durr flowers

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Why do you hate the flower post

Because it’s bullshit. 

Flower language (the symbolism of flowers) is complex and beautiful and this asshole comes stomping through my feed going “hurr durr flowers dont mean anything by type just vaguely by color and Professional Florists™ like me don’t care about the meaning behind them, also fuck you if you dont spend more than 20 dollars on them and fuck carnations because they’re shitty flowers haha floristry is just keeping dead shit presentable”

they clearly, fucking CLEARLY have no love or passion for Floristry and as someone who fucking LOVES flowers that burns me and i fucking hate it


Repost, Don’t Reblog.

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relationship status: Ground control, that’s a positive.

favorite  color: Give me purples and reds?? Hell if I know to be honest.

lipstick  or  chapstick: Indifference

last  song  i  listened  to  : Simone - NieR: Automata OST

last  movie  i  watched: Marvel’s Doctor Strange (it’s Inception without the BWWAAAAHHHHHHHHHs)

top  three  tv  shows: Friggin’ A, uh. Let’s just throw JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on here I guess, Samurai Jack’s back, so that’s good, and friggin’… Kids Next Door???

top  three characters: Flowey the Flower, durr. Gaster’s up there too. And then why not Revolver Ocelot?

Top three ships: Asriffet is one helluva ship, lemme tell ya. Nobody’s going to know what I mean when I say this, but Velstadt x Elana, the Squalid Queen, and then???? I’m not really a shipping man, so friggin CammunxEmmun of @two-littlesouls I guess??????

books  i’m  currently  reading: I’m reading a ton of lore books for Warmachine and Hordes currently, but that’s more like re-reading them for fun, and they aren’t exactly novels, but, y’know.

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