durr durr my art

nm just thinking about the Infractus Fatality OCT and how it triggered the exact series of events that lead up to me being exactly where I am in life today lol

old character! his name is Neon Slaike (though it’s not his real name. His real name is probably something infinitely more plain and embarrassing, but that’s none of your business) and he’s one of… ‘Those guys’. The ones who speak in leetspeak out loud, and still think ‘The Cake Is A Lie’ jokes are funny in the year of our Lord 2015. 

He’s got a whole long history behind him but I saved that wall of text for FA.

I decided to actually try and sketch a full illustration today featuring my OC twins: Mirax and Lex.

I just wow i drew legs in perspective and they dont look wonky as hell BE PROUD OF ME

be proud of me i drew 2 people in the same picture. and theyre actually in poses. and theres a rifle and i drew a girL