What did they say?”
Jared snorted, speaking in a high-pitched voice that Evan knew he used when imitating elderly women while making flamboyant gestures. “'Hello, you know that laddie who works in your shop? The one who’s name tag says his name is Jared Kleinman? Well, you see, son, when I asked that young man for one of those water bombs of yours with hearts in them the lad laughed at me and asked if I was going to use it in the hot tub along with my hubby, as he—oh, what did that boy say, again? Ah, yes—sticks his di–'”
"Okay let’s stop there Jared.” Evan said, his face flushing bright pink.
“First of all,” he said, in horror. “you made ‘those’ jokes to a customer?”
Jared rolled his eyes. “Yes, brilliant observation from my small reenactment, Hansen. Do I really still need to repeat everything in that old lady voice to confirm for you? And don’t call them ‘those’ jokes, they’re my jokes and frankly, I’m quite proud of them.”
Evan sighed. It was very typical for Jared to be this way, but it did tend to get inconvenient from time to time.
“So what did your boss say?”
Jared scrunched his eyebrows, obviously thinking about what George had told—or more accurately, yelled at—him.
“Something about me having to do extra work or else he’ll fire me by next week. I gotta think of a new idea for a bath bomb in three days or something like that.”
“You what?” Evan rambled, his eyes as wide as plates. “That’s incredibly pressuring Jared, you know you could come up with a bad idea or not even come up with anything at all and then you’ll lose your job.”
“I know,” The other boy mumbled. “And this job is giving me my car insurance money. Can’t lose that now.”
The two reached the Kleinman household, with Evan in a state of mid-panic and Jared in worry for the future of his car insurance.
Mrs. Kleinman smiled at Evan the moment he stepped into the door with Jared. “Hi Evan, dear. Your mom called, said you’re supposed to stay here for the night.”
Evan nodded just as he and Jared began ascending up the stairs that led to the house’s second floor.
The worried boy dropped his bag on Jared’s bed, pacing around the room nervously. “What are you gonna do? You have, like, three days to just suddenly come up with some brilliant idea or you’ll get the boot.”
“Calm yourself, Hansen. I’ll think of something sooner or later.” Jared replied.

However, it wasn’t until during dinner when Jared finally got a good idea, which—strangely—came to him mid-sip of a glass of Kool-Aid.
His eyes widened as he jumped up from his seat so quickly he nearly knocked his glasses off his face.
Evan looked at him in concern. “Jared, what are you—?”
“Mom, do we still have Kool Aid?”
Mrs. Kleinman looked confused. “Yes, why?”
She received no answer from Jared, instead the boy rushed into the kitchen, grabbing an unused bowl from the side of the table.
Mrs. Kleinman looked at Evan, who looked as equally perplexed.
“Excuse him,” she chuckled, tilting her head to try and catch a glance at what her son was up to in the kitchen. “Jared really is rather… Odd.”
Evan managed a small smile. “I know.”
Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Jared was acting completely on impulse. He pushed the thick-framed square glasses that framed his eyes up his face, flinging open the doors to the Kleinmans’ small pantry. His eyes scanned the shelves packed with bags and boxes, reaching out every once in a while to rapidly grab an item from inside. Once he decided he had everything, he set to work.
Eventually, Evan popped his head into the kitchen, checking on Jared.
“Your mom’s wondering what you’re up to.” He said, watching Jared press a sand-like mixture into spherical molds.
Jared shook his head in reply, tossing his head to the side for a moment in an attempt to brush away the few strands of hair that fell on his face without using his hands, still busy packing his creation.
When he had finished, he tossed the bowl and the spoon he used into the sink and flashed a mischievous grin up at Evan, who had been watching his friend the entire time.
“What did you just—?”
Jared chuckled excitedly. “Patience, Hansen. You’ll see.”

