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Headcanon: Dates with Henry

•doing something active instead of sitting around as Henry would worry about saying the wrong thing
•going to the Durrell Wildlife Park and Henry pointing out his favourite animals
•meeting Ben the Bat at the Wildlife Park and Henry having a megawatt smile when you get excited about it
•Going a hike with Henry and him carrying you some of the way up when you get too tired
•taking Kal a long walk in the park and just talking the entire time
•playfully calling him chubby when he can’t fit into the swings.
•"it’s not fat, it’s muscle!“
•"yeah, yeah Henry. That’s what they all say.”

A hatchling Madagascar Big-headed Turtle (Erymnochelys madagascariensis) at Durrell Wildlife’s breeding center in Madagascar. Listed as the worlds 15th most endangered turtle or tortoise, the conservation work being done in Madagascar is imperative to its survival. 


Henry Cavill Asks Kids: Batman or Superman?

#HenryCavill é embaixador da #Durrell e #RoyalMarinesCharity.

Essa semana foi bem agitada, como o Invictus Invictus Games Toronto 2017. Clique no link, para saber melhor. Ajude o Henry a ajudar essas Instituições. Confira em >>> bit.ly/2xGodV6


Henry Cavill addresses the causes of The Royal Marines Charity and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust as ambassador.

The Royal Marines week in the nets began with the thanks of the Governor of the British Virgin Islands for the help of the Royal Marines to the population after the hurricanes that hit the island and for helping in the worst hours.

More >>> bit.ly/2fyOIAW


Henry Cavill Adopted Baby Bat Ben