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56) things you said in the spur of the moment

“I want to skate with you.”

It takes Victor a second to compose himself. His heart still thuds in his chest and his entire body tingles from the kissing he’d been doing for the past however-long, lips bruised and fingers tangled in his hair, gripping it tight. It takes him a second to slow, to open his confused, deer-in-headlight eyes and realize that Yuuri is speaking, not kissing.

(Speaking, not kissing.)

(He isn’t mentally prepared for this. Not really.)

But Yuuri is focused, his mind seemingly crystal-clear. There’s a fiery determination in his eyes. “My exhibition. Skate with me.”

Victor makes a noise, but he’s not sure if it qualifies as a word.

(Of course, he’s currently busy watching the way Yuuri’s lips glisten, the way that his hair is disheveled from Victor’s hands—Victor’s hands—and the way that his skin seems to glow.)

“Would you?” he asks, a bit quieter this time. “Would you want to?”

He blinks, realizing that Yuuri had been taking his silence as a negative reaction. Victor clears his throat, but it doesn’t help much. “Skate with you for your exhibition?”

“Yes. Stammi Vicino.”

“Stammi Vicino?”

Yuuri nods, then bites his lip, waiting.

Victor smiles, first—a small thing that grows into something greater, something that makes him giddy in every possible way a person can be giddy, in a way that makes his heart soar. Then, he kisses him, harder than he ever has before, pushing him back into the couch to shower him in adoration. “Yes,” he says against his lips when he finally force himself to break away for breath. “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.”

imagine your OTP
  • person 1: you know what?
  • person 2: what?
  • person 1: we're like Beauty and the Beast
  • person 2: aw, but you're not ugly!
  • person 1: i didn't say i was the Beast
Doctor at center of USA Gymnastics scandal left warning signs at Michigan State
More than 100 women have filed sexual assault complaints against Larry Nassar, who had been a celebrity of sports medicine.
By https://www.facebook.com/will.hobson.39
  • MSU has gotten complaints against Larry Nassar since 1997, but MSU gymnastics coach Kathie Klages said it was just a misunderstanding.
  • A softball player says that she complained about Nassar in the early 2000s, but the MSU trainers said it was a legitimate medical treatment.
  • Nassar was questioned by police in 2004, but there were no criminal charges
  • MSU did an official investigation of Larry Nassar in 2014, but didn’t tell USAG. USAG did an official investigation of him in 2015, but didn’t tell MSU. Both let him retire quietly with his reputation in tact and didn’t tell any of the high schools or clubs he continued to work at.
  • During the 2014 MSU investigation, William Strampel (MSU dean of osteopathic medicine) allowed Nassar to continue to treat patients after Nassar sent him a video of him treating a young gymnast that he says he sent to the Romanian national team therapist, so they could treat their top 2013 Euros gymnast the same way.
  • MSU closed the 2014 investigation and declared that Nassar’s treatment was just misinterpreted. Strampel and coworkers in emails said they were glad to have Nassar back in full practice.
  • In September 2016, Indystar emailed Nassar about the claims from Jamie Dantzscher (who was anonymous in her claims at the time, but has no come forward publicly) and Rachael Denhollander. Nassar forwarded this email to Strampel and Strampel told him that he was on his side and wished him luck.
  • Nassar said that he was grateful for all the messages of support he got from other gymnasts, coaches, and doctors and that he wanted to take advantage of it before more people came out against him and the 2nd media storm came.
  • As more people came out against Nassar, Strampel finally fired him.
  • Klages got fired as well for giving her gymnasts a passionate defense of Nassar.
  • Brooke Lenman, a colleague of Nassar’s at MSU, resigned after Strampel accused her of knowing about the 2015 USAG investigation, but not telling anyone at MSU. Strampel says that other people at MSU knew and that she wasn’t allowed to talk about it because it involved potentially criminal conduct.
  • President of USAG, Steve Penny, also resigned.
  • It seems like USAG, USOC, and MSU are all complicit in the abuse and need to fire a lot more people. From the court documents, it seems like USOC was against banning coaches for sexual abuse without a proper hearing, but USAG was in favor of it back in the 90s. But even after USOC policies changed in the last 7 years, USAG has not been alerting authorities about sexual abuse claims and wants an official complaint from the victim or their parents. MSU has had complaints about Nassar since the 90s and did an official investigation in 2014, but didn’t fire him until 2016 when victims came forward publicly.
Marshmallow & Hot Cocoa (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: A christmas miracle happen over a small café with a marshmallow and hot cocoa 

Pairing: reader x harry 

Warning: only really cheesy words 

 Harry’s POV 

I look up the sky. Snow falling to my face. Christmas is one of the holidays i like. Family and friends gather together, enjoying good quality time. Everyone where they supposed to be. 