The next day, Jared Kleinman stood in the back room of Lush, facing his boss a little too confidently.
He brought a paper bag with him, filled with the little things he had spent around an hour making and a water jug.
Jared stuck one hand into the bag, gripping around for one of the spherical bath bombs he had made.
He beamed at George, who had began scrutinizing the young boy the minute he stepped into the shop on that day.
“May I present to you, Sir, my creation—a revolutionary breakthrough that will surely make our sales skyrocket.” He said enthusiastically, holding the bath bomb in front of George.
The older man laughed, almost in pity. “A bath bomb? Mr. Kleinman, Lush has plenty of those. I simply don’t see how this’ll be able to be 'a revolutionary breakthrough.’”
Jared laughed cockily, to George’s annoyance.
“Sir, you don’t see how my bath bomb can can be insanely cool,” He paused, chuckling, before adding “much like me.” under his breath.
Jared raised the red bath bomb to his mouth, grinning at George.
“You have to taste it.” He said, before taking a huge bite out of the bath bomb.
If Jared hadn’t caught George’s attention earlier, he certainly had now.
“Edible.” He chuckled, offering a new bath bomb to George. “They’re edible.”
George sniffed the bath bomb tentatively, before taking a small bite out of it.
It tasted wonderful, not to mention the sound it made when bitten into it was loud, noisy… Just like biting into a wafer bar but much louder. Just like crunching on trail mix, but instead of just a soft crunch, the sound was more of a loud cronch.
George was amazed. He had never seen or tasted anything like such in his life. “What—what is it made of?”
Jared smirked, seeing the amazement on his boss’ face.
“Baking soda, corn starch, powdered sugar, and critic acid for the base.” He said, taking another bite of his bath bomb. “I added Kool Aid in different flavors to give it that color and the way it tastes. Finished with rock fizz candy and edible glitter, too.”
Jared placed the water jug on the desk and uncapped it.
“Oh, and did I mention—” he said, dropping another bath bomb into the water, watching as it slowly dissolved just like a normal bath bomb would.
“You can also make a drink out of them” Jared concluded, taking a sip out of the now purple colored drink.
George shook his head in bewilderment.
“Mr. Kleinman,” he started, in pure disbelief. “This is… Amazing. You have made such a wonderful contribution to our store. I will pitch your edible bath bombs as an idea—with all credits to you, of course—and hopefully in a month or two we’ll see your bath bombs soon lining one of our shelves.”
He smiled up at his employee, reaching out to shake Jared’s hand. “I really cannot believe you created this… Figured everything out all by yourself.”
“Well,” Jared allowed himself to admit. “I still haven’t decided on what to name it. I was thinking to just sell the pink ones and name them Kinky Pinks but I felt am unavoidable shame for the other flavors that customers might also want to try.”
Luckily for him, though, George had it all figured out.
“Not a problem, Mr. Kleinman. I have a name that might just be fitting for your product…”

A month and a half passed. Lush was booming with new customers.
On a display in the middle of the store, bath bombs in every color stood out from the rest, accompanied with a sign that read:
”NEW!! the CRONCH: an edible bath bomb experience, brought to you by Lush, concept developed by our very own employee— Jared Kleinman"
To this day, Jared works at Lush, dashing around the store to attend to customers. A certain proud habit of his that developed over the days was that while assisting people, Jared would make his way over to the Cronch’s shelf and grab a bath bomb from it, taking a huge bite of it in front of the customers, who would look at him with expressions of disbelief and amazement.
This certain effective 'marketing strategy’ (as George called it) did cause Jared to be the victim of many jokes and pranks, though. A notable prank his coworkers pulled on him was done during April Fools, when they decided to switch up bath bomb displays without informing Jared—placing his edible bath bombs on a different shelf and actual bath bombs on the one his product used to rest on.
Sure enough, Jared didn’t notice the switch and just as he was entertaining a customer, he took a huge bite out of a real bath bomb as his coworkers—looking on earnestly from the counter—all burst out laughing.
He couldn’t deny the fact that he may have enjoyed the actual bath bomb, however. Even though he wouldn’t quite admit it to many.

On a particularly busy day at Lush, Evan dropped by to check on his friend again.
He smiled at Jared, who shot him a quick smirk as he took a bite out of another edible bath bomb.
“Loving the cronch, Jared?” He asked jokingly.
Jared grinned mischievously, winking. “You gotta love that cronch.”

