Elder Scrolls Creature-a-Day 2!

The war durzog is a dog like creature, more reptile than dog, often kept by goblins for patrolling, and attacks on sight. These ones are specially trained by goblins for battle, they are sturdier and even more vicious than the wild ones. War durzogs were found in the Tribunal expansion for Morrowind 

FINALLY get to upload..stupid tumblr….Now I’m all caught up. <.< I would like to ride one of these……

Durzog and Keelin || Spilled Milk


The day so far had been slow and uneventful for the orc. His bakery had long finished the morning rush for donuts and other fresh pastries. He sighed softly to himself, tending to his ovens as a new batch of orange cranberry muffins had finished their baking time. Ah, wonderful citrus-y goodness. With a bit of effort he fought back his girlish smile as he pulled out the tray of golden delights. This batch would be put front and center on his displays for certain. With a few choice specimens in his mitted hands, he turned to the window to set them out when he caught a small white cat out of the corner of his eye. A gasp escaped him and he nearly dropped the treats onto the floor.

This was important. He had to act quickly and take advantage of such a precious opportunity. Skillful and muscular arms delicately arranged the muffins in a heart shape on the top shelf in his main display with impressive speed. He spun back to the the kitchen, running inside to turn off the burners while grabbing a pan off one of his shelves. Intense red gaze snapped back outside, the cat was moving further away! Time was running short. He dashed over to the refrigerator, grabbing one of the gallons of milk and crudely splashing some of its contents into the pan, trying to keep as much inside as possible as he bounded to the door.

But where was the kitty?? He panted outside the doorway before spotting it one building down. With a relieved sigh he quickly set the pan down on the ground and made as many kissy noises as his orcish lips could muster, attempting to charm the cat over.