 With their love ones

Well except for me. I’m still finding her, she who i don’t know yet. This life is getting empty without her. All the people the touring, I long to share it to her. My very own someone. Shrugging my thoughts I shouldn’t be sad or gloomy in christmas eve. I should be happy, this is the first day off I can get after long times of working in the studio. Sadly, I can’t be with my family this christmas. The weather is getting colder. Tightening my coat, I step in to a small café. The place looks cozy and expectedly hardly anyone is there. Except a girl there sitting in the corner near the window. She’s caught up in her book. Constantly reaching to the bowl in front of her, now empty. I looked down to mine. Oh marshmallows. I decide to order a hot cocoa to the waiter. Inspecting her further, I think to myself. 

 She’s beautiful. Intriguing actually. 

Reaching out to my bowl, I pick it up and walk towards her.

“Out of marshmallows?” I said and smile when she lifted her face from her book and stare at my presence.

Have you ever seen an aurora? Even from the tv or even google? Its magnificent. I may sound cheesy right now but God help me. This girl in front of me, would be like a hundred auroras and flowers combine together with all those others nice and sweet things.

“Haha yea.. Seems like I’m too caught up.” She smile as she reach forward taking one from mine. “Thanks um?”


“Y/N”. She said smiling.

“Well what are you doing here alone in christmas eve?” She asked me

“Didn’t get to see my family. So currently being a loner.” I chuckled.

She frowns. “Same, I guess we can be two loners then?”

I grin at her. “Definitely.”

“What about girlfriend? Boyfriend? Hey I don’t judge!” She wink. 

“No, I’m single as a pringle.”

“Really? I am having a hard time believing Harry Styles doesn’t have anybody up his sleeve. No offense.” She lean back to her chair.

“No.” I chuckled. “I see that I blew my cover.” I said meaning she recognise me.

“Haha, sorry if I creep you out. But I try my best to start a normal convo, I think you don’t fancy me screaming when Harry Styles is talking to me.” 

I smiled again. She is something, okay. 

“So, what about you? Taken by anyone or just book and marshy over here.” I point to the marshmallow on the table.

“Nah, same luck as yours haha.” 

“Well care to hang out with me?”

She seems to be thinking for a while.

“Well why not? Not like I have anything to do.” She smile and closing her book.

After we finish our cocoa and the marshmallows, We decide to have a walk around the freezing river.

“So, hows life?” I asked as we stop and take a seat at one of the chair. 

“Well, always been a slut fucking with everyone’s life, but well, its good good. Wbu Mr. Curly?”

“Just got my day off after long time working in the studio. Just my luck, cant spend it with my family, but hey! I got you! That’s much better than I can ask.” I said truthfully making her blush, her cheeks reddening even more in the cold weather.

“Well for me this gotta be the best christmas eve ever. I met you, and now we’re both hanging out.” “True.”

We just stare at each other for a while before I lean in. Her lips just looks so enticing. Inviting.

So I did, I kissed her. And it taste like marshmallow. Sweet, but at the same time magical.

Louis being biased with his hand placements on liam and Harry !!!


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Little Jack Horner sat in the corner, eating his fresh baked pie.  He stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum and said “What a good boy am I!”  

This is the latest illustration that will be a part of the new book Chicago Treasure by Larry Broutman to be published in 2018.  

When working on scenes based on classic nursery rhymes we are often not given very much detail to work from in the words themselves.  I spend time looking up the history of the rhyme on Wikipedia to gain more insight.  And then I start brainstorming ideas with Larry, friends and family along the way.  Since Larry and I enjoy incorporating animals into these scenes, I looked up types of animals that eat plums.  On the list were bears and possums and that is how they became some of the characters here.  

I am also sharing some behind the scenes images.  One  shows the two original photos of our happy little Jack - that I did some Photoshop magic on to turn into the final version we used in this scene.  We really wanted that happy laugh expression but I did not want his hand and the plum to block his face so I carefully worked that out of the image so Jack can shine.  

The others are the pencil sketch and my rough concept sketch used to help me figure out colors.

For fun I hid a little mouse somewhere in the scene, can you find him?