(Small note: the recipe for the edible bath bombs [tHAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!] came from my amazing friend– who can literally search for, and successfully find, anything on the internet. You know who you are. Thanks, buddy. Sincerely, me, A)

What’s Wrong with Sharon?

As one of the many obsessing over what’s wrong with Sharon, I’ve had many thoughts, worries and theories. I won’t go into some of the “off the cliff” thoughts that I had and instead will focus on the ones that seem plausible.

So I”ve been doing some armchair diagnosing and here are my thoughts.

First off- (we’ll start with worst case scenario and work our way up)

Brain Tumor-

Because I’m one of the many Laura Roslin fans who are still traumatized by what was done to her and immediately think the worst every time Sharon seems tired.

Brain tumor symptoms she exhibited-Head pain (she pressed her fingers into her forehead in pain) Issues with her sight, weakness in her limbs. But her breathlessness does not fit with this diagnosis and Duff did stress that a member of the cast would be left “breathless” so that seems to be the key symptom.

Brain Aneurysm-Same scenario as above.


I watched my grandmother have a stroke and this is not the way one has a stroke. With a stroke Sharon would have had possible intense pain in her head,  weakness on one side of her body, her face would have drooped on one side, her words would have slurred and she wouldn’t have had the issue with being unable to catch her breath.

Issues from the bombing- 

Are her headaches, vision and weakness leftover remants from a concussion and the breathing issues from all the dust from the bombing that have given her a lung infection?

Walking Pneumonia- 

The flu could easily have turned into walking pneumonia in which case she could have a headache, tiredness, lingering weakness. Pneumonia could have been brought on by the chemicals in all the dust from the bombing and then the flu. One thing that throws off this diagnosis is the lack of any cough.


This has been what most people seem to think is happening and I think it is the most plausible answer—and also the one that I am HOPING for. Stress could account for the headache and vision issues. Each time she seemed to have a vision/breathing issue it was during one of the many stress triggers she has going on. The case, in the church, with Rusty talking about the gun. MC has always done things for a reason and I think they chose to have her “episodes” happen when they did for a reason. So we’ve got headache, vision and breathing symptoms covered. What about the tiredness and lingering weakness? Well, couldn’t that just be remnants of the flu? I think a combination stress/flu could be a very plausible explanation—and much better than anything else I listed above.

First of all, let’s list everything Sharon has had to be stressed about over the last year or so.

