On a more serious dig related note, yesterday was the last day of excavation, and Freya, Tom and I discovered this Roman column, embedded deep in the top contexts of a Roman pit. We thought it was a capital at first, but the top of it is completely flat, so it may be the bottom (so it’s essentially upside down).

This find confirmed the theory that the Roman building that has been being excavated on site is indeed a Roman villa.

Archeologists discover Ancient Celtic village with more than 150 roundhouses

Archaeologists and students from Bournemouth University in England have unearthed an ancient Celtic village at Duropolis, which is named after the Celtic Iron Age Durotriges tribe that lived in the settlement in the 1st century BC. The remains of 16 roundhouses have been unearthed and more than 150 other roundhouses have been identified through geophysical surveys. It is one of the earliest and largest open settlements ever unearthed in Britain. 

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