anonymous asked:

2. It's not that I'm bullying Anka, I just want her proof of such a serious accusation.

I understand that, and we would all love direct clarification on this subject, but it’ll be best to ask only those who are okay with talking about what happened. Anka is triggered by suicide, so she doesn’t want to speak about it since it’s been causing her to be so upset and under complete durress as we saw yesterday.

fandomstuckforlife asked:

Quit bothering Anka, anons! She said it herself yesterday that she wanted the questions to stop, you know? If you want to find out the truth, search for it yourselves like the rest of us who are concerned, but please don't badger those who wish not to justify their feelings of durress! Anka isn't the kind to fabricate stories for attention, she was seriously distressed about the questioning and flurry of hate yesterday, so stop it. Ask the ones who know more info, but please leave Anka alone.