1.     Mass Shooting- Sharon was involved in a mass shooting where her boss was shot and killed in front of her. She in turn killed the man responsible (her first time killing someone in the line of duty) A man she despised so much she couldn’t feel sorry for killing him. Many would would see that as a positive thing but not Sharon. It only created more stress in the situation.
2.     Andy’s health scares- Having just recovered from a serious blood clot issue that required dangerous surgery, Sharon’s boyfriend then has a heart attack right in front of her. And though we didn’t get to see one little bit of it,  that had to cause an extreme emotional response inside Sharon.
3.     Power Vacuum at the LAPD- With Taylor gone Sharon had  to deal with the power void at work and the very real fear that Winnie Davis could step into Taylor‘s vacant position. There was a lot of angst over who would get the job and Sharon felt very pressured into pursuing it when it was the last thing she wanted. She was happy where she was, but felt she had to go for it because if Davis got promoted there was a pretty good chance she would shut down Major Crimes. She was put back in a situation of shoving her own happiness aside for the greater good.
4.     The Engagement- Andy asked her to marry him and she said yes. She then started to worry over whether she could get married in the church or not, and then had to plan a wedding. Sharon did seem to enjoy planning the wedding and does love a celebration but they are getting down to crunch time and that can get very stressful.
5.      Going after a possible terrorist- Sharon had a very stressful case trying to hunt down someone intent on bombing LA and ended up getting bombed herself…twice.
6.     Commander Raydor- Sharon got promoted to Commander and even though that was a positive it can still be stressful learning to navigate your way through a new position with a new boss and there had to be some chaos while they rebuilt the building after it was bombed.
7.     Stroh- A dangerous pyschopathic serial killer who wants her son dead suddenly appears to be back in the country and is killing anyone who has anything to do with his past. Her son refuses undercover protection and instead wants a gun.
8.     The Catholic Church-Sharon is a devout Catholic and now she has a case that involves her church, her parish and the school all three of her children attended. She has put so much love and trust into her church and suddenly she is getting it on all sides. Her team at work—some of them—have been very nasty and derogatory about her church and her faith and she has just bitten her tongue. And the people she trusted in the church are trying to thwart her at every turn. Father Stan has been particularly hard for her. Here is a man she turns to for advice, who listens to her confessions, one of the few people she probably pours her heart out too and suddenly she isn’t sure if she can trust him anymore. Suddenly she doesn’t know who he is anymore. She has relied on the church all her life for moral guidance and support spiritually and physically, something that was especially important to her as a single mother. The church helped raise her children, it’s an integral part of who she is and now it seems as if she is questioning all of that and it’s breaking her.
9.     Holding it all in-Now, with all of this going on we never see Sharon frazzled, we never see her venting or complaining, we never see her losing her cool. I have been one of the people complaining that we need to see how Sharon feels about ANY of what I’ve just listed. But if she truly has kept all of this inside, it’s no wonder she kind of explodes. It’s like the FBI agents hiding the boys was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back and she just complete loses it. You can see the look of shock on the faces of her team when she just starts laying into the agents—and the look of concern on Andy’s face, because it just isn’t like her. Before she collapsed she looked scared because she couldn’t catch her breath, and maybe because she had just completely lost control, which is something she’s just never done. She’s always in control That said, Sharon in her full fury and contempt was a beautiful thing to behold—until she collapsed. It was the same reason Laura Roslin‘s “I‘m coming for all of you“ speech was so breathtaking. To see a reserved person who is always in control just completely lose it is so freaking powerful.

I’d love to see this be a combination stress/flu thing because a. it means Sharon doesn’t have a terminal illness and b. because I think it could be a really interesting storyline. Illnesses have been done and done and done again and Mary has already played that. It would be great to see something different. You can already see Mary sinking her teeth into this and I think it could be a very powerful storyline.

Sharon prides herself on always being in control, always keeping her cool and understanding stress. After all she lectured Andy on stress when he was wondering why he had a heart attack. She just never saw herself in that light. For a person as controlled as Sharon is, to lose that control would be a very scary thing. I think Mary could act the hell out of this. And it would be a great opportunity for some supportive Andy.

And who knows, if it is an issue with stress now both Sharon and Andy are dealing with that and maybe that‘s how they will end things. Once Stroh is taken care of–and I think we all know he will be taken care of, they may look at each other and say “Hey, we‘re married, we‘re happy, we want to live long and healthy lives, we need to get out of these stressful jobs and retire.”

(Then they can start a little PI business with Provenza and live happily ever after.)

So, I’m preparing for the worst and hoping against hope for the best. Looking forward to how this plays out next week. And it looks like from a promo shot I just saw that we will actually see Sharon and Andy in their bedroom! Not actually touching or anything, but it’s progress. Giddy!


When an explosion at Victory Munitions is linked to HYDRA, Agent Peggy Carter is sent undercover to investigate. Already with her suspicions about the blast, Betty immediately pins the new girl poking her nose where she shouldn’t be right to the top of her list of suspects. After a tense confrontation, Peggy is forced to reveal herself and her mission, but with HYDRA closing in, she has to take all the help she can get.

kendralynora​ I do believe you requested something along the lines of an Agent Carter/Bomb Girls crossover.


“ When Fathers day came, Cherry bomb had send her father a gift. There was no name!e on it but a heart stamp. When Angel read the card it said" No matter what our differences are, you’ll always be special to me. I miss you so much! Please take care of yourself. Happy Father’s Day" Angel was in tears from this and decided to keep this gift in a safe spot in his room where he can cherish it always. None of the other misfits know about this. He wants to keep in contact with his daughter.”

-Submitted by  lilyflower100