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The Bros Mario: Noir

A few months ago I was trying to think of a way I could re-imagine the characters from my favorite Nintendo series. The Bros Mario Noir is a series that takes the characters from the colorful world of Super Mario Bros and throws them into a dark, gritty world inspired by classic film noir movies.

Detective Mario

Police Commissioner Toad

Peach Toadstool

Detective Luigi


Wendy O

Sir Mouser

Kingpin Koopa & Peach

Daisy & Luigi



The Mario Bros

i wanted to be able to look back on my process for inking because these two drawings are the first things i’ve posted in a year on my art blog. it’s been hard for me to draw for a long time, so while it’s just inktober fanart i feel good that i was able to create something.

Copic Marker Walkthrough

Lately many people have been asking me how to create a space nebula effect with markers. The process is relatively simple, but it’s not easy to explain simply with words alone. So in this walkthrough I’m going to show step by step how it’s done.

First things first. This is the list of supplies I used. 
-Strathmore Mixed Media 5.5 x 8.5 sketchbook
-Pink and White Colored Pencil
-White Gel Pen
-13 Copic Marlers (12 colors and a colorless blender, which I’ll explain how to use later.) I should point out now that you aren’t required to use the exact brands I used to create the drawing. 
I use these materials because they’re what I’m most accustomed to.The techniques I demonstrate can be done with whatever markers and paper you’re comfortable using. What matters is that you understand the technique because when you do you can apply it to anything.

I begin by making some abstract cloud-like shapes with E50 (Eggshell), which is a very faint yellow. There’s no pencil sketch here because space nebula (as well as atmospheres and natural landscapes) can be easily created by layering abstract shapes on top of each other.

Using Y21 (Buttercup Yellow) and G20 (Wax White) I basically repeat the first step. Still working very light. I realized after the fact that Buttercup Yellow was a bit too intense for this drawing so I stopped using it there. This is why it’s important to have a sheet of scratch paper nearby to test out colors before you apply them. Because once they’re down, they’re DOWN.

Next I use R20 (Blush) to start defining the shapes of the gases in the nebula. Then I go back to Eggshell. It’s probably hard to see what I did here, but I used the brush tip end (on its side) to swipe inward, from all sides, towards the center of the nebula. The reason being is that the brush tip is more saturated than the chisel tip. This helps intensify the lighter shade of yellow that’s already on the paper. If also makes crossfading colors easier because the sideways swipe motion creates a soft gradient that tapers towards the edge. I’ll use this technique multiple times throughout the drawing..

Now with B000 (Pale Porcelain Blue) I layer over the gases in the center while working my way outwards. Again I’m pulling my strokes inward because I know the surrounding space will be deep blue and I want the transition to be a smooth one.

With E04 (Lipstick Natural) I’m finally beginning to put in some of the darker colors. At this point the drawing sill looks like a random mess. Sometimes you’ll get the urge to rush and make the drawing look like something, but you have to be patient and take your time.

Using B32 (Pale Blue) and R20 again, I’m going around the nebula detailing and adding layers of color. I’m also leaving some white spaces which will later become stars. My Pale Blue is actually beginning to dry out, but here in able to make that work to my advantage because it streaks from the chisel end create a dry brush effect which helps add to the glow. The nebula portion of the drawing is beginning to take shape.

Working my way around the perimeter with Pale Blue. From here you can see the importance of working light to dark. Build your colors gradually and avoid the urge to go too dark too early. You want to have room for error and you don’t want create more work for yourself.

With B04 (Tahitian Blue) I fill the surrounding space completely. I’m not too concerned with trying to get an even layer because I know that I’m going to add darker shades of blue next.

Here I used B00 (Frost Blue) to start cleaning up some of the edges around the nebula. I also used BG15 (Aqua) to add some pockets of color in the surrounding space.

Adding darker layers to surrounding space with B14 (Light Blue), which surprisingly a pretty dark shade of blue. Then I used B97 (Night Blue) to add the last layer, which is the darkest layer in this drawing.

Now it’s time for the final details. 0 is the Colorless Blender. But it’s not necessarily used to blend. Instead it almost acts like an eraser because the ink pushes colors away when you put it down. Because of this I generally don’t use it. But it works great for things like water, landscapes and atmospheres. Or in this case, space in which I used it to pull out highlights in and around the nebula. The colorless blender is odd, but it occasionally has its uses.

This is the final step and my personal favorite. Highlights and small details. I used the pink and white pencils to color around the edges of the brightest stars to make them look as if they’re glowing. Then I used the a white gel pen to color inside those stars to make them shine and pop off the page.

And here’s the finished drawing. This was hastily put together, but hope y'all found this to be informative and easy to follow. I’ll try to do more marker walkthroughs on different subjects in the future. Until then thanks for all your support and encouragement!

I get lots of questions about my coloring process so I decided to put together a simple step by step walkthrough. Before I start I wanna talk briefly about the materials i’m gonna use.

5x8 400 Series Strathmore sketchbook: I choose this paper for marker work because it absorbs the ink nicely with minimal bleeding which helps keeps edges nice and sharp. It bleeds thru the other side though so I keep a sheet under the page to avoid ruining the next page.

Prismacolor markers and Copic markers: I use both together. I think most markers can be mixed and matched without any problems. There’s pros and cons with each brand, which i’ll go into detail with in a separate post

Pencils & Pens: Ido most of my sketches with col erase pencils cause they’re not waxed based which means easier clean up. They can also be blended with marker (which is what the cotton swab is for). I color directly over my line work. For this reason I generally don’t use graphite pencils because they leave dirty smudges when it comes into contact with the ink. For inking I use Faber Castell Pitt Pens and for highlights a white colored pencil and a white gel pen.

Now that that’s outta the way lets begin.


