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The 24 West Holiday Show is cancelled.

Sorry kids! But this will be rescheduled for February, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, here’s a message from the band.

“Hey everyone. Unfortunately we have to cancel our show December 17th. We know its been a while and we were really looking forward to the show but we will be back in January with new tricks up our sleeves. Stay on the lookout and thanks to the other bands for being involved. We should have an update on our January show and the release date for new music in the next couple of weeks!”

sooo ahhhh, will you like come to this show with me? Like if you got plans don’t worry cus I like know other people I swear but if you’ve got nothing else to do, and you like the hip hop music and the alcohol and the dance party and things of a swag nature and you’re okay with the fact that I’m like super cool and people are going to say hi to me at the show and like I’m going to have to smile at them and I might not know their names but that doesn’t mean they’re not cool and even if I talk to them I probably want to be talking to you but I get nervous especially at shows because the music is loud and I’m afraid I’ll try to say something like “I’ll be back quick” but you’ll think I’ll say “I’ll be back dick” and I really think I’m in lesbians with you but I’m not sure because you haven’t told me if you wanted to come to the show or not and I know this one kid that’s coming…yeah.

Soooo you wanna come?


Our song One For The Road live in Philly on 02-25-11


Last one, here’s “American Made”