dusk in nyc

U: It’s kind of strange.

V: What is?

U: how happy I am for them

V: You didn’t think you’d be happy for them?

U: I mean of course I would be, but I didn’t think it’d be them two in the group.

V: Who did you think it’d be?

U: someone who’s more deserving of someone of that caliber

V: Are you talking about yourself?

U: maybe, but that was a long time ago

V: You could always do something about it. You know what they say, “Nothing on the finger, must not linger!”

U: Tf who says that lol

V: Fine then. “If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.”

U: People in the Beyhive are so weird.  Anyway, I really didn’t like how they treated each other in the beginning, but they’ve finally worked out their problems.  I just feel a little strange about it.

V: Why?

U: just feels like they’re settling…or at least one is

V: Well just because you think they’re settling doesn’t mean they did.

U: I know. That certainly was the case in the beginning, but they worked it all out. There’s no longer any settling.

V: There’s always divorce anyway.

U: guess there’s still a chance for us

V: Us?

U: I know you were also interested.

V: How’d you know?

U: I always knew.

V: You know there’s no chance left for us right?

U: Yeah.  Pretty sure they’ll be engaged soon.

V: but not yet 

U: Leave them be. Let them be happy.

V: That’s all I want for them I guess.

U: just wish it was me sometimes

V: me too…me too