dusk mask


Smoke Sun 2 by Atmospherics
Via Flickr:
Forest fire smoke masks the dusk sun. BC, Lower Mainland skies. © 2017 Atmospherics / Atmosphere Design All Rights Reserved. No usage without permission. Contact through Flickr mail for usage info. Instagram Tumblr

Risky Business ⛁ Closed

If there was anything Gavin liked more than computers, his cat, and money, it would be the adrenaline rush that came with taking big risks.

Well. That, and being the most clever person in the room. But really, is it even a question that he likes outfoxing the general filthy masses? Gavin’s not what you would call… conventionally smart, but you didn’t have to know all the numbers of pi to be cleverer than the next guy. Real cleverness was never about what’s in your head – it was always about playing the long cons, being in it for the full to-do so to speak.

Though, he thinks, licking his lips slowly as he stares across the table at the man with the taser, it does help, sometimes, not to be a total twit. And luckily, Gavin is no twit.

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