I start out with a light sketch. It’s so light that I had to up the contrast just a bit. I usually use no more than 2 colors (red and blue) for no particular reason other than distinguishing certain shapes from each other. This is Pit from Kid Icarus. 


I start by filling in all the shapes with an even base layer. I’m coloring directly over my line work. You want to take your time, but also move at consistent pace because the best way to avoid unwanted streaks is to fill in a shape completely while the the ink is still damp.


When the first layer dries I add the second layer. The color i’m using is Heath, a light purple.


With a darker purple I repeat the last step and add shadows to the hair. I’m using the brush tip for those sharp tips and corners on the hair.


I repeat the 1st step for Pit’s toga. I try to avoid leaving anything pure white, so for anything that’s white I’ll use Cool Grey 0. Also I colored in his nose w/ a pink marker


For every other shape I repeat the first two steps. Initial layer and then a shadow layer. Ar this point the drawing begins to take shape. To keep things interesting I try to give different shapes their own unique texture.


Now I add the inks. I save this step for last because it helps me avoid the hassle of unwanted ink smudges. It’s not required that you do it this way, but I find it works best for me.


This is the fun part. Fine details. This where the pencils come back into play. Carmine red col erase pencil for the rosy cheeks. Blending it with a cotton swab can get you a nice gradient. (A trick that doesn’t work as well w/ regular prismacolor pencils cause they’re waxy) But they can still be used for other details. The white pencil is great for highlights and because it has a grainy texture it helps add a different type of texture like on Pit’s Gauntlets for instance. The white gel pen is for the pure white reflective highlights, which I try to keep to a minimum.


At this point Pit is done. This handsome thing is called a Monoeye. I’m gonna repeat every step I used on Pit on him.


Using the color Lipstick Natural I add in a 2nd layer keeping in mind that I want his texture to look like that of an avocado or orange. 


Added the inks and the highlights. Again i’m thinking about the texture of oranges and avocados. This little guy is finished.

I usually save the background for last. With a prisma marker I gradually fill in the entire background. I use the the flat chisel end cause it helps cover a wider surface area more quickly. I basically repeated the first step here. Again, you want to move at a consistent pace to avoid streaking. Too fast and you’ll end up with streaks, too slow and the marker ink will dry.

Here is scanned version of the drawing. I hope y'all found this informative. Thank you all for your support. If you have any more questions about anything that wasn’t clear to you I’ll be more than happy to answer. 

DOUG: Bluffington State University

Doug and his friends are college freshmen at Bluffington State University. In his journal, Doug describes his experiences with each of his friends since entering college.

Doug Funnie + Porkchop

Dear Journal: I can’t believe tomorrow is my first day of college. I’m both excited and a bit anxious. This feeling reminds me of the time my family and I first moved to Bluffington. It seems like it was just yesterday that Skeeter taught me how to properly place an order at Honker Burger. Or when I accidentally spilled ketchup on Roger’s suede shoes. I miss those days. Life was simpler then. The thought of moving away from home is kinda scary, but at least i’ll have my best pal Skeeter is my roommate. How bad can it be? 

Skeeter Valentine

Dear Journal: At first I thought having my best pal Skeeter as a roommate would be sweet, but man… I can’t get any studying done when he’s around! His beat boxing makes it nearly impossible to focus. He’s worse than Larvell Jones in Police Academy! I can’t even get any rest because he Honks in his sleep. Now don’t get me wrong, Skeeter’s great, but this arrangement just isn’t quite what I thought it would be. I wonder if it’s too late to share a dorm with Al & Moo Sleech?

Patti Mayonaise

Dear Journal: My roommate situation may be less than ideal, but at least I share a class with Patti. It seems i’m not the only one that’s having a hard time adjusting to college life. The thought of not being at home to help her dad worries her sometimes. I think softball helps to ease her mind. She’s still quite the tomboy. Her new hairstyle seems to reflect that also. She’s never looked better. Even after all of these years I still get butterflies when I’m around her though… 

Chalky Studebaker

Dear Journal: I think it goes without saying that Chalky is the most popular guy on campus. He’s a star student. All the girls love him. All the guys want to be him. And he’s the starting quarterback of the football team. In Bluffington State’s first game against The University of Bloatsburg Chalky threw a total of six touchdown passes. Pretty amazing stuff. What’s even more amazing to me is despite all of his accomplishments he still thinks he’s trapped in his older brother’s shadow.

Beebe Bluff + Connie Benge

Dear Journal: Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends, but if you happen to be Beebe and Connie it’s just a more convenient way to gossip. Since Beebe became “instagram famous” she’s more snobby than before, which I didn’t even think was possible. And Connie’s ego is even bigger than her head ever since she reached 10,000 Twitter followers. It’s not easy to relate to them anymore unfortunately… It’s like they’re completely consumed!

Judy Funnie + Porkchop 

Dear Journal: I’ve been feeling a little homesick lately. I kinda miss my family. (Even Judy but don’t tell her I told you that). I hope my buddy Porkchop is doing okay without me. He’s getting pretty old. Mom says Judy put him on a diet because he put on few pounds from all those Honker Burgers. Nothing but beets and water. That’s no way to live. I guess Judy didn’t know that beets make Porkchop gassy before she made that decision. Boy is she in for surprise!

Roger Klotz + Stinky

Dear Journal: During middle school and high school Roger gave me a hard time. So I was a bit relieved when I learned that he wasn’t going to be joining us at Bluffington State. I hear he went to Bloatsburg Tech. Ned, Boomer and Willy are here, but it seems they don’t really know how to function without Roger at the helm so they joined a fraternity. They’re relatively harmless now. Though Boomer did tell me that Roger and Judy secretly dated briefly. Ugh.. Can you imagine if they got married? That would make Roger my brother-in-law. Yikes!