Elder Scrolls Creature-a-Day 2!

The war durzog is a dog like creature, more reptile than dog, often kept by goblins for patrolling, and attacks on sight. These ones are specially trained by goblins for battle, they are sturdier and even more vicious than the wild ones. War durzogs were found in the Tribunal expansion for Morrowind 

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Harvesting: Durzog

The entire body of the durzog, also known as a ‘sludgepuppy’, can be put to a great many purposes, including the blood, tripe and marrow. As large amphibian creatures that respond adequately to both training in practical tasks and war, they are unsurprisingly quite popular with the bog goblin races. An advantage by far over the continental races, that instead rely on large breeds of rat. Hardly impressive, regardless of their ability to destroy expensive pillows.

The thick hide of a durzog can be turned into an impressive medium-weight armor, akin to newtscale, yet more durable. To ensure the highest quality properties, the skin can be tanned with either ground pearl or slaughterfish scales. A thin layer of pearl will result in a workable, highly permeable leather. Of course, this effect only benefits argonians, as other races would quickly discover they are drowning within their own physical protection.

The slaughterfish scales should be lined within the hide, and rather than a cool tanning process, the hide should be heated substantially. The final result is a smaller, thicker and tougher leather, significantly harder to work with but almost magically streamlined. A favorite of pirates, ocean bandits and smugglers, due to the fast escape it provides. Assuming said person is capable of swimming.

Durzog blood, despite its offputting colouration, has powerful healing properties, of which allows the durzogs to survive brutal fights without significant infection or permanent injury. One should not ingest this product raw, however, as it will interfere with the natural acidity of the stomach, resulting in multiple temporary illnesses related to the digestive tract. Heavily diluted with water and rubbing alcohol, the resulting solution may be rubbed over wounds to prevent disease setting in. This property is most often bought up in publications suggesting a biological link to Black Marsh crocodiles.

The layer of reddish, fatty deposits found just under the skin, while also inedible unprepared, can be boiled and then cured for several weeks in a bitterplant keg to create a fattening juice, ideal for malnourished patients. Unfortunately it tastes somewhere between pure bitterpetal alcohol and oversaturated blubber. The pure adipose tissue is consumed in some remote clans of daedra worshipers, who associate the durzog with their gods. Anyone who willingly ingests such a substance should be rewarded with a new tongue.

The meat of a durzog is entirely edible, although hardly a delicacy. It is prepared in the typical fashion of fresh cuts of thick meat, although it is often dyed before serving. The rich and famous are supposedly put off by meat that is entirely cabbage-green. The organs, similarly tinted to the flesh and muscle, are also wholly edible, if a little unpleasantly textured. They make a brilliant goblin bait when fermented.

Durzog tripe is easily identified by its deep, bloody colouration and abominable scent. Of course, it has many alchemical uses, but most prefer to throw it to their hounds and place glasses of fragrant oil around their house to combat the stench. It is both one of the most and least useful natural products to originate from the swampland, as it retains the properties of whatever creature it came from. Occasionally including daft humans who underestimated a small tar pit.

Durzog bone is thick, durable and adequate for carvings, molds, weaponry and armor. Goblins particularly favor durzog bone in their weapons, lending normally fragile, useless clubs a boost in durability and increasing the physical pain they are capable of inflicting. Goblins however, lack the resources necessary to truly make use of durzog bone, which many of an adventurer is grateful for.