anonymous asked:

i hope your day goes better as well as the rest of what is left of the semester <3 sending you lots of hugs and smooches :*

thanks bb <3 these next few weeks will be hell because I’m getting close to tech week of my show but if I’ve learned anything this year it’s that I thrive in times of extreme emotional durress

pagegender asked:

beagle, boxer, lab, poodle,

beagle: what does your voice sound like? do you like it?

i have a low, warm, resonant voice that i like because its kind of sexy but i hate because i often cant control how incredibly loud i get and it pisses/scares people off and i feel like a Big Bad Hale Monster

boxer: can you stand up to others when you need to?

with lots of emotional durress and/or crying, yeah. i tend to appease and or ollie outie if people are being dicks

labrador retriever: how hard do you try to please people?

it kind of depends, like i genuinely enjoy making people feel comfortable and friendly and i’m pretty good at it, too, but i don’t tend to sacrifice my own integrity/personality/needs/desires for it. like, i want everyone to be confident and safe and happy and that includes myself

poodle: do you have any allergies?

i’m weirdly extra allergic to poison ivy. once as a kid i got a bunch on my right arm and then the entirety of the rest of my body/face swelled up all red and grotesque until i looked like a eldritch horror and i had to stay overnight at the hospital to get intravenous medication. the good news is i apparently looked freaky enough that my parents panicked and spoiled the hell out of me and the chocolate chip waffles at the boston children’s hospital are damn good