Love them❤️

the fucking thing with tamen de gushi is tha the autor has mlm comic, and shippers share pics of tamen de dushi girls with 19 days background characters ship with is well.. abusive? they beat each other up?? and being generally violent towards each other. main ship is not that problematic, why do these demons always love the worst and most vile ships???

It’s officially spring time! The clocks have gone forward and we are finally getting some sun after weeks of miserable, grey skies and rainy days.

We had a lovely walk in the sunshine yesterday, along the country roads overlooking Manchester. And it was warm enough for me to wear a dress with no tights for the first time since the end of September! This year seems to be going so fast, but I can’t wait till its summer time so I can wear more dresses!

Photography by Dushy