From what I know you can only see a kitsune’s aura - that shapes their ears, tails, and snout - in pictures you take of them or if you have werewolf eyes.

So in this AU I imagine that Ze was of course born a kitsune but has kept it a secret from everyone outside his family. Chilled however, was not born a werewolf but was bitten by a blood thirsty Alpha and became one after. Still trying to get a grip on his new abilities he randomly used his wolf eyes one morning and discovered that Ze wasn’t as much human as he’d thought~

Since werewolves can see kitsune ears and tails I have this headcanon that they can also touch them, and kitsunes loves it.

Whenever Chilled notice that Ze is stressed or upset he just starts to pet the fox ears or tails and Ze is relaxed within seconds~

Remember my comfort zone?! Well it kinda popped for a while there *x*

I was going to write some Sciles fanfics and ended up thinking of kitsune!Ze and werewolf!Chilled and yeah…this happened! Ze has a bad habit of rubbing his tails together when he gets annoyed, accidentally creating fox fire. So Chilled has to calm him down by brushing the tails and get the static out of them so they won’t randomly create a blackout…

I’m just gonna crawl back to my dragons and kittens now!


I’ve been working on my bad/good karma print, I’m all done with the lineart and I’m pretty pleased with the design but when I made a test print the color bleed so I’ll have to make another frame and try it again ^^’

I also made a Heavens Hellfire print because Eugene is the cutest little thing ever and when the idea was there it just wouldn’t go away so I /had/ to do it! >w< I love how it turned out and it goes nicely with my favorite Halo Reach hoodie~